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Clueless Projects: 901 Build - everything is chrome in the future

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quick update sadly no pics yet but soon...promise

had to peel the plastidip of the case it was just too fragile as paint. gonna repaint the case next weekend (outside black inside like it is).

sidepanel is sealed with rubber and all done but the magnet mount although definitly strong enough is a little uneven and causing the bottom part to not seal well. gonna have to tinker around and figure something out. display is also not in yet but im leaving that till the last moment since opening the display up too early was a mistake last time.

mainboard wise i switched to the asus z270i

gpu is not happening soon cause well...the obvious...and therefore watercooling will have to wait too.

speaking of watercooling the res/pump is here and assembled but the paintjob i tried looks a bit poor so im gonna think about redoing that.

hdd bay is here and i need to figure a way to mount it :P

software wise for the display im in a bit of a pickle i really want to obviously use that full hd resolution but im developing in c# and windows iot on the raspberry pi doesnt support hardware acceleration so video performance sucks. basic graphs and number shouldnt be a problem but anything more fancy like animation is gonna be hard. there one alternative though. the dragonboard 410c does support hardware acceleration under windows iot but then again theres tallk it only support 720p res and other people saying it got patched but its all unclear and if im spending another 100 bucks on a board i wanna make sure it will work for sure first

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