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I like that the third ties the pump in with the GPUs better, and it feels like it fills out the space a bit nicer too

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@Mosquito You're right :). I think I decided to do third version :D.

Cables, cables and even more cables. Now I'm even dreaming about making cables :P.

Aquaero USB, Aquabus between Aquaero 6 and Power Adjust 3, Corsair Link, SATA-DATA x2, few extensions and Molex power cabel for Aquaero.





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Top radiator is ready - 140mm fans were treated same as 120mm variants (original sticker was removed, and replaced by vinyl, than cables were sleeved). Every fan received extension and was hooked up to fan splitter on PCB, which will be connected directly to Aquaero.




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Front fans are ready :D
Every fan got an extension, which is hooked up to tan splitter in basement. Individual extenders are fastened together to fan mounting screws. 
Fan from the back is also hooked up to the same splitter, what required making super long extender, and mounting it some how. Radiator at the top will cover this cable.
All cables come from one place in the basement.

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All cables in the project are ready (except flow meter and temperature probe sensors cables, but I will make them when loop is ready). Last two cables I've made are SATA-power and power switch. SSD (Crucial MX200) also got wrapped in black black vinyl.



Little summary of making cabels and sleeving them:

I've used:
- Almost 70 meters of AWG 26 wire
- Almost 40 meters of AWG 18 wire
- 18 meters of black sleeve
- 8 meters of yellow sleeve
- 32 meters of platinum sleeve
- 2 meters of bigger, black sleeve
- 60 cm od SATA sleeve
- 5m of heat-shrink (most when making main cables)
- I've crimped almost 400 pins
- Time that I've spent making cables? I don't even want to count that :P
- Cost? Better not to write

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Main chamber is ready. There were few problems with tubes and insert but I've managed to overcome it. Now it's time to drill through midplate and mobotray and finish the work.


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Pass-through drilled through midplate and mobotray, also all tubes are ready.





Finaly I've used 107 fittings, 18 sections of tube - 6 straight and 12 with bends :P.

Few last things to do - cover for SLI bridge and few cables for temperature and flow sensors, and I can fill both loops.

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