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Renovatio Mark 1

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Hello everybody,


I present to you my new scratchbuild project named " renovatio mark 1 " , renovatio mean renew in latin and why i choose this name ? because the first idea of this project is to create something new but without change the existing things and mark 1 because this is the first bench table i do .


I tell you the story , there are six months of that, I was looking for a bench table "cheap" but "design" to test the components I had in stock , I found things on the internet but at so expensive  prices ... Anyway I decided to imagine a " one is never better served than by oneself " the first goal of the maneuver was to quantify the design of a table custom bench and see once modeled if the project is interesting or not .


the second objective was " easy integration watercooling ."
I started in the plans in 3D Solidworks and after six months of planning and testing, I released this:
Top view : light gray clutter of a motherboard ATX




Bottom view :



side view :




Vue isometrique :



All gray blocks that you can see inside are the pump and power supply , I plan supports for the pump , radiator, power and SSD, I show you once received .

The model measures 47.3 cm x 47.3 cm x 15 cm.

The basic configuration will be unveiled shortly.

I sent all cut from " johnsteelpro " in France I shall have to do the folds and seams .

It cost me € 180 including shipping to those interested


a small dot on the config [ ;) ] :



and a sponsor follow me , thank you to " EK watercooling "


here are the pictures all parts have been folded by a professional " family thank you " I confessed that I had a strong emotion when you see everything taking shape like that while this was an idea.

here are the photos :


I'll see if it all could be sealed today.

See you.

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I spend tonight bring news , today there is a strange thing happened in my office I decided to give food to my old PSU that was to serve me ... for this mod is that it eats well it's the little beast .


and boom...


I'm kidding .

A big thank you to Bequiet [/ b] for this wonderful participation

adds that this 4 ventilos Bequiet shadow wings in perfect 120mm radiator for the project .



- Assembly of all the components is made :

mother board
power supply
switch on/off
the protection of this switch








I have a few modifications :

- Insert one of the tanks is still top of the blow one of them is slightly inclined I retravaillerai tomorrow .

- The plate of SSD to deliver 90 degrees.

I also add feet project that I will double in caoutchou to avoid scratching the tables already and to create a slight thickness so that the bolt does not touch the ground.


I shall have to go up the watercooling but I await news .

and do the painting , I think based on the green and black " view can be a nvidia logo " .

to see, unless you have better ideas , I was listening.

@ see you soon.

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