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Featured Project September 1st 2016: Gigantea by Insolent Gnome

Active member of the Zoo, InsolentGnome, who has also been a guest on our Weekly Hangouts in the past, was at it again this summer. He's been putting together quite a few mods, but his project Gigantea has got to be one of the more insane of them so far.

project banner

This mod is barely a mod, if we're honest. It's really much more of a scratch build, that just so happens to use some pieces of computer cases here and there. He started with a single Cooler Master Elite 130 case, but that quickly expanded to 3 of them. They didn't stay very case like for long though, as each of them got dissected into a number of flat panel pieces.

project image

project image

The theme for this mod is based around the S. Gigantea, which is more commonly known as the Amazonian giant centipede. Kind of creepy, but really cool. The case, if you want to call it that, stands p on the rear 8 legs, and is holding a reservoir with 4 more, and just looking menacing with the others.

project image

project image

The System installed a Gigabyte Z97N-Wifi motherboard, a 4690k CPU, 8GB of Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM, an Asus Strix GTX 980, a pair of Samsung 850 Evo SSDs, and a Cooler Master V850 PSU. Everything is cooled by four Alphacool XT45 120mm radiators, EK waterblocks, complimented by Monsoon fittings, reservoir, and pump.

project image

Head on over to check out the Full Project Log from InsolentGnome for how they built everything, and more pictures!

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Even if this wasn't a computer case it would still be awesome!  I love the way it looks,  and the way it makes my imagination flow with possibilities. 

Thank you and phenomenal job!

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