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Behold my latest creation to be

Project Arclight will be a huge case built on an Enermax Fulmo GT chassis with some serious power behind it also provided by Enermax in the shape of the mighty Platimax 1200watt psu

Te Arclight will be an all acrylic outer shell with a double action doors and servo actuated fan intakes that will open and close based on fan speeds, the shell will have a double tone look with layered panels of black and flourescent blue to accent every edge even the 100s of vent parts will have glowing edges, the interior will be a partitioned system very much like the custom partition for my other project "Sulaco" but with far more refinement

Much of the details i would like to keep slightly underwraps untill I post them for that extra mystery, heres a little peek at the exterior




several sponsors are already assisting me on this build and there help is as ever massively appreciated i simply would not be able to do this without them

Acrylic and solvent supplied by Hindleys. These guys are amazing, catering for 100s of different types of materials from plastic to metal and everything in between. And allays happy to answer even the craziest of questions a modder like me can ask

Massive thanks to Enermax for supplying a Fulmo GT, Platimax 1200wall and a vast array of case fans from there amazing Vegas range

Thanks also go to Bitfenix for givign me so much on my last project that i have enough spare to add to Arclight





Stay tuned for a lot more to come........

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Arclight was origionialy designed for the Enermax fulmo GT a huge and brillicnt case, but time has marched on and Azza have offered me the chance to use there superb Genesis 9000, so a little redesigning was called for,

Concepts for the intakes have been redesigned to better fit the new chassis and all the electronics have been brouht in and in some cases teaching myself arduino voodoo

Heres the first batch of parts going in to the chassis

the origional blade design and array have changed slightly from this


to this



The array control mechanism of a pull rod attached to a servo will remain much thesame as the origional

Some parts will need to be scrapped or completely changed to fit the new body shell such as the origional concept for the sides side.jpg

the new version will be a wait and see but they look great in the planning

Well this project will need a huge number of mechanical and electronic parts in top of your typical PC set up

This arduiuno kit courtesy of Phenoptix is a great start to the project and will be controlling several of my lighting systems including a rather clever hack of a LOL shield


LOL shields and old school bar graphs will be making quite an appearance as accenting lights, and yes there will be larson scanners


Servos and actuators will be making a big appearance including several mechanized fan intakes and a large front panel "shield"



And to wrap up this update and REBOOT, Kingston have graciously given there support and provided some of there swesome products

the amazing HyperX 120gig SSD


and a quad kit of DDR3 2400MHZ RAM



Stay tuned

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Just a little update today

An absolute ton of cutting and sanding today

Well i dont have access to a lazer and i need a lot or duplicate pieces to were rocking it old school with a stencil


And what better to cut out my many many parts than a home made table saw, complete with mitre fence


Problem.... no sharpie..... solution... stick paper to plactic cover on acrylic and use engineering pencil... copy template.... move.... repeat.... over, and over


and now its on to cutting

first up divide the sheet up in to manageable blocks


then drill holes for turning the cutting blade in


some more cutting to further separate each component


first half done, all rough cut


bit of refining the shapes to reduce sending


sanding time...... 1 of 24


and yes that is a dyson taped to the extraction port

all done for the day, 24 pieces of the main intake array rough cut and rough sanded


i may never want to see acrylic AGAIN after this build....

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Although ive had a long break from posting my work has continued, i finally have time to sit and type

So i shall pick up where i left off

The rough cuts were plastic welded in to pairs of one blue one black each with liquid dichloromethana injected in to edges to form 12 completed pairs

After coming off the sander for the first time the edges are still as rough as a badgers behind but the biggest thing to address is the notch in the top that neither the belt or disc sander can get in to

So out come the hand files


4 hours later and the stack is complete


The edges still needed quite a lot of refining so on to the hand sander

.... I broke my sender.... just imagine a lot of swearing and a run to the shop....

After sanding...



A little test fit and tease before polishing the edges of each intake


Three hours of polishing with a drill press slightly modified to server as a bench grinder/buffer and we have....


another 2 hours and we have a result


A long time to finish from rough cut to finished intakes but they do look damn good if i do say so my self

Next up, modding the roof and base plastics

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Toby your work is inspiring ! This just goes to show that these kind of builds only happen from a lot of hard work. But when your bringing a dream to life it can be good work. I have always loved the look of top louvers but yours will be the King. Love it!

