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Project: "Fallout 4" Zen-Modz

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Hi  I have made some more caps, And starting to finish of the Vault, for this part I will be using sign foam.





Thanks again for stopping by. :)

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That gate & rock wall is just spectacular!  Very, very nicely done.

Wow so sorry I did not reply to your post.

I try to reply to all feed back but don't get on the zoo that much any more.


And if i remember my last post was a quick copy and paste on the run.

Thanks for your reply :) And so sorry for the very some what supper super late late reply.


Cheers Ken.

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Dude! This log is off the chains! Can we get some video of you working? I want to see how you do some of the weathering.


True that.  People like Zen are the reason I don't even try to weather anything.

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Hi Guys, I have talked but doing a step by step on how I do what I do. I would still like to do something and more then happy to share how. again it's just finding the time. I hope once I get to the point where I'm only modding, and no long working full time on top of modding. I will have a bit more time to show you all how I go about doing the weathering fx and lots more.


Cheers, Ken.




PS: my last build is done for any one that has not seen it and might like to. :)



build log Link:http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=1175511


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