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Cougar 600K Gaming Keyboard Review

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Keyboards are, in my opinion, the most intimate choice of peripheral for the personal computer. You spend more quality time actually handling the keyboard than most other items on the pc on average, unless you are one of those people who point and click their way through their pc lives.  It is the keyboard that will cause the most damage to your body, if you use it incorrectly, in the form of Repetitive Stress Injury. These points make the keyboard the most important bit to get just right, in my mind.

It is excruciatingly difficult to discuss the keyboard in generic quantifiable terms and as a result most reviews of keyboards, including this one, are ultimately glorified opinion pieces. Unless you have a laboratory dedicated to the testing of lifetime wear and tear, how the keyboard interfaces with the human body and pressure sensitive devices to test the pressure it takes to depress each individual key with, a reviewer is left with ‘does this feel right’. With that in mind, please feel free to continue reading my opinion on the Cougar 600k Gaming keyboard.



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