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Zalman H1 Mod featuring Sockmonkey bling bling!

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Hi everyone!

I am new to this forum. I have been a fan and viewer of Bill Owen / mnpctech videos on YouTube for a long time and have never successfully modded a PC case before. I say successfully because I have a few attempts that were terrible fails in the comeliness department. I am also on YouTube as munchiesthemonkey.




Anyway for the last few months I have been buying and collecting tools and parts for my next PC project and wanted to see if maybe I could get some suggestions on things I can do with my choice of case, the Zalman H1.


My current PC (a little old): 

Dual Boot: Windows10 + Fedora Workstation Linux

Antec 900 case (black)

Antec TPQ-850 850w 80 Plus Bronze PS

Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H mobo

8GB Kingston DDR3 1600 (+ SanDisk Extreme USB3.0 32GB Flash Drive ReadyBoosted @32GB yeah I'm cheap I know he he)

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.80GHz

Cooler Master V8 Cooler

AMD Radeon HD 6770 x2 Crossfire

Hitachi 2TB 7200RPM system drive

WD Black 7200RPM 4TB x2 RAID-0

Logitech Z5500 Digital 5.1 Speakers (patched through Monster Optical Audio cable)

Samsung Syncmaster 245BW 24" Monitor (old!!! but still works)


LG BP06LU10 Portable Super Multi Blue Rewriter


I also have a Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q898 18" Laptop with 16GB ram upgrade, Bluray, Plextor 240GB SSD + Seagate 1TB SSHD


New Planned Upgrade: (parts I have purchased recently)

Zalman H1 Full Tower Case

Ultra 1000W Fully Modular Power Supply

Icy Dock MB996SP-6SB DAS Array for 6X SSD's

Samsung SM951 M.2 256GB PCI-Express 3.0 SSD (Windows 10 Boot Drive)

Samsung 850 EVO 256GB Sata-III 3D Vertical SSD x2


Bitfenix Spectre Pro 200MM RED LED Fan (front Zalman H1 upgrade)

Thermaltake Riing 12 High Static Pressure 120MM RED LED Fans x2

WD Black 5TB 7200RPM WD5001FZWX (plan to buy 1 more)

ASUS BW-12D1S-U LITE TurboDrive 12X External Blu-ray Writer (more room for modding)


Tools I Have to help with Modding:

Dremel 7700 7.2V MultiPro Rotary Tool

Dremel 8220-2-28 12V Rotary Tool

Dremel 220-01 Drill Press Stand

Dremel Flex Shaft Stand

Dremel 36" Flex Shaft Attachment

Various Dremel Bits, Kits, Compounds, Attachments, Etc (bought a lot, too much)

El Cheapo Harbor Freight Tools Cordless Drill

Lutro Mods Wire Sleeving Kit/Accessories

Wire Sleeving Tools


Important Info and silly background stuff:

Ok in 2010 I used my tax refund to build my current PC build which sat in storage 1 month after I built it. It was practically unused. And this is why. I never had a flu shot before in my life but for no good reason decided to get one that year... big mistake. I became extremely ill and had strange bouts with passing out while coughing, bad chest congestion, wheezing, terrible asthma, several trips to see my Dr., Urgent Care, and lastly the Emergency Room. I was at home upstairs and when I got out of bed I fell over with a loss of control of my legs, slowly paralysis creeped up and my body was becoming paralyzed. I crawled downstairs and called my Mom who drove me to the ER. It was rough getting me to her van I was near 230lbs. :-O

At the ER the progression only became worse, I lost all feeling then my diaphragm paralyzed and I near died. CPR was performed, a lung collapsed, I was intobated then later put on a ventilator through a traecheotomy in my neck. I was fully paralyzed and in a coma. 

Why are you telling us this feces munchies I thought you were building a PC or something, wtf? Soon all will be revealed... besides if you read this far already you deserve a banana, a cookie, and my thanks for putting up with my sob-story worthy of mad-dog cries and chicken-wing dreams.

