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New: Pro Flex Cable Combs!

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The new Munky Mods Pro Flex, and Monsta Cable Combs are done, and in stock.


The Munky Mods Pro Flex Cable Combs are made from a space age thermoplastic.



In fact, these Cable Combs are so durable, that we gave them a lifetime warranty!




They are available for:

  • 4wire for 4pin CPU Power
  • 8wire for 8pin EPS Power
  • 6wire for 6pin GPU Power
  • 8wire for 8pin GPU Power
  • 12wire for 6pin+6pin GPU Power 
  • 14wire for 6pin+8pin GPU Power
  • 16wire for 8pin+8pin GPU Power
  • 24wire for 24pin Mobo Power



The Munky Mods Monsta Cable Combs were designed to give that thick and meaty look!




Both the Pro Flex and Monsta Cable Combs are available for 2.5mm and 2.85mm wire/sleeve sizes.

( The wire measurement is made using the wire conductor, the insulation layer, plus outer the sleeving )


Common Brands using a 2.5mm opening:

  • EVGA® G2/P2/T2 sleeved cable sets.
  • CableMod® brand sleeved cable sets.


Common Brands using a 2.85mm opening:

  • CableMod® ModMesh sleeved cable sets.
  • EVGA® GS/PS brand sleeved cable sets.
  • Bitfenix® Alchemy sleeved extensions.
  • NZXT™ brand sleeved extensions.
  • ModRight™ brand sleeved extensions.
  • Mod/Smart™ Kobra MAX sleeved extensions.
  • Silverstone® brand sleeved extensions.
  • Phanteks® brand sleeved extensions.


Both the Pro Flex and Monsta Cable Combs are in stock (in 2.5mm and 2.85mm)


Get them Here!


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