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[MOD LOG] Ducky Zero

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I wanted a keyboard to match my White SS Kana mouse and White Xion Xon 560 so after a couple tries I finally transformed my Ducky Zero from all black to white and black, thanks to Plasti Dip. As I stated it took me a couple of attempts, patience is a virtue, before I was happy with the results.





I placed the feet and decal back on using double sided tape.



I wish I could find a black Ducky decal of some sort to place in the area above the arrow keys so it don't look so plain.


While there are a couple of imperfections as you can see here


you can't really see them unless you know where to look and look close and is in spots you won't be looking at all the time. This is my first mod with that being said I'm happy with it and ain't in the mood to Peel off once again lol! Also as you can see I also changed the WASD and arrow keys to grey thanks to WASD Keyboards. Next up for me is Operation Arctic Owl......

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