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Gigabyte unveils World Record holding X99 SOC Champion Motherboard

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Meet the Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion Motherboard.


In December of 2014, Gigabyte held a super secret overclocking session at their headquarters in Taipei. At this OC event, seven (7) of the world's top Overclockers (HiCookie, Sofos1990, Dinos22, Vivi, SteponZ, SniperOZ and YoungPRO) pushed the new Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion Motherboard to it's limits. The results were astonishing, as Nine (9) world records were broken by this OC team. So, by the time the Motherboard was finally unveiled to the public at CES 2015, Gigabyte was sure it was going to be a hit. With DNA from previous generations of Gigabyte's Oveclocking Series Motherboards, (Z87X OC Force) how could it fail!


Gigabyte manufactures Three (3) main series of Motherboards: the Ultra Durable Series, the G1 Gaming Series, and the Overclocking Series. The motherboards in each of these series have features that reflect that series. For instance, most motherboards in the G1 Gaming Series sport a Red/Black theme and have Qualcomm Atheros e2200 Killer Ethernet for better game play. Likewise, the Overclocking Series of motherboards retain their Orange/Black theme and have features to help overclockers get the most out of their systems. Which include special "OC" buttons, to help make your overclocking experience more pleasurable and convenient.


The X99 SOC Champion supports Intel Socket LGA 2011-3 Core i7 Extreme Processors, but, uses a special OC Socket (2083 Pins) for added CPU Stability. The CPU power is all digital for clean and stable power. It also supports Quad Channel DDR4 Memory up to XMP speeds of 3400MHz.  The CPU Socket, Memory Sockets and even the PCIe x16 Slots are plated with 30 microns of Gold (double the industry standard on high end motherboards).  It also uses components like server grade chokes, long life solid capacitors and high end audio capacitors for greater stability and lifespan. All mounted on a "2x Copper PCB" 2oz copper printed circuit board to carry all that stable power between the components.


The X99 SOC Champion is also brimming with features. Of course it supports Nvidia's SLI and AMD's Crossfire, with up to 4 Way Graphics.  HD audio with built in rear amplifier for you gaming headphone users. Gigabit Ethernet with cFos Internet Accelerator Software for faster network speeds. Not to mention, SATA Express and a Turbo M.2 SATA slot running up to 20GB/s transfer. The X99 SOC Champion even supports future features with a header for running Thunderbolt add-on cards. All in all, Gigabyte didn't cut any corners with the X99 SOC Champion Motherboard.


In the following weeks, we will be doing a full review of this motherboard.

After that, we will install it into a custom build and put it through it's paces.

So, please stay tuned!

Visit the Gigabyte Website for more information about the X99 SOC Champion Motherboard.

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