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Alexander Ji

Cooler Master Possessed By Silverstone | Cosmos II And Tj-11 Hybrid Mod | 10/11/2014 Updated

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Original title was:
Unusual Unboxing | Cooler Master Cosmos II Mod | Surprise Alert
I guess I really tricked a lot of people believing this was an unboxing thread, so I decided to change this title so people know this is a case mod build not a traditional unboxing, even when this is not traditional at all.



A huge box, says the UPS guy.

There was also a bigger box on the outside, keep that in mind.

I am not tall, but this case is.

Protective film removed

Something seems missing.... Can you tell?

Wait! What!?

WTH is that?

So.......... it is this side?

Not bad after all.

Fan cable routing.

shot through PCI slot.

H100 is temporary.

I know it's still messy.



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Cooler Master Possessed by Silverstone | Cosmos II and TJ-11 Hybrid Mod | Metal Work

I will skip my planning phase since I did not take any pictures of my brain activities nor recording what I was talking to myself. Taking a case apart should be very easy for people here, I will jump into the modding details.

I want to thank my dad (he won't be able to see this since he's gone back to China already), and when I use "we", that refers to my dad and me.

All the big pieces are from this scrap material. I have no idea what it was originally for when my friend gave it to me. All I was thinking was: great, I only need to bend 2 sides. It turned out to be a very bad decision later in the build.


Thanks to mnpctech, I downloaded their fan template, printed 3 copies of 2x120 file and taped them together to make this 480 radiator compatible. Fan/radiator screws holes were really hard to make. we don't have a lot of tools here at my friend's garage, so we marked all fans holes, then drill 2 holes on 2 of the opposing quadrant points, then a milling bit, then file all the edges straight. At least as straight as possible. If I had a milling machine, all these screw holes and fans holes may take 10 min, at most, operating by hands. Hydro cut may be a even better solution. But we got to stick with we what we had.


The top piece was the same type construction, use 2 bent edges from the scrap material, and use angle aluminum (1/8in thickness). I/O shield and PCI slot bracket holes drilled as well.


Angle aluminum cut to fit existing structure, it turned out to be more difficult to match than expected.


Original top panel as reference to mark rivet holes. Some turned out to be unusable since we changed so much on top panel.


Don't know why I took this shot, but there you have it.


Motherboard tray roated 90 degree and flipped side. Originally, if you face the case, motherboard try is on right hand side, and all PCI-e slots are horizontal. Now, when you face the case, MB tray is on left hand side, and all PCI-e slots are vertical. I would say it is the same way as FT-02, RV-02 and TJ-11 from Silverstone because window on RV01 and RV03 are on the other side.

Another thing I want to point out is the MB tray is not a square, but very dann close. Originally, it is above the mid plate, now the bottom edge is about 1/8 in or 3mm below the mid plate. My mid plate is at the same position as the original panel, except being thicker.


If you want the MB tray flush to the rear panel, this sacrifice has to be made. All the rest are flush against each other. I might need to drill 2 holes on the edge you see now because when I was building my system later on, I realized MB tray does not feel solid enough since only top were fastened, and only 1 rivet on the bottom edge. Any way, you should see more detailed later in this post.


Flipped the top panel to mark cable routing hole, which turned out to be extremely useful.


If you haven't noticed, this is the drive cage from bottom compartment. My original plan was to mod the existing structure right underneath optical bay, and above mid plate. Flip two walls upside down would work, but that makes all drives upside down. That made us to switch the two walls, then more problems appeared. When I almost give up placing any hard drive above mid plate, I saw the drive cage from bottom compartment, and this is how I mark my drill holes.


Transfer the hole pattern to the bottom of optical drive cage.


