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Casey Neistat themed casemod

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If you are into vlogging and Youtube you may already know Casey Neistat, one of the bigger Youtubers right now and growing fast.

He is a awsome film maker and DIY guy, check him out! -> https://www.youtube.com/user/caseyneistat

Casey got my attention a couple of month ago with his hacking, customizations and other

solutions to every day problems, in his style.





So, one day when i was thinking of a theme for my next mod i decided to do a Casey Neistat themed computer build, fetching some of his creations into the case.

Not sure why i´m doing this, just a fun thing and a complete opposite of what i normally do, where i seek to perfect and do everything as perfect as it can be.

Maybe a kind of a tribute? not sure, well, here it goes!


The hardware

Bitfenix NEOS case

Some drive cages from different other cases

3x3TB drives, 2x2TB drives, 1TB os-drive.

AMD 5800k APU

Asrock FM2A88X motherboard

8GB ram, Corsair Vengeance


The result!

And here it is, my Casey Neistat custom computer!




And, it´s not a build log without the pics.


The case - Bitfenix Neos Window





Casey have very custom glasses of his own, here i tried to replicate that effect he has on the glasses in the side window panel.





Made a window decal of the very same Casey, with his custom glasses on.






On his Boosted board, pictured in the top. He made a arrow to tell wich way is forward.

I took this detail into the front panel.




One other characteristic part of Casey is his "selfie-stick", he is using a Joby Gorillapod and holding his Canon 70D in one hand.

I had to snatch this detail too. Off to the store and bought a gorilla pod, removed 4 pieces of it and made it fit the case, as case feets :)






They had to be cut first




Turned out pretty good




In one of Caseys videos, he makes a custom carry-on bag with a custom holder for his Penny skateboard.

Skating is big in his movies, so i can´t leave this out.

Had to buy a Pennyboard just to get one, i can´t skate and i probably brake it if i tried standing on it :)


Here is first a picture of Caseys custom bag, and the following picture of my interpretation of it.

See his video here:










Made a fast-forward video of the works too.

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