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Project 47 (T-47) COMPLETED

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PROJECT 47 (T-47) :

Why I am doing this Case Mod:  The T-47, one of the most over looked ships in the galaxy (and is my favorite). Rogue Flight (later blue team and then later rogue squadron) were an elite group of pilots that took the battle into their hands on Hoth. They also performed search and rescue missions as well, in these ships. This is a little homage to these men but mostly to all the pilots in the real world who have done the same across the globe.


Hello Everyone!

This is My DELL XPS 700, it was my old editing computer from 2007 everything still works but its time to put my rig in this case. The case has been through a lot with me and has been by my side for years. So I thought id use my artistic mind and create something unique.  I also made some "Work Vlogs" so you could see more detail and get more info that wasn't typed out.


This case I modeled after the T-47 Snow Speeder from Star Wars during the Battle of Hoth. (I'm not sure if i should go into great detail about the design but here is the back panel. let me know if you want to see the rest of the concept art.)  





I started with the front window door so I could get the vision out of my head and get a solid start on the look of the case.

After taping and drawing my window design onto the tape. I added some details with white pencil so it would stand out against the blue. (I ran out of blue tape and had to use scotch white)

window layout.jpg

I started cutting the window out first using a Metal Cutting Disc by Dremel.

EZ456-lg r126191v15.jpg

Then I used a Jigsaw with a Bosch "Progressor for Metal" blade.



The cutting then started! Making sure to cut along the white lines.

cutting window.jpg


Windows holes are all cut!



Onto the Acrylic Sheets!

So these little pieces cover parts of the window to look like it was riveted to the window of the aircraft (sorry for blurry photos).

I was at Lowes and was going to get some metal. I then realized that I forgot my card at home and had 10 bucks on me, so I got this acrylic instead. 



I cut the acrylic with a scoring knife and then snapped it on the edge of the table. I ran into an issue with snapping a design. I accidentally snapped a corner off of the sheet leaving a broken corner.

I accepted the broken corner and realized that its okay that it was broken because the case is supposed to look beat down and like it went through combat in the snowy wastelands of Hoth. So all in all it worked out.


Finally after a half hour of scoring and snapping, It finally got done.


Now it is time to drill out the holes for the Bolts to connect all the pieces!

I marked all of the spots I need to drill out with the bolt and some watercolor paint. 


I then took all the pieces, marked them all in the same spots and started drilling.






Now that it is all cut out, drilled and placed in a safe spot, I am not going to tare this case apart.




I am waiting for my mesh to come in the mail so in the mean time ill be keeping bust getting the Motherboard tray made.


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Thank you very much! I am already seeing a lot of very talented people here. I am a traditional artist and I finally found a new medium where I can put all of my mediums into one. I am really enjoying this and enjoying the forum! 


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There is a lot to this case. More than I thought there would be. Rivets where rivets shouldn't be, screws where its impossible to get to, and lots and lots of metal. 

So I start cutting.




And finally some progress.



I then realized that there was an LED in the back. There are also two LED panels in the front connected to a board in the front. I am not sure how to re-connect these to my Asus sabertooth X79 as of yet. I've been searching and nothing has come up that I could understand.





And then it was removed!



Next was the removal of the CD cages all the way. SO MANY RIVETS!




and then the top came off



I really didn't know how small this case actually was until I took all the unnecessary stuff out of it. my motherboard takes up almost, if not more than half of the case at 10" wide and 12" tall.


So now my layout has to change. I am trying to figure out where to put the PSU because I want it hidden behind the motherboard tray along with all of the cables. I have three different options and one makes me have to extent the X16 slot to the top of the case for the GPU. And I think that is what my option has to be at this point. The only Issue with that is there is only about 3 or 4'' from the motherboard to the window and the hard line is going to have to make a very sharp angle from the CPU. 




I am currently using an MSI R7 370 4gb GDDR5 gaming OC edition.. It sounds amazing! but not really. haha  I had some left over acrylic from the window, so I thought "why the heck not?"

When I up grade it will be super easy to fill the holes in the acrylic and drill new ones. so no problem there.  I also painted it purple because the color red reminds me of all the red lights that stop me on my way to work... not cool. 







Again I use the plexi blade to cut through the acrylic.




The plate is in a two piece design. I now need to to the top design piece





Okay, all the pieces are cut! now it is time to drill some holes and sand the acrylic so that the paint will adhere.

The sand paper gave the acrylic a really cool frosted look to it. I might have to experiment with it some more.





I am using a self etching primer as well as tractor paint! I had it, it was the correct color, and why the heck not!


After priming the acrylic I then covered the base plate because I wanted to keep the primer color on it and paint the top plate.



After I sprayed them I let them dry over night. Today, I noticed a bit of a drip of the orange paint and it was still tacky. So I flipped the pieces and gave it a light spray and ti seemed to even it out. Then I had a crazy Idea (forgot to take pictures) I would take plastic wrap cut little pieces out of it (super tiny) and smush it like a foe finish on a wall, then take a space heater and stand it up in front of the drying paint. I shall show you in the next update the fantastic effect it gave.

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I finally finished my back plate for the GPU. Keep in mind that I will be using a PCIE extension cable to bring this up to the top of the case. So I made the back plate bigger to cover any cables that would have been exposed.

I am using Acrylic paint (you can use any brand it doesn't really matter) and Duplicolor Chrome. I am also using a Dremel to make "hit" marks and scratches. NOTE: I spray the chrome onto my pallet and use a brush.

2aeumhx.jpg   2a5fxcm.jpg


Fresh off the press! Time to add some detail!



