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Acrylic Melting

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This is a common problem im having in the shop. My scroll saw and my Jigsaw now are both melting my cuts in acrylic and It snapping my acrylic and making some nasty (and i mean NASTY) cuts. My scroll saw is an old 85' Craftsmen and is not variable speed. My Jigsaw is a junk harbor freight special but normally does the job with no complication. I tried lubing the blades, I tried WD-40, baby oil and its just getting worse.


I am almost done with my Mod and only had one piece of acrylic left... and it wrecked it. So If anyone knows of any tips or tricks that could help it would be greatly appreciated and may beable to save more people from this terror. 


Much appreciation,


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Put painter's tape over the acrylic where your going to cut. Also slow your saw down to the slowest setting (for those who have variable speed). Also use a blade with a lot of small teeth. Don't use wd40 on acrylics as its a solvent.

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7 hours ago, Bill Owen said:

Is it

1. 100% cast acrylic?  

2. extruded acrylic?

3. plexiglass?

2 & 3 will melt while cutting it.  


Im not 100% on what type it actually is... its 

OPTIX 0.22-in x 18-in x 24-in Clear Acrylic Sheet

here is the link: 



I have to get it at Lowes because that is the closest place with "Acrylic" and not sure of anywhere near me (Central Ohio) where I could get 100% cast acrylic from.


I have a feeling its either 2. or 3. Bill.

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-Yep. It's extruded. It'll melt around drill bits if you're not careful too. I've had it melt with hand saws. The only thing you can consistently cut it with is a tile saw.

Your best bet is http://www.delviesplastics.com/ for cast plexi. -Though you have to eat shipping costs. Check the clearance section.

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I haven't had the drill bit melt it yet, but its only a matter of time. HAHA 

Thank you for the link Cheapskate! I checked it out. I really want to work with cast I'm tired of this Lowes junk. I can only imagine the difference. I like that you can get up to 50lbs of scrap acrylic from there in fairly big pieces.  I don't know when Ill be able to get any acrylic (just laid off). But when I do Ill have to get it from there, I didn't realize how many options I have! The shipping is worth it, compared to getting a small sheet of extruded for $20 and having to buy multiple.   

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