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[REVIEW] Team Group T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 3000 MHz

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Team Group T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 3000MHz

Delta RGB is available in 2400, 2666 or 3000 MHz, white or black heat spreaders.

manufacturer website:

Today I will be looking at Team Group Delta RGB modules rated at 3000 MHz, two kits of 2x4GB, 16GB in total, which comes with an XMP 2.0 setting of 3000MHz @ CL16-18-18-38.

Product specification



Packed in clear blister, Delta modules are fully visible. Simple, clean look with a small specification sticker on the front(bottom right) and product name(top).



Back of the package has got a product description and some main features. Model number can be found there too.


Factory seal can be found on top edge, ensuring that customer gets highest quality product



Inside, there is also an installation manual and a little TForce decal



Once the package is opened, we get a very good looking, high quality modules.











Test system

i7 7800x(overclocked to 4.8 GHz)
ASRock Taichi XE motherboard
Nvidia GTX 1080 FE
Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB SSD
Enermax MaxTytan 800W Titanium power supply

Team Group Delta modules are 146.8(L)x7(W)x49(H) mm. I didn't test them with any air cooler(custom loop used for testing) but they shouldn't collide with most air coolers as they are not very high. 
Once installed, they cycle with rainbow colors at default.






For those who wish to customize LED styles and colors, there is an official RGB app available called Blitz and can be downloaded directly from manufacturer's website. It's highly customizable and has got many different modes.


some samples of solid static color


there is 5 LEDS on a PCB, they can be configured individually.


After we got all the colors set matching our build, we can go into BIOS and tweak Deltas a bit.

Here, I would like to note that I haven't done many excessive tweaks nor benchmarks. 
These modules come with XMP profile 16-18-18-38 at 1.35v
I was able to drop timings to 15-16-16-36 on four sticks, two sticks will happily go even lower. 
This is what Aida64 memory benchmark recorded:


Playing with memory clock, I was able to overclock to 3400MHz without changing timings or voltage(from XMP settings):


Maximum speed for my samples was 3466 MHz with 17-19-19-39. Anything higher,no matter what timings, I simply couldn't get stable. I guess that's it for four sticks(again, two modules would probably overclock slightly higher).


I haven't done any game benchmarks, I don't think there's any noticeable difference between 3000 and 3466 MHz. 
I have tried these Deltas with a couple of different motherboards(MSI X299 Tomahawk Arctic, MSI X370 XPower Titanium) and there was no compatibility issues whatsoever(Intel or AMD), XMP profile worked as should.

Team Group T-Force Delta has got a very nice and original shape, bright and vivid LEDs, advanced RGB software and high hardware compatibility. These modules will shine in any build, big advantage is a heat spreader color choice to match a chassis or motherboard.

Delta DDR4 have manufacturer lifetime warranty and can be bought from overclockers.co.uk(United Kingdom) or Amazon.

thanks for reading,
any comments are welcome

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