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Hello everyone,



Back in October Asus had a local case mod competition, for the 2015 Cluj-Napoca (Romania) Dreamhack event. 
This mod was our entry, which won us the first place.

It's a scratchbuild with a side HUD, which displays system details, in real time. The system itself sends the information, to a Raspberry PI, inside the case. The Raspberry PI handles the side panel display.
The side panel is the outer level of a TN, put on top of a laser-etched plexiglass, which is put right on top of the motherboard. The case is mostly plexiglass and abs, cut on a laser CNC.

i7 4790k;
16GB HyperX beast @2400MHz;
Asus Maximus VII Formula;
HyperX 3K 120GB SSD x2 RAID0;
ASUS GeForce GTX 980 Poseidon Platinum

Phobya 360mm radiator
Phobya CPU-Cooler UC-2 LT
Alphacool Cape Corp Coolplex Pro 15 LT
Alphacool 13/10 compression fitting 90° revolvable G1/4 - Deep Black
Masterkleer tubing PVC 13/10mm (3/8"ID) UV-reactive dark red
Laing DDC-pump + Alphacool Laing DDC Plexi cover

We're pretty new to game and for the next project we will have a full blown work-load.
Up until minute 7 you can see the design process and at around 14:00 you can see the development of the software as well.

Hope you like the video. Any feedback is welcome! :) 

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