Anyway over a month later close to 6 weeks I woke up unable to move, speak and barely see, talk about scary! I didn't understand what was happening or why and even after I woke up with full mental faculties (meaning I knew what was up yo) those around me thought I was a vegetable and I don't mean a stick of celery. I was in the ICU at that time and because I didn't respond but was out of my coma I was transferred to a sub-acute hospital and this is where the real nightmare began. Because this brings back very bad memories I will cut and paste my story previously typed:




On Memorial Day weekend of 2010 I became very ill. High fever, chills with sweats, harsh coughing producing phlegm and a new symptom. When I tried to stand up my knees buckled before me and I could no longer stand. I panicked and called my Mom at 0130am on Memorial Day and she drove me to the ER.
It was a sardine sandwich of ills and ailments squeezed into the ER. I was helped into a chair and waited a long time until...
I passed out again, fell to the floor and was rushed in immediately. When i woke up I was sitting in bed, it was near 12 hours later, my Mom and both daughters were there. My daughter asked if I was hungry I said yes but could barely move my arms they felt very heavy and a strange sensation was creeping up my feet and I couldn't move my legs. My daughter fed me pudding then a drink and I recall a Dr walking by asking why I was being lazy and not feeding myself. My Mom flipped out and screamed he can't move. Moments later the paralysis went up my diaphragm and I remember blacking out again and later learned I stopped breathing.  
Because I was in the ER efforts were made to resuscitate me. At the time GBS was not diagnosed and would not be for several weeks of tests. I was trached and kept alive with an assortment of machines for the next 6 weeks.
I awakened several weeks later bewildered and frightened. I was in complete paralysis. I could only move my eyelids a sliver to vaguely see I was in a hospital with a gaggle of tubes connected to me. The Nurses and Doctors in the ICU were very friendly, helpful, and loving people who genuinely cared about the people they cared for. It was Grossmont Hospital ICU in La Mesa, CA. Over the course of the next few days I learned about GBS or was rather told what had happened to me because I could not answer anyone or move. They were hoping and believing I understood what was happening around me. It was a very strange experience being fully aware of my surroundings but not being able to communicate in any way. The way I was spoken to was like a child, or perhaps somewhat with limited mental faculties. It was both amusing and frustrating to say the least. I was not scared after being visited by a young Thai RN who visited me and told me she was a survivor of GBS. She instilled in me at that moment the courage and will to continue fighting with a glimmer of hope somewhere on the horizon. 
A silly aside. My family, we are big fans of sock monkeys. In particular two sock monkeys named Munchies and Bananaz or Nanaz for short. We took them everywhere, in purses, backpacks, carry bags, etc and treated them like members of the family. We had a family vacation to a gaming convention in Anaheim CA called Blizzcon where Munchies sat on the Lich Kings lap and took pictures with AMD's Ruby and other celebrities including the cast of 'The Guild.' Yes some people will read this and say this guy is bonkers! But before you dismiss Munchies... he has palled around with the likes of NOFX, Misfits, Parachute, Amanda Palmer, Juicehead, Walk Off The Earth, and many others... :-)
During my stay in the ICU my daughters brought both Munchies and Bananaz to the hospital to stay with me and keep me company. It gets very lonely living in a hospital environment. Days seem to last an eternity and I was fully awake and aware the entire time yet some people were skeptical and this was evident in their behavior. I heard some really crazy racy things from CNA's and Nurses when they chatted thinking I was dead meat... o__O
Then I was informed I could no longer stay in the ICU and would be transferred to a Sub Acute facility. My family made all these decisions because I was not able to even communicate a single word or movement. It's a very scary proposition to know your
entire life was no longer in your hands. 
I was transferred by Ambulance to a Sub Acute hospital. That was one very scary and bumpy ride. I was leaving a comfortable environment and heading into what I would experience to be the most troubling, torturous, fright filled, hopeless and abusive place I had ever been in my life. For 18 months what I experienced there was a literal house of horrors.
Although I recovered very slowly there eventually later able to communicate with slight finger tap gestures, for several months I was a fully aware "piece of meat." Ritually abused by some of the CNA staff. They played games with me pulling my body off the edge of the bed so that my head dangled off the edge and laughed while doing so. I was slapped, slammed, abusively handled. Fondled (yes in that way). A pair of CNA's ritualistically performed sex rituals with my lifeless hand thinking I was not aware. I heard everything. I saw everything.