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Time for the update that has been a long time coming

As most of you know the case changed from from an Enermax Fulmo GT to an Azza Genesis 9000 as the Genesis offered a stronger frame and more internal space to work with.... before work started it looked like this...



and the chassis itsself looked like this..


IIt is a brilliant reverse ATX chassis, very well made and strong enough for an 16Stone man to stand on, BUT as is the case with mods some structure needed to be removed so after an hour with a drill we have


Frame all ready to measure up the floor panels and internal enclosures

As this case is somewhat modular in terms of its plastics i was freed up to mod sections in waves rather then all at once

starting with the floor plate, this would also serve as a test run for the metals replacing all the red inserts in the bezels

The base plastics are very heavy built and massive


But the vents need to go to make way for metal inserts




Perforated plate form ebay makes freat replacement vent intakes for the floor



Ahh hot glue what would i do without you....

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All good mods start with a plan.... well thats me out of the window

But at least i got some penile work done measuring up the plastics for the enclosures



Overkill 120 grills make handy stencils of.. erm... overkill 120mm grills

Acrylics cut to size and welded with Hindleys Dichloromethane



Ahhhh all snug fitting

The psu, most of the tubing and a very thick 60x240mm rad will be housed under this.

This 60x240mm rad to be exact, with a pair of Enermax TB silence 120mm fans on pull configuration


Sharing the floor will be an Enermax Maxrevo 1200Watt fully modular PSU... it is MASSIVE



I may have to many spare cables

To kill some time waiting for some parts i partook in another of my favourite basstimes... no prizes for guessing what these 2 SciFi icons are



Plastrics cut and marked up for the optical bay covers, the optical and hdd bay area will house both pumps as well as most of the tubing of the twin loops and access hatched have been cut in to the floor compartment to get to rad fittings and install cables and tubes


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First test fit of all the enclosures plus checking that weight of the res holders will not warp the top of the enclosure


Pass through holes cut for Tubing to and from the twin res, due to access the PSU, bottom Rad and main PSU looms are already installed in the lower enclosure


Well that's enough of the enclosures for now on to the roof again

After installing the rails and letting the welds cure in go the 12 vent components in to there sockets, until the retention arm goes in they can move through 140deg



I suspect that Dust is going to be an issue... just a hunch


but DAYUM they look good lit


I made a small plate to hold the servo, amazingly a tiny 9g servo can pull the vents, the full array weight close to 3lb





Yes i know the metal wire is a little ghetto but im waiting on an RC pull arm

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hey i like the stock case that rear extraction tray is a nice touch . its got some good features also that pulley arm ...i want that concept must fined something to do with it . u still cheeting t boii :rolleyes:/>

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With most of the structure and covers complete i can start the loops, that was a tad more involved than i expected, clearance between the top of the PSU and the Top of the floor enclosure is just big enough to get a 1/2 OD tube through... and i need to get 6 through it

Starting off... install res and attach to mounting blocks on the floor, plus attaching the main tubes from the CPU and MB waterblocks and taking then to the bulkhead



Next up install pumps and run feed tubes through the floor plate to the lower rad and run the outputs to the waterblocks, as i side thought i added a fill port and hooked up the top 360 radiator to complete both loops



Well at this stage i was going to fill my loops but my daughter has other ideas


After a short fight that i eventually won with a stunning pile driver i finally filled the loops





yay its leak free.... well it is now, it kind of wasn't but lets not talk about that.... nothing to see here... move along

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Construction is 90% complete and its already in service as my main game machine, side door needs a window and massive changes are going to be made to the front of the case

So im going to show off some of the key features so far

modified intakes and bottom deck enclosure


Access ports


Concealed tubing





Tidy tubing with bulkheads


Back plate mounted SSD and HDD


Damn good lookin if i do say so myself



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I love your use of the overkill grills and so does Bill! I see I'm not the only one fool enough to mod a rig while using it. I have to do it out of necessity but your just MAD enough to do it just because you can. I'm going to look for a clue now, I seem to have lost it? WOW

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