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WOPR - Casecon by RandomDesign

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Finally after moving to the US from Germany, I got all my workshop items and will be able to mod again.

So here is my next project.
It be the computer called WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) from the 80s movie WarGames.



I will change the scale factor to fit it on a desk. Should be something about 75 cm in lenght.

The LED effekts will also be included, but not as many as in the original :D

To start the project, I made a 3D model in the scale factor I want to build later on.
The 3D model will also function as some kind of template later on.





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Next, I converted the 3D model into a paper template for printing.
It is now 55 pages and 232 parts.  


After printing, I redrew the folding lines, to make them fold easy. It is also better for gluing lateron.


Then everything was cutted out.



At the moment I am gluing all parts together piece by piece.



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And the gluing went on and on and on .....



I reinforced some parts with card board to make it stronger for the following step.


So thats the case so far, still need to work on some spots, but I am happy with the result so far.





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Between the years I got some time to continiue working on the mod.

After the paper model was done, I applied a coat of fiber glass resin to strengthen the paper.
After everything dried, I got a nice sturdy model.  



Afterwards, I started applying glass fiber from the inside. Have to do it area after area,
cause it needs to dry in between so I wont get any distortion in my paper model.
Will take some time due to the outside tempratures here in Ann Arbor at the moment.
Yes its freezing cold in my garage :D   



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Detroit I know, dangerous city. But what is it about Flint?
But Ann Arbor is such a beautifu city no need to leave lol.


So I continiued applying the fiber glass piece by piece.


Finally, after everything was done, I could trim the excess.


And this is, how it looks from the inside now. The surface will be also painted at the end to blend with the case/hardware.



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I started to sand down the fiber glass to make the following layer of body filler as thin as possible.
After sanding the paper down, I also could work on some rough spots or on spots were the fiber glass had som imperfections.



Then body filler was applied.



After hardening, I sanded everything smooth.


I decided to work area by area, so I coul concentrate on getting every surface as perfect as possible.
So here are the first two surfaces already done. The openings will be taken care of later.  


And then, returned to sand the  paper down.


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Time again for a small update.

This time I worked on the stand of the case. I applied some body filler on the bottom side and sanded it down.


I sanded until everything was smooth and on the same level.


Then the body filler work continiued.


I removed the paper from all openings to get a better feeling for the final outcome.
The first parts are nearly done yet, still some fine tuning on the edges needed.


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Damn its a month ...

Time for the next update.
While I am still working on some spots on the outer shell, I started with the base.

The hardware and case should be mounted on a mdf plate. So I just drew the pattern and cut it out.



I also marked the inside lines to see how much space I have to place the holes for the screws lateron.


The edge should be also beveled to give a nice transition between the outer shell and the bottom base. Unfortunately I dont have a router here
yet... So back to sanding my hand.



The entire case will be standing on aluminum feet to give the PSU enough air.



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Really nice work you have done so far.
I envy your patience with the details and work of your project :)

I got stuck with mine, i´m on version 4 or 5 now since i never can be satisfied with the results.

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Thanks mate. Yeah I checked out you worklog before :D
Would love to see your final result some time.
At first it looks like a simple shape but the more you go into it the more you find out you need to change.

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Finally I got some time to work on the WOPR project again.

This time, I worked on the parts that shoould hold the hardware.
So I got myself a case and started to dismntle it.



Cause only a little section is needed, I placed the motherboard inside and
marked the area.



Then the final cuts were made. Sometimes suprising what is onyl left from the case.



To get some of the stability back, I build a wooden frame that fits into the mod and hold the


And I got just enough space to hold the hardware.




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Some times decisions had to be made.
Although I made quite some progress on the WOPR so far, I was not satisfied with the result.
The paper base, and glas fiber and body filler technique is nice, but maybe not the right choice here.
It takes so much time to really get each surface smooth and all the angles right.

So, the concept was redone, and I have choosen a different material to work with.
This time I will print the body in ABS. Lets just call it version 2.0 for now.

I went back into the 3D model and made quite some changes to prepare it for printing.
The model was seperated in individual parts that will fit my printers heat bed.


Then my printer started with the first parts.


Looking good so far. Now going for the rest of the parts.
Printing will may be take one or two weeks to finish.




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I own a 3D printer for almost 3 years now, but only got the time lately to deeply dive into the topic again.
And yes standarts shift. Next on the list, is a laser cutter.

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Have researched in many different directions, but Because I have made a custom LED panel layout, that should look like the original one, I will solder each LED individually. Pictures will follow soon.

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While the 3D printer is doing it thing, I started working on the light effects of the WOPR.

The original WOPR has a bunch of lights. If I am not mistaken there are rougly 666 bulbs on the front and back.
I tried to get the basic outline of the arrangement, but scaled it down to fit my size.

The paneles were machined for me in the specific layout I wanted. Before applying the paint, I sanded the
surface to make the primer stick a bit better.



While the silver paint was drying. I worked on the LED part.
I ordered a bunch of LEDs and transistors. For this project, I will use 533!!! LEDs.
Each individual LED was pre-tested to ensure its working correctly.

So far, I only got 6 LEDs that had some malefunction.



Then it was time to solder a 0,1 uF capacitor to each LED.


And hours later.


After it was done, the LEDs were glued in place.


And of course more soldering. Now I connected the Data IN and Data Out of each LED.



Done yet? Close but not so fast my friends.
Also the plus and minus needed to be connected. I also made a quick test if each row is working.




First panel done 3 more to go.


Next up will be the test of some animatons. I will controll all effects with an arduino.
At the moment, I have not much knowledge about coding for an arduino, so if anyone has some good tips?
I am thinking about controlling each panel with a different pin. But as I said tips are welcome.

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