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Help with psu cables (shorten)

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I need some help I have tried to Google the answer as well as YouTube but do not seem to be finding much help
I would like to shorten my moduler cables the one I'm really stuck on will be the 24 pin and How I should sleeve it? would like to do individual sleeving but seems to have some type cap on the wire (shown in pic)

pic of cables I will shorten

24 pin, molex to sata, 2x molex



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Is it a Silverstone?  My ST 45 had that cap.  It's soldered on to the ATX pins after they've been crimped.  I don't know if you can toss it or not, I was scared to test it.  The two options I see are

1) If you're replacing the wire with new wire, ie. going all black because of color bleed through, you can unsolder the cap and solder it back on after you crimp your pins on.  It's a PITA and you have to make sure you get the legs on the right wires and solder it up pretty much exactly like it was from the factory so both pins still slide in the connector without tearing off a leg, etc, etc.  I know you can do it cause I had to do it on my Scout build.  I was looking for a pic, but I never got a shot of the cap.  But once I got it back together I just put some heatshrink on it like they did at the factory.  Note, I didn't sleeve my cables, but that really shouldn't matter.

2) If you don't care about the insulator color and don't want to unsolder the cap, you can just shorten that pair from the other end, or all the wires from the other end for that matter.  And then sleeve it.

As far as the sleeve goes, what the sleeve looks like around the cap shouldn't matter too much since you should be wrapping a large piece of heatshrink around the cap and wires after the pins are in the connector anyways to keep it all solid.  One thing to be careful of is pulling those two pins that the cap is attached to.  Those legs bend real easy and you have to be careful.  Either use 2 pin tools to pull both at the same time, or carefully get the first one unlocked but not slid out, and then pull the other one, sliding them both out at the same time to avoid bending the legs.  Also, mark the cap and wires well.  You don't want to flip that thing around.

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