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Rules of The Mod Zoo Forums

General Rules

1. Listen to the Admins and Moderators, they are the keepers of the peace.

2. Registering for the purpose of spamming, harassing, insulting, or starting trolling in will result in a ban, we do not want to ban you! This includes offensive usernames, multiple accounts, etc.

3. Children will be around the zoo, please keep your language clean.

4. If you advertise or solicit a website, product, services, sales, competitors, or any other forum that is detrimental to The Mod Zoo and associated companies you'll be warned, and if not removed, you'll be banned. This includes use of private messages to other forum members.

5. If you regularly break the rules, expect to be warned, then banned. We have other things to do.

Posting Content

1. TheModZoo.com forums are dedicated to computer case modding, and related topics ONLY unless otherwise specified in the thread. Posts that stray off-topic will be deleted, and the user may be notified by PM. This isn't personal, it makes it easier to follow worklogs.

2. The first thing you must do after registering and reading these rules is fill out your user profile, mainly your location. This is so that we can help you!

3. We do not like text such as "wat" for what, "U" for you, lack of punctuation, etc etc... Ignoring this rule will just annoy everyone, it is not that hard! There is of course the exception for those that English is a second language.

4. Posting of any content which is offensive whatever a person's race, colour, ethnic 
or national origin, religion, beliefs, sex, age, physical or mental disability, state of 
health, appearance, status, family circumstances is not acceptable.

5. We all start somewhere, please be constructive with your posts, if you cannot be constructive do not post at all.

7. Do not post stupidly large images, we all hate loading times!

9. Do not post anything describing, discussing, or asking about illegal activities, pirated software, hacking, or anything else that you could get in trouble for.

10. You may post up to 40 pictures per post, but if you abuse this by posting 3-4 times in a row all with 40 pictures, the posts will be deleted.

11. Posts with broken image links will be deleted.

12. No Double Posting You may not post more than once in a row in the same thread unless you're a Mod Zoo Admin or Moderator. You may not re-post identical content from one thread to another thread or subforum. The only time double posting is allowable is when relocating a worklog from another website to The Mod Zoo Forums to abide by our "40 pictures per post" limit.

13. Only Vendors with approved subforum on the Mod Zoo Forums are allowed to post links to giveaways. Mod Zoo members are not allowed to post links to giveaways.

Rules: Misc

Forum sigs and avatars - no outside advertising, questionable content, or other things that break previous rules are allowed.

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