4 holes drilled, but at the end when I was assembling, none of them was used. Why? 2 of them were interfering with hot swappable cage, so I made 2 new holes. Installed hot swappable cage, then I realized I did not install front fan. Took it apart, isntalled front 200mm fan, hot swappable cage would not fit; when I transferred the hole pattern I did not leave enough space for the front fan. We had to make 4 new holes to fit hot swappable cage. If I show you this cage now, it has about 12 holes on top and side. LOL


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Looks good, but now you have to do something about the unused hole in the back.:D/>

Definitely. I'm planning to build a abs shell to cover all that while following XFX Fxtriatand / F-117 style. I will post a picture later.

I''m also planning a 480 rad on mid plate, 4 fans all on pull. 240 rad x 2 in bottom chamber, both on push against each other. 1 x 120mm fan at front bottom as in take as well. Theoretically, in bottom section, I will have 5 fans as intake and 4 as exhaust. For upper section, I will have 4 x 120, 1 x 200 as intake, and 1 x 120 on top as exhaust.

Is the plan sound?

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Style should be like this:




Here is my homemade version of the XFX stand:


I put a card reader into front instead of audio and usb passthrough.

More importantly, I haven't started designing the back cover yet.

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Jiyang, Good ideas, concept and great MOD! It's always a pleasure to see how others use the versatility of the COSMOS II and get creative like this. Also like that Father and Son could share THE MOD at some stages like you were able to. MOD ON' Brother... Sub'd

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Received parts from power coating. All piece came back wrapped.



I am very happy with the end result.


We do not have a very good jigsaw blade for this thick sheet, most cuts were done with grinder cutting disc. Forgot to drill holes before cutting, so the corners are not perfectly smooth.


Top panel. I wish we had a press or some sort of tools to make it closer to factory look and strength, but at the end of day, it is still 3mm thick; should be fine.






The one in the middle is factory top panel. I would say they are the same finished result. Please ignore those hammered dents. They were invisible before powder coating.


 have to say powder coating finish feels just like factory finish, and it should be a lot more durable than painting. Best part is if you have all the equipment, you can do all this in 2 hours from sanding, spraying powder, to baking in oven and cooling off. I just wish I had a junk oven that I can play with. And because I don't have one, all the pieces cost me $60.

Some hardware I plan to use:
Label says everything. Home Depot and Lowe's don't carry black rivets. Can't believe it.


This is the most annoying part. When I ordered the black screws from Amazon, the same seller did not have black nuts in stock; I would have to wait about 1 month to get it. I thought I could live with this finish, but I can't. Ordered 10mm, M3-0.5 and black nuts when they both showed on back order. 10mm screws arrived within a week, but still no news of the nuts. I will probably wait for the black nuts to take new pictures.


Socket head, 6mm, M3-0.5.

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Harddrive cage took from lower conpartment ant hung right underneath the stock dual hot-swappable bay cage.



Custom made silver plated cables for motherboard 24 pin. I just love the looks. I wish Asus could have made the USB 3.0 header right angled, and I wish Cougar could have made some total black vortex fans with black rubber pads. I can remove them tough since I mount them with short screws from the open frame.


PSU side short run loop of 2 to 1 cables. So all cables above look great, and there is no soldering needed.


A look through PCI-E slot down at Cougar 120mm black Vortex fan, right inbetween EVGA GTX680 and PNY Quadro 4000.


With the way I modded this case, the first 2 USB 2.0 ports are partially blocked. This is with top cover off.


And with top cover on.


PSU 12 pin to PCI-E 8 pin + 6 pin. Because my GTX 680 requires only 1x8pin+1x6pin, I leave the extra 2 pin connector out. I can be easily added when necessary.


Motherboard 20+4 pin, I did not have a 24 pin connector, but this one has sliding grooves, which means it does not come off easily.


PSU side of 24 pin is 18 pin + 10 pin. This is very common for Seasonic modular design, and in this case, I strongly believe that XFX 1250W is either made by Seasonic or designed Seasonic, because they sue exactly the same modular connectors. Some low wattage earlier models have 16+10 on PSU side for 24 pin. Some PCI-E connectors have 8 pin connector on PSU side, and 2x6+2 between which is short run cables. I hope that is the right way to call it.


