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Featured Project July 15th 2016: Dark Matter by Envious Mods

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Envious Mods has got his hands on a 3D printer, and that sucker is working overtime! Envious Mods has envisioned, designed, and printed some incredibly detailed and intricate parts for his Dark Matter scratch build.

Today we’re featuring the latest scratch build he’s completed on The Zoo; Dark Matter

project banner

Dark Matter came about when Envious Mods was tired of limiting himself to the confines of a mass manufactured case. He wanted to do something of his own vision and style from the ground up.

project image

project image

Some of the stand out features of this build are the custom manifold for watercooling, as well as a custom vertical mounting arrangement for the GPUs. There is of course a full custom watercooling loop as well, which works quite well with the over all aesthetic.

project image

project image

The heart of the system is a Supermicro gaming Z170-OCE Motherboard, a pair of GTX 960 GPUs, 16GB of G.Skill DDR4 RAM, three 180GB SSDs. The custom loop includes a 480mm radiator, cooling the CPU, with hardline tubing.

project image

Check out the Full Project Log from Envious Mods here on TheModZoo.com for how he built everything, and more pictures!

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