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DIY: Bending Acrylic tubes for your rig!

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Time to explain how to make acrylic tubing * my english is not THAT good!!!!

First of al, search and use object for the bends, i prefer steel, it keeps the heat stuck, and doesnt cool down your acrylic pipe that quick.


Always make the tube longer than u need!, the bends can not come out how u want sometimes (weakspots)

I use a Power suply 7mm thick cord (EU)


I prefer a hairdryer, because u cannot overheat the tube and it wont make it to warm so you pull the tube flat.


If the tube is hot enough, u cant start bending the pipe, dont pull to hard otherwise u get a flat spot at the end of the pipe.



If u are at the point that your tubing is bend and lined up with the fittings u can cut it to size



I used a cheapo rotary tool and a dremel atachment (sanding barrel P120)


My working situation xD!

Tape it 7/8mm of the edge, so you know you dont get an ugly spot above your fitting


only sand the tube till its frosted! dont use pressure, dont create flatspots, the pipe is sold as 12mm but the exact size is 12.3/12.7! so yes just a little touch all around is enough! finish it up with sandpaper Grid P400 so the rubber ring wil fit nicely!


Test the fitting




1. Use always the same test fitting! Orings can and will be damaged while testing!

2. If there is to much tension in your object between for example GPU-CPU bend, leave it in place, Heat it up til you see that the tension will be away *you wil probaly feel or see gpu moving

3. always use the same bending object in a build, its not that nice to see different bends in a casemod( or the situation is different)

4. Cool the tube after bending with a bucket of cold water

5. Only use C47 of bitspower!

6. This "guide" works only the best with 12mmODx8mmID Acrylic tube, I know there is also 1/2mm thick pipe but u will get flat spots or kinks in the inner bend.

7. Cut the tube gently! u dont want to trow away a perfect bended tube! because of a crack.

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i practiced my first bend this weekend, there was a little warping, but it's actually pretty easy and forgiving. if you order the tubing off e22, don't forget to get the bending rod/plastic thing too, unless you have a place to pick one up locally.

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