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Questions regarding the phanteks enthoo luxe and modding it

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So I've recently purchased the phanteks enthoo luxe full tower and have decided that it's going to be my first mod project (been building PC's for roughly 20 years and feel ashamed for having never done this).  My plans are to paint the case and also to purchase the clear panel for it from http://mnpctech.com/phanteks-case-mods/enthoo-luxe-clear-panel/ 

I've got a few questions that I want to pose before I get too far and end up destroying my pretty new case.  First, is it possible to remove the LED's along the edges of the case so that I can paint without risk of damaging them?  I bought some Scotch 233+ tape and was thinking I might have to find a way to cover them with it, but I'd rather take them out.

My second (and probably more important) question, is how hard would it be to remove the panel that covers the HDD bays and still keep the 5.25 bays up top?  The more I look at the case, the more I just don't like the current mounting points for water cooling (also my first attempt) so I was thinking I could remove the HDD bays, use a bracket to mount the HDD into the 5.25 slot, and put my reservoir underneath.  Also I guess what tools would be best to do this job?


Thanks for any help, I'm starting to become obsessed with all this thanks to watching Bill and Jayztwocents lol.

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From memory all the Phantecs cases can be pulled apart very easily as it's mostly screws.
If you learn how to rivet stuff (and how to drill rivets out), you can pull almost any PC case apart and put it back together.
After that, all you need to learn is bending and cutting sheet metal and you're just practice away from being a scratch builder.

It's not that hard. Just don't be afraid of screwing up. Because you will screw up. I've blown a lot of my money on mistakes, but it's all part of the fun and learning process.

I know Bill Owen has gone over said case a while back. You should check out his video here.



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