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The Greatest Ghetto Mod Ever Told... (repost)

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Bill asked me to repost this log here. This version cuts about 16 pages of banter on the original Bit-Tech thread. If you want to read the original, just search the tags for "pedobear."  :huh:


It's time for me to get back to my roots.:D There's been a lot of cardboard box mods, but the level of construction has always been too simple for my tastes. Honestly, the material is as cheap as you can get, why not make something really special with it? -Like, special in the head...
This mod may take some time. The glue is very slow to set up, and a lot of my building material ran off to the recycle bin. I actually started about 3 weeks ago.
So let's build a really kick-butt fire hazard!
-Here's my start on a basic frame. I have two of these motherboards. This one is dead, but I think the other one is OK. Mobo risers are the cut offs from the toad re-mod. I tapped the material with a sharpened stick.:D
-My tools this time around are quite simple. I shouldn't have to tell anyone how they work. I'm going to use cardboard, some construction paper I found, and flooring glue. I may splurge and use some old rags later too. -No macaroni this time...
I think...
-Oh, I'm using these high-end clothing clamps during the gluing process. I may also take advantage of anything heavy in my vicinity. (No, not my neighbor...)
-More to come later, for now- "eeek! get it off me!"


Here we are... talking shop on a tech site about cardboard.

-I have a set of 60mm deltas lying around. You know I love to make ducts, even if I never get to use them.
-CHEEZIT! -ahem... Card stock is ready for the laying of the keel.
-Part retaining devices for when the material is too thick for clothespins. Did I say "clothespins"? I meant "wooden clamps."
-I made some notches in the frame.
-Tab A fits in slot B. The whole rig should disassemble into 3 parts, (if I don't let the glue drip into a critical area.) I started one side of the covers' edge.


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:lol: Please tell which dremel bit is best for cutting cardboard.   I think I'm better off shaving it with an insanely sharp knife. I have a few of those around here...
-The frame of the front panel is... Where did it go? It's in the pic somewhere. It's getting messy.
-I'm starting the back panel frame now. I need to make some slots for it to fit into.
-I have to use balls, and it's an unwritten rule that they come in pairs. These are salvaged from used roll-on deodorant bottles. They are also good for nearly indestructible ping pong balls, (they friggen hurt, though...)
-I'm gluing together another part here, Using my big n- oh, I almost forgot another unwritten rule: only one ball joke per post.:(
-This picture might give away my plans. If you figure out what I'm planning, please don't boo too loudly.


OK, I really let that go off topic...
-I got the back frame together. -The final form should be a little more obvious now.
-I needed some electronic bits. I opted for quality antiques that I would never use if not for this mod.
-I went high-tech on the wire wrap. I'll save the electrical tape for real electrical work.:D
-I stuck the LEDs in my balls because I want my balls to glow red.:hehe:(overload!)
-Now all the babes can see them in the dark.
-and the 3 interlocking bits apart. This is just to prove I didn't screw up and glue it all together.;)
-Currently, I'm building up the outer walls, (and making a fantastic mess!)

Be prepared. The next update will feature a Baghdad-rated pinata!

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Thanks, guys. I have a little of an update, but most of it is off-topic. It's still kind of ghetto in my opinion.
-I made part of the inside to big to clear the other parts, so I had to cut it out. As I feared, the Dremel doesn't work very well here.
-After I turned off the smoke alarm, I decided I needed something with more bite for chewing.
-Here's where I'm currently at.
-The power cord will be coming out the front.

Here's where I wander off and do something else. As you might know getting a portable hard drive enclosure that is quiet and keeps the drive cool is difficult. The quiet ones kill any hard drive you put in them, and cool ones often just have a fan slapped on the side. They make heat sinked external cases, but they cost a fortune.
I decided to get this rig from Xoxide, and make an enclosure. :D
-They are packed better than most harddrives. I did away with the mounting grommets and thumb screws immediately.
-I comes with a huge thermal pad that you have to put on yourself. I'm warning you people- once it touches something, it's stuck! I nearly destroyed the pad getting it positioned.
-I pulled the logic board from a notoriously crappy enclosure. The donor no longer used it because it overheated several drives. (You used to be able to get $10 enclosures like this everywhere. Now you can only find the 'spensive stuff.) I won the drive from the MNPCTech Sketchup competition. It's a fantastic get, but it heats up like crazy because I like to do file transfer in huge batches.
-I speed-built a cage for it out of scrap. That's why the edges are all off. I had some extra holes that ended up holding screws too.
-Slides together...
-and fits together like a Jed Clampet masterpiece.
-I had to replace the big-*ss M4 thumbscrews on the back plate with something more petite.
-The exposed ends on the IDE cable were shorting out on the metal backplate. A bit of tape fixed that.
-After I got the short worked out, I could put the padding and baseplate on.
-All done. I might add some silicone feet someday, but the junk on my desk works just as well.
-My cost for everything: $25 and some shipping, (and I had to buy a plasma stick from them for my next build anyway.)