PSU 8 pin to CPU 8 pin, one connector


and the other.


End result.


Close shot.


Close shot at PSU side. All 2-1 cables were done on PSU side with short run method. Right now, SATA and Molex are still factory all black flat cables yet to be custom made. I need to mention that XFX PSU does not come with all black flat cables, they are from a Seasonic unit. Here I like to thank Seasonic because they replace my older version of X650 with 16+10 to 24 pin conector sleeved model with their newest X650 with 18+10 to 24 pin connector and all black flat cables for SATA and Molex. They even sent me an extra bag full of modular cables; a whole extra set. All these at no charge and were done in about a week.


This project will halt at this stage for a while. I will answer any question, but there isn't much left until I get the funds to do a water cooling loop.

Edited by jiyang1018

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Ohhh I spot a quadro 4000

The fan is so loud most of the time. It runs at 80c easy. I got a waterblock custom made, but cannot get enough money to set the whole loop. And that is why I am still use H100.

I want to get a Quadro K4000, it is only 80W TDP, and should run cooler. I hope.

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What to expect



Harddrive cage will be removed for sure if I start doing water cooling.

Harddrives and SSDs will go into this:

SilverStone CFP52B 5.25-Inch to 3.5-Inch Bay Converter with Hot-Swappable Function (Black)



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A big leap forward


Here is a list of parts I just ordered. Yes, water cooling upgrade is coming.


6 x XSPC G1/4" Plug - Black Chrome Finish (XSPC-G14-PLUG-bk) $8.94
2 x XSPC G1/4" to (13mm) 1/2" Barb Fitting - Black Chrome Finish (XSPC-BBSP1412-BK) $3.98
1 x Phobya Balancer 250 Matte Black (PH-45335) $36.95
1 x EK-D5 PWM Motor (12V DC PWM Pump Motor) (EK-D5-PWM-MOTOR) $89.99
1 x XSPC 480mm Radiator Gasket (XSPC-RAD-GASKET-480) $2.95
1 x XSPC Razor GTX 680 - Full Cover VGA Water-Block with Multiport Connector (New Style) (XSPC-RZR-GTX680-NEW) $99.95
1 x EK-PSC Adapter 90° G1/4 Black Nickel (EK-PSC-90-BKNK) $5.95
1 x Polypropylene "T" Fitting 1/2" - Black (T-FITTING-1/2-BK) $1.99
1 x D5 Pump Replacement Parts Kit (D5-PARTS) $1.95
1 x *** NEW *** PrimoFlex Advanced LRT 10ft Tubing - 1/2in. ID X 3/4in. OD - Bloodshed Red (PFLEXA10-34-R) $24.99
1 x *** HOT *** Arctic Cooling MX-4 Ultra Premium Thermal Compound with High Thermal Conductivity - 4g (ACTC-MX4-4G) $9.95
1 x *** HOT *** XSPC Raystorm CPU Waterblock - Intel (XSPC-RAYSTORM-INTEL)
Fitting Size 1/2" Barb for 1/2" ID tube $49.99
2 x *** NEW *** XSPC G1/4" Plug with 10k Sensor - Black Chrome (XSPC-G14-10K-SENSOR) $9.98
1 x Phobya Premium Thermal Sensor Cable (PH-71005) $2.95
1 x Primochill Polypropylene Insert Plug 1/2" - UV Colors (PC-F-PLUG12-UV)
Fitting UV Color UV Red $1.99
2 x Laing 12V D5 Pump Replacement O-Ring (D5 / DD12V-D5 /PMP-450/ MCP655 Series) (MCP-OD5) $1.50
10 x XSPC G1/4" to 1/2" ID, 3/4" OD Compression Fitting - Black Chrome Finish - V2 (XSPC-COMP-1234-BK-V2) $39.90

Sub-Total: $393.90
FedEx (Ground Home Delivery (3 days)): $14.55
Discount Coupons: MOTHER14-8 : -$31.51
Shipping Insurance declined: $0.00
Total: $376.94

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