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WOPR - Casecon by RandomDesign

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I am so far away of beeing a surgon 😄 I studied Japanese, East Asian Art and Transcultural Studies.
Omae wa mo shinde iru

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Time for another small update

Now after some hours of printing, all parts are done.


Already started to sand every piece and smooth out the surface as best as possible.


Bevor gluing all parts together, I am now making a test fit of all the parts to see
if everything is right.




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Finally again a small update on the WOPR

After the test fit, I started to glue each part permanently
into place.




I used a flat MDF sheet as a gluing surface, to make sure
all the parts are 100% straight.

After some time and a bit of adjustments the basic construction
is now finally done.




Now, I just need to fill in all the gaps and work slightly
on some more areas to make it ready for the paint job.

Here is also a picture compared to the fiber glass/bondo
version. Hope the difference is as clearly visible for
you as it is for me :D



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just slowly introduced her into the wide field of prop making and case modding 😄
but my luck, she was already very creative in the first place.
But yes, I hear it all the time such kind of woman are hard to find 😄

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After a while, finally another update on the Wopr.

To make the entire construction more ridged, I clued aluminium profiles to the bottom of the case.
Now it will be easier to mount the Wopr to a base plate. I also don run into any issues with the PLA breaks
under the preasure of the bolts I will use to mount it to the base.




Next, I used a material called EpoxAcoat.


It is an epoxy that can be applied with a brush and after 16h of curing time
becomes rock solid. This is a great way to strengthen up 3D prints from the inside.




While the epoxy dried, I printed the doors.




To make the doors fully functional and not only decorative, also printed some handles.
Just need to minstall a small mechanism on the back side now.





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This time just a small update.

Doors are now completely processed and ready to be primed and painted.
I also included a small magnet on the backside. As you might notice, I changed the position of the magnets.
I was going to install two at the upper part but changed my door mechanism so I only need one at the bottom.  
Will see how things turn out.


Then I started to fill in all smaller gaps at the main body. Hopefully, I can finish up this step
during this week.


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