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Featured Project June 15th 2016

Alex is certainly no stranger to the modding scene. A quick browse through his activity feed, and you can see a slew of other fantastic projects that he's shared on The Mod Zoo.

Today we're featuring the latest project that he's completed on The Zoo; Project Isolation.

project banner

Project Isolation is a mod that uses the Cooler Master Master Case 5, with a theme which centers around the Dead Space games. It was an entry for this year's Cooler Master Case Mod World Series as well.

project banner

Alex did all of the custom paint work himself, to achieve the rusted effect.  He describes the process in his worklog,

"The idea with this is that it can be applied to anything, even plastic and rust that too. It's a metal based paint which you apply with a brush and leave it to dry for about 1 hour. Once dry you apply the oxidising patina which is a form of activator that speeds up the rusting process. Leave it for a few good hours and you should have a nice, real rust effect."

The technique really seemed to work out great!

project banner

project banner

Packed inside the mod, in addition to an i7-6700k, a pair of Asus 980 STRIX GPUs, and a 1000W PSU, Alex has installed a full custom watercooling loop with copper hardlines. The loop includes both a 240mm and 360mm radiator inside the case.

project banner

project banner


Head on over to the forums to check out the Full Project Log from Alex on TheModZoo.com!

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