Also my breathing tube was randomly disconnected over 50 times to the point it was a common occurrence. I was gasping and suffocating and when over a minute later the alarm kicked in it was plugged back in. Sometimes the alarm never went off and I passed out due to not being able to breathe and by a gift of chance someone happened to notice saving me at the last second, and that wasn't a one time thing. There was a bleak period there where I tried my best to commit suicide by holding my breath but only passed out to awaken later, it was bad, very very bad. There were literally hundreds of incidents of abuse many which were commuicated via finger taps on an alphabet chart but not a single person at that hospital believed me. I have Memo log books filled with cryptic messages asking my family to help me every time they visited me and they did try. >__<
This period in my life scarred me for a lifetime. I continue to have nightmares of being paralyzed and abused waking up in frightful sweats.
It continued to the day I was finally transferred out. Complaining seemed to only make things worse for me I had to get out of there. My family transferred me to a rehabilitation hospital in Santee CA, where in the beginning I trusted no one and was admittedly a very difficult patient having experienced so much trauma. It was there where I finally began to heal, feel loved and return that love and trust in others. Upon arriving I had just been weened off the Ventilator but had very limited movement and every movement required aid and every transfer required a sling or two guys lifting me. Upon leaving I was able to transfer in and out of bed, on/off the toilet, in and out of a wheelchair on my own using a sliding board. To this day over 5 years later I have not recovered my ability to walk but for the most part can do things independently. I have suffered much and continue to suffer but want to do what I can to help others with GBS overcome whatever obstacles stand in their way, hopefully towards a full recovery. Thank you for reading.
PS.) Hey what about those sock monkeys? How did they save you? It was a lonely scary existence in particular that very stark period in my life. My Monkeys were there through it all and for some reason unbeknownst to me I credit them with saving me, keeping me sane, and being my little buddies when no one else was around. :-)
I forgot to mention. Just prior to my first strange symptoms I had my very first flu shot. I always avoided them not because I was against them but because I rarely ever got sick. I had perfect attendance at work for many years straight. I have seen several Dr.'s and they attribute the flu shot as the cause of my case of GBS.
Also a few particulars about my recovery timeline.
I was in the ER a few days followed by ICU for 6 weeks, then 18 months in the Sub-Acute where I was hooked up to a Vent to breathe, a gastric tube in my stomach that fed me liquid food, and catheters for waste. I had a pick line on my arm for meds and saline. I looked like an anime horror cartoon with tubes all over my body like I was plugged into the Matrix. After weening off the vent I was in a Nursing Home for over 2 years.
Ok I'm back. Now you know why my newly built computer sat unused for many years. Since busting out of the nursing home I have been very eager to try to live life to the fullest possible, eventhough there might be some limitations. I can no longer drive, I am in a wheelchair because my legs never fully woke up so basically I can't even stand either. These few limitations shouldn't stop me from modding a PC case because I'm just as retarded as I ever was, oops I meant brilliant, I have all my wits, I can comprehend things at an advanced rate, like I'm guessing you're all scratching your heads wondering who the hell is this biatch and why is he here, KHAN!!!!!
I would like to ask a few questions regarding my new PC build. You may have noticed I have not yet purchased a Mobo, Ram or Processor. These are the heart of the Monster and I wanted to buy them last. I have always been an AMD guy. I have a Duron PC, a 2200XP PC and others in the closet. I overclocked AMD chips til once I saw smoke coming out of my case and my CPU caught on fire. I still have that CPU saved cause that was an awesome day, it sucked yes I know but it was still awesome.
Things to consider: I am not rich, I am poor and need to buy parts a few at a time. I try to get quality items most of the time but I'm not ashamed to admit I do skimp sometimes and buy X brand hoping for the best LOL. I watch a lot of YouTube videos, read forums, posts, etc. to broaden my knowledge in an effort to expand my mind to catch up with my butt.
Best value Mobo + Processor + Ram combo that will perform well for mainly a workstation PC capable of running AutoCAD, Photoshop, Maya, 
3DS Max, Cinema 4D, Newtek Lightwave, Poser, etc. Also able to play games Like World of Warcraft on max settings (it's the only game I've played since Vanilla, I know I suck).
I want to mod the H1 case and do not plan on using an optical drive, but need space for SSD's and multiple hard drives, probably two pairs in Raid 0. Oh nevermind I have a rack for SSD's in a 5.25" drive bay.
I have never done water cooling but am not afraid to try and I can learn fast. I am extremely enamored with water cooling mods with visible reservoirs and either flexible or hard acrylic tubing.
I have been typing for a very long time and need a recharge of coffee. I appreciate any help or suggestions I might receive regarding questions above, especially ideas on what to do with the Zalman H1 case. There is one specific graphic I wanted used of a Sockmonkey doing a salute either carved into the metal or etched into the window. I wouldn't mind popping out the smaller window and slapping in a full door window in a more rigid material or clear tempered glass if possible.
Thank you for reading if you survived to this point. Happy modding!

