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Scratch Build Alphatier with two MONSTER Radiators

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Hi guys this is my first Casecon called Alphatier

I am from germany and all typos ar for your Entertainment XD but i try my best.

The name Alphatier  is because of the two massive Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 180mm Triple Radiators. They are the biggest Radiators Alphacool offers. I have build the case around them. There is no Case wehre these Monsters fit so i had to build one. 

Alphacool Germany and hardwarmax.net helped me out with massively the Watercooling Components so a BIG THANK YOU to them. Without them i would not be able to afford a Projekt like that.

The concept of this whole Build is to create an open unique PC Case that is practical an can handle any Hardware you throw at it.
I just cant see BIG BLACK BOXES anymore.
The goal ist to create a mostly passive ultra silent PC . 
I also build the whole thing at home, basically in my room with pretty basic tools and materials that everybody can buy in the local hardware store.
I did this on purpose to inspire people who think they can not do nothing cool because they do not have a whole workshop.


This is how it looks right now but still a lot to do i will update this pic like i progress.



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The fans are Phobya Phobya G-Silent 18 700rpm Red LED an they dont look that Bad in the Dark. This will also be the outer radiator frame. i do not believe i will need to turn up the fans that often.



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Thank you Bill Owen for the warm welcome. i follow your YT Channel and the Mod Zoo for a long time now. Love your livestreams , always intersting stuff there. Get an  distributor in Europe please XD.

But lets go on with the modding

Next step was to make a Mainboardtray that is also removable from the outer Radiator Frame. So i cut Aluminum sheet that i got fro the scrapyard and made some holes and cuts.










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The Mainboardtray was a lot of fun and will be removable with 4 Screws from the outer radiator frame.







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Alphatier is a german Word that describes the BOSS Animal in the Pack ( Alpha-male) . Such a Beast needs some Claws of course.
I also  made a cross bar. That thing ist really sturdy i was pleasantly surprised how stiff the construction is when the
radiators are mounted. OK i already have used over 100 M3 Stainless screws nuts and washers at this point.





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While i was cleaning up my current system, i took out my Seasonic Platinum 1200 Watt PSU. Thank God for Modular Cables.
Yes total overklill for my system but i bought it second Hand for a very decent price and could not rissest. I will have to make some holes for better Cable Management over the whole Case. But this ist the PSU that will give the Alphatier the Power that a beast like that needs .









I also made a unboxing Video of the Sasonic Platinum 1200 Watt PSU if u guys are interested to see my face and trying to speak english XD


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I saw your question in chat.

Apparently, You can just copy/paste the link into the text box. I had to try it to find out.

Your build is coming along nicely. I approve highly of things that are not square. In fact, I think I've drawn up something in the Sketchup contests with a similar layout. I can't wait to see if/how you skin the frame.

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Thank you for the help Cheapstake. Glad you like my build. I plan to add some more videos in the future so it would be nice if the Forumsoftware would get a feature for inserting YT Videos.

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Although i want to build an open Case, i need to make a few Cable routing holes because it has to look somewhat tidy. After test fitting the Seasonic PSU i made first cut. On the Back of the MB Tray will be a space to hide the Cables and the aquaero. Also the D5 Pump and a tube-res will be located on this side. but lets see when the watercooling hardware arrives.





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I am not a big fan of hard tubing. For Show builds or when you do not plan to change the hardware for a long time it is a good choice.But this is a more " easy" homemade situation Build, so i of course choose flex tubing. 
I use 13-10 tubing because i like the look.
BUT If u start a new water cooling build i would recommend a 16-10 tube. 
The thicker Wals will bend better.
I have used black Norprene tubing for a few years now and it is a very good tube, but i kinks quite fast (13-10 )
A few months ago Mayhams announced Mayhems UV White Tubing (3/8 - 1/2) 10/13mm Tubing . And i used it in one of my other Builds.
I really love the sleek white look ( i do not care about UV ) and so Alphatier will have white vains.  I made a few pics winking.gif





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I have to wait for the Alphacool parts now, not much modding without that. The Alphacool guys are now in Taipei for Computex 2017 so it might take a while longer than usual until they have time to take care of my little order.

Bad timing on my side XD . Eddy and Matthias if u read this i hope u have a good time there although i know that such tradeshows are  stressful. But a made some Pics of the Stainless screws that hold the Alphatier together. Already over 100 Washers were used. No rivets will pierce this Beast XD



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