Until next time... Be cheap!:p



I have been asked to join in a cardboard mod competition over at The Mod Brothers. I'm going to ASSUME the people who contacted me wanted me to finish this build.
This could be tight. The deadline is the end of February, and I haven't even joined the forum.

-Lucky for me I stocked up on raw materials.:D

When we last left off, I had assembled something that looked vaguely like a frozen turkey...
-Even as we speak, strange shapes have started to form on the outside.
-Is this the top? I forget... Anyway, there's more being added. I need a place for a power supply, which means more blobby bits.
-I figure the best thing I can do for the PSU is to make a box it can simply be dropped into. The outer shape can be formed around that.

...And that's all I have because chopping and gluing cardboard makes you forget to take pictures.:thumb:

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-Been holding out on these pics..
-This set might take out all the mystery of what I'm building.
-No clue yet?
-How about now?


-Gotta get an update before page 13...
-Whew! made it!


I got some stuff done thanks to a utility company not showing up.
-I got the basic body put together. Now it needs some shaping...
-We begin our interrogation with some 50 grit sandpaper. Where did you put the honey, bear? It seemed pointless to clean up the sink before I did this, so excuse the mess. It gets worse.
-Still won't talk, 'eh? Let's see how long you can keep quiet if I take a saw to your nether regions!
-You are tougher than I thought! How about we use the pruning saw on you? What is the location of the rebel base?
-sink full 'o gore...
-The floor got really messy too. I would have done this outside, but it's cold, and the neighbors automatically dial 911 when they hear crazy laughter.
-Whaaauuugh! The prisoner is escaping!!!

This is where I'm at now. The feet are too small, and I haven't shaped the mouth. This guy is tough. My hands look like I put them in a sock puppet and fed them to a cat.


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-Look, Perplekks. It's some black paper. PB is brown. My bear is BLACK, so it's NOT PB.
-Some last-minute surgeries. I got a little happy with the saw in some places.
-I had to rip his ears off and make them smaller. It looked like a certain famous mouse.
-Nom nom nom... Seeing how there's only a WEEK left, I didn't feel like wasting my time hand-cutting little strips for the next stage.
-Here's where I'm currently at. It's starting to look like a bear finally.


-The rules say, 'no screws,' so I'm moving to tape for the hard drive. It's kinda a step backward. I'm a little sad, though. I was going to use big nasty screws to hold the bear together Frankenbear-style.
-I've fashioned some fancy cardboard and tape motherboard risers.
-To replace the bolts holding the motherboard in I'm using these.:D -Hey, it is cardboard!
-The fan is a friction fit, so I don't need to worry about that bit.
-I finished the strip layer on the body.
-I had to spend a dollar on glue. I am now WAY over budget.
-I finished the brown grocery sack covered areas. Currently I'm working on the black.

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-More images of torture. The back was a little plain, so I added a 'graft.'
-The motherboard clips are tape over Q-tips. I out-cheeped myself!:D
-The side clasps are a simple tab/slot affair.
-Go ahead... touch my power button.:naughty: (I may have been influenced by the thread for the placement of the power button.)
-The I/O area. I guess it's more of an /O area.
-The power supply nested in the spot I have dubbed 'the brainus.'

And now for the final pics...

-"Calm wid me if you want to leeeve. In da fuu-cha, your son, Cristafa Robeen will lead da hu-man resistance."
-"Oh, these wires? -Doctor's orders..."
-Check out my classy PSU wire splice. The rules state it doesn't have to run, which is good. The motherboard is stone dead!
-Here's the best shot. I powered the LEDs in the eyes up.:rock:

OK, That's it. I hope you had fun too.

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God with a name like that, who wouldn't look? This really goes to show that creativity trumps materials any day. Very cool - There is something wrong with you guys! but that's why we love you. :unsure:

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