Next I start adding chrome into areas of the design by dry brushing then going in with Orange and Burnt Umber using the same technique.





All of this is dry brushing. Now it is time to get that dremel out and start adding scratch marks. I want to add as much detail onto it since it is going to be one of the "show" pieces in the case. 





After a few hours I finally finished it! and now its time to assemble!


Risers are a must


Adding some super adhesive tape to the back of the plate.






And We are at 100% on the GPU!!!






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I ran into some issues but I can get past it and finish this project. Also something tiny and beautiful pranced into our lives here at home. So here is the new update I am still working on the mod I just have had some restrictions as of lately. So I've been working off of my computer desk instead of in the shop area. I probably ramble a bit much in this but I just needed to talk.




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Hello everyone! I was working (and still am) on the Front bezel (I think that's what its called...). I have made a lot of progress especially with some of these new set backs mentioned in the video above. There is still a lot to be done and I will keep updating the progress of this.

So I started taping off the front vents so that when I cut them, they will all stay together.



Next, using a plastic cutting disc on my dremel, I cut.



Nice not-so clean lines. (I'll fix that)



All cut out!



Time for a sanding using a sanding bit that I found in the Dremel box.




Now that it is all sanded and smooth I am not ready to make my mesh grill. I chose the hexagon shaped mesh because It looks like it would provide a lot of room for air to flow through. It is also pretty unique and doesn't look like prison bars. 



Now I trace and start snipping away!





Then I apply a little pressure on the back to get the bend and curve I want.



Sanding is the key to prepping for a paint job! the paint must adhere to the surface and it will NOT do that on a smooth and glossy surface.


Then I had to transform the garage into a spray shop! This was probably my favorite part of doing this mod because I really like painting! And this was super fun.

I used 1.5 mil Visqueen, some clamps and help from a little friend.




SAFETY FIRST! (The boy was in the house when I painted, the fumes were pretty bad and stuck around for 3 days.)


The next update will either post tonight or tomorrow afternoon. This front bezel is taking a bit to complete because there is a lot that is going into it. Visually and electronically.




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The top is all cut out and ready to start adding some character to it! but how was it done? bum bum buuuum!!!


I start with marking my cut with a sharpie then go in with wire cutters and start snapping edges.





When I originally cut it, the mesh was a little bit big, so I had to evenly cut it down on all sides until I got to the point I could start folding the mesh over the edge to get the "raised" look that I wanted.



Pushing the middle of the mesh down so it is seated inside the frame. The top and bottom are both folded in and it will be dipped in the middle.





It still is not finished. I have to cut homes for the CD/DVD Drives and for the fan controller. But here is what it looks like as of right now.







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Thanks Mosquito! I like it as well. I really don't want to whether it, but I don't think it would look right while its nice and shiny. I'm still debating if I can pull off that bottom mesh having a clean look. 

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Hello everyone! I am a little behind on the updates so bare with me.


I have finally figured out how to wire the lights inadvertently due to some helpful people on the Mod Zoo Forums.


I ordered a LED Controller off of amazon that can also be controlled through music for around $12.00 USD. I thought this was unique and would add something that I have never seen before in a mod. Using the controller I will now attempt to hook up the Original LED's from the Dell XPS.


I Begin with Taking the cover off of the pins for the LED strip. These are NOT color coated for some reason which is okay. Thanks to a post on The Mod Zoo Forum, I have the color scheme.






I labeled each wires accordingly


I then start plugging them in to the corresponding ports on the controller.




I then realized I have no way to connect it to the PSU. I looked through my parts box and found a MOLEX to 2 pin that came with an old fan I had. So I snipped off the 2 pin and connected that to the controller.





And this is what I ended up with!




The Work Vlog Below shows the process and the colors working and reacting to voice and music (Sorry, I might or might not  have sung at the end)


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This was a long process, but it paid off.


I will be using A DVD Drive, A DVD burner and a lamptron FC10 fan controller. This configuration works best for me because The fan controller gives enough of a gap to easily get CD's and DVD's in and out.




Now that all the mesh is in and looks pretty, I will destroy it.  …With class…




Using a sharpie, I mark out around the drives and fan controller.




They don’t have to be perfect.

Then I took some wire cutters and gave it the ol' whatfor.


2yov1h5.jpg0M2dJdu.jpg?1  SsrAywb.jpg?1


I kind of jump around a little bit while I work the wheel in my brain. So with that said, I take the whole thing down to the shop area (the new cat is healthy and now living in the house). I take the Dremel and start the fun of stressing the bezel with scratches and gouges.






While I was Down there I decided to chop the top off of the Optical Drive mount.






Then I start on the Drives them selves


Cutting with a knife and a file I start shaping the distressed look.





Then I painted it using acrylic paint using burnt umber, chrome, and orange. Layering the paint and highlighting details.







With that all done I then take the front bezel outside. AND SET IT A BLAZE! With a lighter.








Then I use clear epoxy to adhere the mesh to the plastic and start painting the front bezel in the same manor as before wet and Dry brush.





A little Orange Vynal to contrast and tidy it up a bit.






AND WERE AT 100% Front Bezel!






Up Next is the motherboard tray and the back I/O.

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27 minutes ago, Datulab said:

I really like the weathering job you did! Also the fan controller looks really interesting, looking forward to see how it will look in the end.

Thanks! Yea the fan controller is probably the most interesting thing in this mod. Its going to look neat when it lights up and goldish orange. 

18 minutes ago, Mosquito said:

Yup, working now.


Looks great!  kind of lol

LOL! Thanks! Hopefully it will make more sense when it is all put together.  

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