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Here is your chance to win a set of custom made LED case feet by Mach speed Racing (http://fannblade.com). Designed for Mid or Full size cases. (stay tuned for ITX style feet coming soon) Contest runs today until April 8, 2018. Bill and I will pick a winner on build quality and build enthusiasm. That doesn't mean it will need to be a one off $10,000 creation from a veteran builder.

100% FREE giveaway that includes shipping. ALL COUNTRIES INVITED!


1. Post picture of case build (completed or under construction)

2. Tell us why you think these would put your case build over the top.

3. Quality of pics may also be taken into consideration.


(Winner is obligated post completed pics of their new case installed)

Pick a slot style and color. Colors offered are white and black in gloss, satin and flat in each color only on this givaway. LED color will be red as shown. I can send you a link to buy a different color if you so desire. Dimensions are: 1.5" Hex with an installed height of 2"








Some Installed pics. These are the old design and fitted with RGB LED's




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I'm working on some upgrades so I'll post some pictures soon.  Bringing some life back into the MONSTER build.  And by Fire Ice case is getting new guts for my daughter (well, my old amd 8120 cpu, MB and 16gig ram)

With my new guts, some new case feet would be awesome.  But, My daughters may talk me out of them if I win.  LOL

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8 hours ago, RcRon7 said:

But, My daughters may talk me out of them if I win.  LOL

Well if your like me and she looks up and says "but Daddy I want them". Game over for you! She's 24 now and it still works.

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