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Loop might be getting cloudy

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Noticed tonight that my loop looks like it might be starting to get cloudy or fuzzy.  I'm going to try to remember how to flush it a few times.  Unplug everything, find an adapter for my old psu and plug the pump into that. 

1.  Anything I can add to the flushes to help clean it out?

2.  I don't have a drain in the loop, which complicates things.  What can I purchase to put into one of my runs to make for any easy drain?



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1st, check your temperatures. It may be time to just strip everything down and scrub the crud out. It's not uncommon for the junk in the loop to build up in the blocks' cooling fins. 

1: I use Lysol toilet bowl cleaner and water on my radiators. Most here would consider it heavy-handed and damaging. I flush with 2 long tubes on the ports and agitate with a bellows on one tube. Don't leave in the cleaner in the rad to soak, because it could probably eat through the metal overnight.

2: A wet vac. :lol: No, seriously. You need an in/out opening in the loop which involves pulling a tube somewhere, though.  For the initial drain I put a spare fitting on the reservoir with a length of hose and invert the case.


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I am thinking I waited too long to flush it rather than temps.  First loop is full of learning 'opportunities'.

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Not sure if you misunderstood my ramble, or talking about adding a more permanent drain port. 

In my above post, I meant I remove the fill cap on the reservoir, and add a simple barb with tubing to drain.

I always take note of the system temperatures when the build is new. If they start getting high I know something is clogged. 

If you are talking about adding a drain valve to your rig, a cheap T somewhere away from and lower than the reservoir would be best. The idea is you can open the drain, and then open the fill port to allow air into the lines. 

(Sorry if I'm getting way to specific. It's a habit from trying to explain stuff to non-English speaking modders. -Or Bill... :) Saying the same stuff 3 different ways is necessary some times.) 

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