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D-WAVE X2 Quantum computer - scratch build

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You who seen me before know that i´m soft for supercomputers and have begun to do alot of scratchbuilds.


When i saw a article about D-Wave X2 i fell in love, how cool is this.


Instantly i started to gather information about the X2 and planning it out in Sketchup to get a grasp of what size is needed for my replica.




To be aesthetically appealing, i have made some changes.

- Racks in front of the chamber not in my replica

- Rear panels are moved to the front side, where the racks were.



Gigabyte GA-Z97N ITX motherboard

Intel G3258 CPU

2x4gb Corsair Vengeance memory

Cooler Master 120V cooler

Samsung 840 120GB EVO OS-drive

3x4TB drives


All panels cut, gluing them to a 2mm acrylic piece to make up the walls.

Wanted to keep the glue from oozing out in the spacing between all small pieces, worked good. Looks awful - right now :)





Side and front panel cut and glued




See ya in the next update!

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First mistake...

I cut out the D-Wave logo in a piece of flat black vinyl, and had a idea of mounting a LED behind the panel to light it up.


But.. got it on off-centre in both directions...

Back to the cutting machine again :)


The black paint is only for the spacing between all small panels, the panels themselves will be wrapped in vinyl to get a easy surface without painting and sanding.


Here is how it looks in front of my desk light.

Some light coming trough, will isolate the logo on the back some more.




And without a light behind it.




Not much of progress to show today, i have mostly put time into the bottom and designing all parts holding the motherboard and drives inside the case and thinking of a way to open the case to change parts and whatnot.


To be continued :)

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Not a fan of the design, but I see why you want to copy it.

...Good luck getting that quantum processor sponsorship. ;)

Not really 100% liking it either, but i want one :)

What, dont you think they want to let go of a 15 million cpu sponsorship.

Probably have to be enough with a silhouette cutout, like this one.

Not sure if i will use it.


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A smaller update today


Made the floor (left) and the back (right) and put a 140mm fan in the floor and a 120 in the back.

Probably do 2x120 in the roof too, not sure yet, or a single 140 there too.


Made a mistake with the IO-cutout, internal floor will be 30mm up from the bottom, forgot to add that to the back. Not visible later when painted and wrapped.




Front and side pieces glued.



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More updates


Made a simple drive bay to hold the three hdd´s.

Could be made better but didnt see why, it´s the outside of this puppy thats cool :)




And it is removable, for easy access to other parts.




Bottom fan and case feets mounted





Close up of the case feets




Now its time for some sanding and paint/wrap of the bottom part.

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Mounted and painted.

Found another motherboard, AMD E35M1 with passive cooling, worked good. Been running it under load for a day in the case just to be sure the cooling is enough.




Bought a SSD-DOM unit, 16GB is enough for my Linux system.




And a collection of some pictures on the desk.








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On 12/9/2016 at 7:49 PM, zisdead2 said:

Hello from D-Wave!!  We think your build is pretty great!

D-Wave lab.gif

Wow, i´m honored you took the time to reply here :)
Glad you liked it, i´m still using my mini D-Wave for routing and some NAS storage.

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