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I forgot to mention why my previous modding attempts were pure fails. It was mainly because I used hammers, hacksaws, and a power drill trying to put a window and make holes for fans. 


Hey I'm a monkey what did you expect! Anywway I have all the tools to fuel this fool I'm so "almost" ready to go bananas on this case.

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I only have time to briefly read your post.....but does Munchies have SAFETY GLASSES in his arsenal? we don't want anymore visits to the Hospital.


Another Munky may have better suggestions for your CPU/MB/DDR than me, I haven't done a proper AMD build in a long time.


Welcome to the Zoo, and keep the questions coming when you need help!


for ANY liquid cooling related questions, feel free to ask and post them in our "Water Park" subforum, http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php/forum/52-the-water-park/

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Thank you. I enjoy the videos on YouTube very much, I almost feel confident enough to attempt a few practice mods on some empty cases before I cut up (mess up) my new case.


Yes I have safety glasses and also a breathing mask with removable filter on it. I also have a few other tools I didn't mention because I don't trust myself to use them like a jigsaw and a Ryobi power saw built into a foldable table we used for cutting wood making stuff for the backyard garden.


I've been browsing the forum and making a shopping list to buy parts for custom water cooling for my next PC and a mini version for a DeepCool SteamCastle I am building for my daughter. This custom PC will be an attempt to integrate a Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet into the case front using "everglass" as recommended in a video I watched (turbine cooling fan) :-), seems a lot easier than bolting it on lol. God I hope I don't mess this up. But you can't win or fail if you don't try.

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Since I've been out of commission for several years I didn't realize how far AMD has fallen since 2010. They used to be neck and neck and in some cases surpassing Intel but it seems that is not the case anymore. I haven't had an Intel based desktop PC since my old E-Machines college PC with Celeron processor and 30GB hard drive. I am leading towards an ASUS motherboard and Intel Processor, also ordered a Black Ice GTX 240mm Rad for the Zalman H1.


Here is an example of the graphic I wanted to integrate somehow into the case. This is a design I did for a T-Shirt.







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I design/create logos, animated gifs, forum banners, or other types of graphics if anyone needs help, no need to be shy, just ask. I am disabled and not able to work unless you call this work. Doing this type of stuff is easy to me and doesn't feel like work. I don't see too many custom created logos for fan grills or case windows, with exception to the bigger more experienced modders. I have been looking and most use purchased options. I would love to help others make it happen for their mod just shoot me an idea and I'll see what I can come up with.


I need to get some sheets of plexi glass to practice etching into, I wanted to do a 3D embossed etch of the Munchies salute into the case window, or a smaller custom window where sheet metal currently resides on the case to the right of the window and maybe behind it a view of the water reservoir/tank.

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Per the hospital story, I'm still processing all of that - yikes.  Glad to hear you're able to dig into modding and enjoy it with us.


Modding is an art in itself, so don't be disappointed with what you've done previously.  It's all stepping stones on the path.


Last year I upgraded to an A88XM-Plus mobo with A8 6600K quad core APU.  Had it overclocked to 4.4 Ghz.  With 16 Gb of RAM it ran everything very nicely for me for an affordable price.  Currently I've bumped up to an ASUS Sabertooth 990fx mobo with an FX-9590 CPU.  Same 16 Gb of RAM.  Everything runs smoothly as well including brand new games.  Depending upon your budget I would think something in the range of those would likely suit you.

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Sounds like you only really need a mid range machine for stuff like that. WoW is CPU bound when there is lots of players on the screen. Dont matter if it's Intel or AMD, hopefully Direct X 12 will help MMO games in this area with proper multi threading. Anyways for 1080p gaming it's hard not to recomend a R9 380x. This gpu should be plenty enough to max out WoW and runs games like Star Wars Battlefront fantastic. CPU you can get by with something like a FX 8350. RAM is cheap enough to get 2133mhz DDR3 these days. Motherboards, I like the MSI gaming series. Either the 970 or 990 if you want to OC some. Hope that helps.

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Based on the games and applications you're playing I can recommend going with a decent Z97 motherboard and an Intel Core i3 cpu and pair that up with a Radeon R9 380. 


BUT WAIT! An AMD guy recommending an i3?!?!?!?! Look truth is I want you to get what's going to work best for you and this is the setup I'd go with if it were me, simply because this is what I just built for my brother who plays WoW, AION and other MMORPG games like a nut, lol.  He also uses MasterCam X6 and SolidWorks.  It all runs smooth paired up with at least 8gb of DDR3


Now, as far as the Z class motherboard, it's about the features you get with it and the ability to upgrade the cpu to an i5 or an i7 down the road should you desire and have the ability to overclock them.


Hopefully this helped a little, and if you need specific recommendations just let me know and we'll go from there.


:D have a good one and welcome back to the scene!

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