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Achromodic - by Boddaker COMPLETE!

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Made real progress on the monitor base over the weekend, and got it re-assembled last night.. Trying to get everything back together for 32B this weekend.. I still have a few things I want to do, but it'll have to wait until I get back.  I still have a couple weeks until the Cooler Master contest deadline, so I should be able to meet that no problem. :)

Anyway, for the base, I'm simply continuing the theme, doing cutouts and ice cubes lol.. so I took my existing template and just repositioned all the shapes around the base, and incorporating the logo into the design..

I mixed up another batch of clear resin and poured more shapes..

Then the fun part of cutting the shapes out of the ABS base cover.

Here's the base cover after filing and smoothing out all the holes, concentrating on the logo part. I'm not too worried about the other holes, since the resin pieces will be glued in those.

After clearing out the underside of the cover as well, I added in a piece of 1/8" frosted acrylic and an ledstrip to see how it looked.

Had to do a bit of modification to the steel base to make room for the leds, but for the most part it all fit nicely underneath. Running the cable up through the center circle was tricky, as I wanted to retain the swivel motion of the monitor.

This will most likely be the last update until after the lan, so I'll see ya on the other side! :)


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Well, I finally finished the monitor mod! Of course I waited til the very last minute.. I was painting the last pieces while I was taking final pics of the case for the Cooler Master World Series lol.  Anyway, here's the last of the progress pics.  

After doing the base, I wanted to add something to the monitor itself.  Originally, I thought I'd add some webbing around the bezel, but that would overlap too far onto the screen and obstruct the view.  So I decided to use some acrylic pieces that I had cut when I thought the chrome guy had lost the rails.  Primochill came through for me in a big way, and I couldn't let these acrylic bars go un-used. :)
So the first thing was to figure out a mounting solution.  The bars are pretty stout, being 3/8" thick, so the supports had to be strong enough to hold them.  I came up with a simple plan to use just two 1/2" aluminum bars that run through the back panel.  I only had to cut two slots at the top since I could utilize the existing speaker slots at the bottom. (who uses monitor speakers anyways 😛 )

A back view of the supports in place..

I had to do some prep work on the acrylic bars themselves, rounding over the edges, sanding and filing, and bending the ends down.

I matched the angle of the original rails on the case.

Here's a quick mockup.. looks too much like a spoiler this way lol..

Maybe there's some performance-enhancing aspects of this mod that will benefit the monitor.. 4K resolution perhaps? :lol:

To secure the mounting supports to the back panel, I used JB Weld to hold some L brackets in place and screwed the supports to them.

Then I made some angled mounting brackets to secure the acrylic bars to the supports. With the bottom and top bar together it looks less like a spoiler now and more like the top of the case, which was the original intent. :)

Prime and paint!

And final assembly..


And finally, the monitor is reunited with the stand..


And that's that!  To whet your appetite, here is a group shot of Achromodic together with the ViewSonic monitor and EVGA Z10 keyboard. :) I'll be posting the rest of the final pics a bit later.  Cheers!

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Alright, here are the long-awaited final pics.. :)  

Of course, this project would not have been possible without all who have supported me throughout it's creation.  Thanks to all these awesome companies! 😄 Also special mention to Swiftech, Sanctum Sleeving, EVGA, and Intel for their contributions as well.

And thanks to everyone who's followed this build and commented, hopefully I'l see ya in the next worklog! :) Enjoy!












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