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Quick mod of Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX

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I bought one just to check the case out, and i got stuck.

(Some of you do know i work at Bitfenix, i use other brands too ;) )


So i was thinking, i need a small workstation and this was perfect. Found a Gigabyte Z97n-wifi itx board from earlier projects and a 4690k CPU.

Other hardware includes a Corsair H100i, 8gb of Corsair Vengeance memory, 256gb Kingston SSD and 2x3TB regular 3,5" drives.


I can never buy a case, unbox it and start to use it. I need to make it mine, in a small or big way.

And i was roaming colors on the forums and found most cases are black, white, red or blue in general.

How about brown, anyone used brown? couldnt find many of them - so i ordered some Beluga Brown metallic (Audi colour).


Before it was violated, i shot some pics of the case.






And butt naked :)




After a couple coats of paint and clear.






Still in the loop

- Install everything in the case

- Some cable management

- New daylight pics, above was shot 2 AM

- Installation and maybe paint the monitors frames same colour.

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Some more accents inside the case.

Not sure what color the heatspreaders on the RAM going to be, maybe same color them too.



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That color is great! When I got my Audi A6 I nearly choose that exact color but I opted for something lighter in the end.





But I have to say that is an unique build and I'm excited to see more!

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Sweet paint job, but the color isn't my thing. I think growing up in the '70s and seeing "metallic babyshit" paint jobs on Fords still effects my tastes.

Hehe, the color isnt top of my list either. But i got stuck at Brown... nobody paints a case brown...

I did... :)

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