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Space Lab by RandomDesign

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Hi every one its Stefan from RandomDesign again with yet another build

Lets have a look at the Specs first.

Motherboard: MSI Z270 Gaming M7
VGA: MSI GTX 980Ti Lightning
CPU: Intel I7 6700K
Memory: HyperX Predator DDR4 3200MHz 32GB (4x8GB)
SSD: 2x Hyperx Savage SSD 480GB
        1x HyperX Predator PCIE SSD 480GB
PSU: Corsair AX1500i
Watercooling: Aplhacool

I am not that guy how shoots a lot of hardware pictures, because I think the result should speak for itself.

But nontheless, here is a picture of some of the water cooling stuff I will be using.


For this mod, the concept was a little different. This project was part of the MSI booth at the computex
this year. My goal was to build a  mod, people can actually interact with. Thats why the idea was to build
a hybrid between a computer and a crane machine, so people where able to catch some goodies at the event.

In addition, the design should illustrate a stylized laboratory that could be used in space ships to investigate
unkown species or material.  

Here are some pictures of the 3D model I created to check my design ideas.
This model also allowed me to place the hardware and make sure everything yould fit.




Then it was time to begin.

I started by cutting all the wooden panels into the right size.


Then I cut the front section. To make it look a bit more interesting, I cut all the edges.


Then I marked all openings ant cut them out.


This was the result. I was going for a design with two windows in the front. The top window is used to see inside the mod.
Here all the hardware and the mechanical parts will be visible.

The second, smaller window only allows a glance at a small part of the watercooling.



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Here we go for the next part. :)

I cut the top part and included an opening.
So later I can use it if I need to work on the mechanical parts of the moving system




For the left side panel, I also cut an opening which will be covered later with acrylic glass.
THe second opening will function as a door, to grap the catched goodies.


For the right panel I cut an opening. This will be covered with a door later on.


I cut the door and included two windows. This windows are framed with some smaller wooden panels.



I closed the gaps with wood filler and attached some screws for more details.




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I added the lid also to the left side panel as well as to the front.
Here I also filled the gaps and sanded down everything.



Then, I installed some LEDs and switches into the front panel. Here the light effects will be controlled later on.


To make the inside look more clean and to create a nice contrast to the outside, all wooden pannels were covered with
whit carbon foil.



Then it was already time for the first assemble step. The front, back and side panels were first glued and than
screwed into place. It is looking big already.





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Next, I build the bottom plate. I attached some feets and made an opening for the PSU.


In addition, I added some LED stripes to give the mod a bit more illumination from the bottom side.




Inside, I will build in another wooden panel. Therefore, I glued some more wood into place.


As a little cloue and for safety on conventions, the Mod can only be started and shutted down with a special key.


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Then it was some time to cutting wood again.


It was for the panels on the bottom side.
I had to cut them with the right angle to make them fit perfectly.


Here, then the fans should be included and covered with a nice aluminum mesh.




On the outside, I added some extra USB and Ethernet Ports.


Before working on the layout of the inside, I build a little box that is placed
behind the lower opening. I included 4 holes, so I can run a small part of the water cooling this way.




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Next up, I made the layout for the hardware.
It will be mounted vertically for a good view on it.


I cut in all the holes for the cables and connectors for the water cooling.
In addition I couvered the entire surface with white carbon foile.



Then I tested the layout inside the mod. Looks great so far.
And yes there is one groomet missing at the moment ;)



Then I did the layout for the bottom panel. I positioned every item and marked the position.



Next, I drilled all the holes and also included a rectangular cut. Here I will place the SSDs.



And then ofc everything was covered again with white carbon foile.


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For the SSDs, first I build a mounting plate.


Than it was attached to the bottom panel. I used some wood as a spacer, so the SSDs are sitting a bit lower than the panel.


On the backside, an RGB controller was installed so I can switch the color modi of the SSD illumination.
Later, I will add an arcylic glas and cover the hole.



I also started to work on the electric cables on the inside and installed the PSU and some tubes for the water cooling.



Than the mid section was set into place.



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Then I started with the moving part.
The movement will be on two axis forth and back + left and right.
Both mechanisms are working basically the same way.
I used an aluminum rod and two sliding bearings on each side.
They are placed on a wooden board that will also be the base of the other sledge.



Because I included an opening in the top, I can now also work from this side on the mechanism.


To move the sledge, I used a simple motor. I installed a switch so I can
change the plus and minus. That way the motor will rotate in both directions.
In the picture you can also see the limiting switches, I used to keep the movement in a
certain area and ensure nothing gets damaged.


The motor was then placed behind the mounting of the aluminum rods.


The grapper it self was 3D printed. Here you can see the mounting.  
To move the cran up and down I installed a mini motor. To make it easier for the motor to work
I included 3 rolls. Now the weight can be a bit more heavy. The Opening for the grapper is realised
with a servo in the back. Its simply controlled with an arduino.


For the grapper, I also printed out multiple claws, so I have the right size for everything.


This is how the mechanism looks like in total.


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To controll the crane mechanism, I included switches for each direction in the front panel.


Then the entire construction got one layer of sprayfiller before painting the black primer on it.



Its always good to get a little help. My wife was in charge of the paint job.


While the panting was under its way, I worked on the cables. I sleeved all cables myself.
Case the loop wil have two different colors for the CPU and GPU, I also decided to match this
color in the sleeving as well. So the GPU got a combinagion of carbon black an a green tone and
the Mobo got blue and carbon black.




Then The cables were attached and hidden on the backside.


I removed the original logo from the fan grill and attached small self-made bio hazard symbols.



The cooling block for the GPU was decorated with the MSI Symbol to get a little highlight in this area.


In the backgroud ou also could see some parts of the custom water loop. I dont have pictures of the making,
but you will see it in the video when its done.

So thats it basically.

Next up are the final pictures.

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