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Project 47 (T-47) COMPLETED

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OKAY, the dust has settled and the storm of chaotic shrapnel and acrylic is finally over. 


Here is the rest of the work log. I hope you all enjoy!



So, The one thing that I really like is the PSU cover. It provides protection and looks really nice. So I'm making one...


It took a bit to cut it out with a jig saw but it was worth the patients. 



Next I measures where I needed to bend it (I kept in mind, my PSU is a little taller than the one I'm using as a mock-up) Then clamped it down to two boards and gave it the heat!


30vgqa0.jpg   vy77m0.jpg2hnx9cp.jpg


After I bent the acrylic, I needed to cut some vent holes, then decided I wanted to put some words on it to identify the ship and the rebel alliance. I used Vinyl to make the stencils.



Then paint was applied to the back for my secondary color, then  I applied my primary color to the front and removed the stencils when the paint dried.


And it was done.





Motherboard/Rear I/O

I next started on the motherboard tray and the rear I/O. This was the most complicated and precise thing I had to do for this mod. It took a long time and most of my time.

I pulled my motherboard out of my build and used it as the template since it is the mobo that will be going in this. Then I cut it out and cut out the hole for the back plate if I ever needed one.




Next I used scrap metal from the window I cut out and used it to measure (with motherboard in) where the I/O plate should sit. This took a lot of time to get right and I could only cut it once, so I had to make sure I was correct.





Priming parts:


Next, everything was to be primed




And then we assemble the rear with Pop Rivets that I purchased from Mnpctech! (link below)




The Window Now needs to be painted and weathered. 


I used acrylic and watercolor paint. The reason I used watercolor is because it drys fast and rubs off really neat like. But it will stay forever when clear coated.

I used: Yellow OCHRE, Burnt SENNA, and Burnt Umber. These colors are what you normally find in heavy fresh rust in wet/humid climates. 


See that sponge brush? ^^^^^^^^^ Yea, it works for about 5 minutes and then becomes gunked up and you have to go clean it... so maybe use a rag or something else with texture.


ANY WAY. I masked off my orange stripe, then started the weathering process. which included embedding salt into the fresh paint. and a bit of cinnamon. yummmmmm...






I marked out three 140mm fan holes at the top, then I used a jigsaw to cut them out. After that I sanded and filed the edges to make sure it wasnt sharp. 

Then I started the weathering and painting. 


Along came the fan grill cover! Cut from acrylic and you cant tell what is a mistake and what is intentional! LOVE IT!




When Painting I based it with primer and then finished with flat white. When I started the detail paint, I used mythril silver and carbon black for a wash.


Then I used 400g sand paper and 50g sand paper to give it some character.


Then we add the rest of the puzzle...aaaaaand. 





Now that I only have some small things to make, such as an SSD cover. I can now start slapping this baby together!




So when I wanted to keep all the watercooling on one side then all of the cables and drives on the opposite. I was left with a choice... so I drilled a few holes in the PSU cover (yes i know i have to take all the piping out to change the psu out but I'm okay with that.)







Now, this hole time I've used almost everything that I already had aside from the acrylic and the fans (Scythe and CoolerMaster). So I already had a Swiftech H240X2 and a few Primochill revolver fittings. So i thought "HEY WHY NOT COPPER HARD LINE THE H240X2!?". Yes, it scared me that the thought even crossed my mind. No I didn't think it would work out... YES, it worked out just fine, and the one (or three) leaks I had were small and were fine tuned with gentle and romantic love between the fitting and a leathermen.

So here is the process I took. Thanks to Envious Mods for inspiring me to make the most ghetto jig ever! The pipes bent very well! oh and I added some snow and Ice inside of the computer... on the components. 




For a cheap little AIO it doesn't do half bad... and it looks pretty interesting with he copper. I am using Mayhems X1 UV Blue Dye. I didn't want the color too deep so I only used a bit of the dye. 



FRONT WINDOW/Fan Controller:


Okay now We are slapping this front window together and we will be just about done. A few things i forgot to mention were that I did wire the Led's up. I have diodes behind the SSD Cover and White strips behind the PSU cover so that the Rebel alliance Logo will illuminate.





And we are completed!

I want to thank everyone that has answered all my annoying non stop questions. I am very grateful to be apart of this beautiful and peaceful community! MOD ON!


349cpr4.jpg   1zmcu55.jpg   4ey9w.jpg   2qvxgnt.jpg  



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Thanks man! It was super fun to do the weathering, I think that was one of my favorite parts to do. You should build one if you haven't, its definitely an experience lol ! 

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Great work man. I'm glad I could inspire you to build the tools you needed to solve your issue. There's almost nothing that can't be solved with a lot of creativity.

Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk

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