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not sure if this goes here so sorry in advance if it doesn't!

i've been trying my damnedest to find

this fan grill here

but it's nowhere to be found anywhere on the net, i know they'res others that look like this but i want this one.....


anyone know why i can't find it?

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18 hours ago, Bill Owen said:

Our Staffer Greg has one and will sell it, You can contact him via his website, http://www.smartcomputerstore.com

Contact page, http://www.smartcomputerstore.com/contact-us.html

thanks so much, i've contacted him. here's my rub, i need 6 120mm sized ones and 4 (i think) 80mm ones. this mtn mod cube case has LOTS of fans :eeek:

one time a friend said when i had them all maxed it sounded like my case was trying to take off

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