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For Sale - RedHarbinger Cross Desk Prototype

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Hello all!


I've been gone a while but I'm back and I'm looking to clean house so I can focus on finishing some of my current projects (before the baby comes  ;) ).


I am selling my RedHarbinger Cross Desk prototype. I designed the RedHarbinger Cross desk and I've been using this prototype for a long time now. This is the first prototype desk made and as such has some minor issues but is otherwise in good condition and has a lot of extra parts to go along with it.



Dual or Single motherboard support

2x 360/ 2x 480 radiator support

4x 5.25" optical bays

10x 3.5" drive bays


Pics are old and don't show the completed desk. I will post updated pics as soon as I can.

(Comes with glass top, not pictured)




Asking $400 (+shipping)

Will include the 14x NZXT 120mm fans if you want them.

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Does it have a rear support brace, like the final versions?


It does but its not exactly the same as the final version. 


Full disclosure: the legs wobble as they are missing the C-Channel component that is supposed to go between the leg panels.



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is it sold yet? or is it still for sale? i´m very interesting in it what is the minor issues you are talking about, and what is the big difference between this and de non prototype ? 

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