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DESCRIPTION:  ________________________________

I got a new toy last week.  Finally cracked it open this week.  A Raspberry Pi 2 to replace my Windows IIS web server.  Decided to make a quick ninja scratch build case for it.



MATERIALS:  ________________________________


 - Raspberry Pi

 - Leftover stuff from other projects



INSPIRATION:  ________________________________


Hated seeing it sitting unprotected on the desk.


WORK LOG:  ________________________________


Here's the little go-getter.  My first dive into the Linux world.  So far so simple.  If you can do command line and search Google you'll be fine.  Notice the relative lack of elegance and protection in it's current location.



The task is simple: we're going to ice-cream-sandwich this bad boy.  First, some sheet metal!
Then some acrylic.  (Yes, I got the top line wrong first time. :wacko:)
Thank god for shop vacs, cuz acrylic dust gets everywhere...  Question: how in the world do you vacuum the end of the vacuum hose?!?!   :blink:
Taped all the pieces together and filed them down to perfection.
Then a quick grid and screw holes.
Moment of truth..!  Whew!  No cracks in the acrylic.   :lol:
My tried and true MacGyver for tiny tubing - dead ball point pen!  If you can guess which location I was at and what I was doing there you'll win the internetz!   B)
Used a box cutter and fancy roll back-and-forth technique to cut 20mm and 10mm sections.
And filed them down to perfection.   :lol:
A quick test fit.
Aaaaaaaaaaand found out the screws were too big for the Pi holes.   :huh:
Sooooooo...  temporary paper clip fix until I can get to the hardware store.
Darn acrylic dust...   :angry:
I'll grab some screws, throw on a little paint and should have some final pics soon.   :D

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i'm gonna get my coffe now and buckle up :D


Ah, touche!



Heritage Inn... ahh the memories.   :rolleyes:


Not sure I want to ask - lol.

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Found some nice little screw caps and some dowelling.  Finishes this quick and dirty build off nicely I think.   :lol:









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