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Fresh updates today :

I felt like  the right side panel of the corsair is soo minimal , a wall of black steel empty of any customization, this is unacceptable,  my electric grinder is still hungry, she wants to eat more steel  :lol:

let’s improve the mobo + cpu back airflow ;  the mesh is a spare part left from my Antec Twelvehundred, some of you may recognize the old school mesh design, I never liked them at the window side ; but at the back it’s ok.
As well, showing up my farbwerk RGB controller seems to be a great idea.

This is the plan :




I’ve built this  little frame to the Farbwerk window,  a similar plexi piece will be attached underneath.
this should be very cool with some lightings.


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The Top :

Although corsair included a removable dust  filter to the top , it can be a real dust trap, I am saying this because I’am planning to use intake at the top for more positive air pressure, my plan is to add some sort of roof for design & dust limitation purposes :


let’s give it some legs :
pvc pieces  cutted with holesaw :

Then glued together & machined using my DIY lathe & a file :


All attached :



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16 hours ago, Cheapskate said:

Ghetto lathe!!!! ?

-Although if it's blurry in the pic, you may be running way too fast. Ghetto stuff should be done slowly and carefully. :ph34r: We at The Mod Zoo Industries care about your safety. 


The ghetto lathe is just A 1000 watts harbor freight drill clamped to a vice.

This stuff is too cheap to kill a human being? 

However .. I think Grinders are the Scariest tools to work with.

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On 9/29/2018 at 4:20 AM, Cheapskate said:

Ghetto lathe!!!! ?

-Although if it's blurry in the pic, you may be running way too fast. Ghetto stuff should be done slowly and carefully. :ph34r: We at The Mod Zoo Industries care about your safety. 

@Cheapskate  Guess what happened today !! 
As we are talking about dangerous stuff, check the last post in this topic, at the end of the experiment  I almost lost two fingertips, 
at the moment I removed the gloves I  remembered exactly your comment about safety :laugh: :laugh:


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Hopefully the last missing pieces to progress with my mod :

Alphacool Nexxos st30 240 full copper silver Nickel plated + demciflex filter..got some more Ek fittings too.





I am amazed how the nickel plating makes the rad looking wonderful ..


The fins are more robust than classic painted copper thanks to the extra nickel layer...you can't bend them easily


The brushed stainless steel sides are also great.

Little quality issues: 

- The spot were some little scratches on the copper are still visible under the nickel coat.

- The copper inside has some minor oxidation...that is absolutely normal due to natural copper oxidation in contact with air...not a big deal anyway.

I wish there was a process to diy nickel plating on old rads
? should be a great experiment.

I'll apreciate if some of you already used this line of rads & can give me feedback on both performance & durability.:wub:

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7 hours ago, Mosquito said:

If you find a good way to DIY nickel plate, please post it here!  I have a lot of DIY nickel plating I could do if that worked out lol

@Mosquito  haha ,, yeah! for sure , I found some DIY vids on youtube  of nickel plating on some small copper parts,
I was thinking seriously about doing this with rads, &  concluded that the most intriguing part should be preparation & paint removal from the fins, especially if you have thick rads with three rows of pipes & fins, almost impossible to get to the intermediate row,  unless you submerge the whole piece in a strong paint stripper, 
sounds like a nasty preparation process....:ph34r:

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Continuing to work on the Top cover, I wanted an easy removable system without any  modifcation to the Corsair mesh,, best way is to use magnets & the best ones  I can find are Neodymium magnets from scrap HDD’s :



Cutout while the magnet is attached to the steel bracket to avoid any break, then remove by small parts, this thing is too strong to remove it as a whole piece.


small magnets pieces  glued to the pvc feet :



I wrapped the feet with carbon vinyl



Brushed Aluminum Style as usual :p

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Then ,   wrapping some other covers  :



I’ve made an Aluminum Guard to the watercooling tubes pass through , looking very nice, no !! :wub: :


I hope I get all my vinyl & Aluminum parts done by tomorrow so I can move to the preparations for the parts that will be  painted.

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today I finished all wrapped panels & Aluminum parts , I did put them in a clean room, away from the paint overspray vapors :




Going to prep all the parts to paint, I started with the windowed panel, I hate corsair’s system ;  to remove the plexi, I had to carefully bend some tiny brackets,  factory paint was breaking over , I am wondering if the paint I’ll apply will crack again at the installation of the plexi :wacko:


My 360 rads will be painted too,
Stripped to the bones :


in total i have 2 new rads & one used : I Will Flush them all before paint , I am actually hesitating between hot deionized water fast flush or vinegar 50/50 solution,



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More parts updated :

My fitting’s rings were de-Anodized to bare aluminum
for more details check my topic here :


I have a spare XSPC Raystorm Cover  , turned it to Brushed Aluminum :





I’ve changed the plan with the front fan for watercooling case & did put it outside of the case, some plexi covers at the sides make the front look much better :



The Whole thing is too tall (almost 1 meter)  :blink:


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Preparation to Paint :

Finally all the parts are ready for paint preparation :  220 grits dry sanding for a good primer anchor  ( up to 280 grits is ok according to the primer paint  manufacturer instructions :




I removed the top of the case for a better paint penetration to the tight corners :

My Radiators are already stripped to bare metal, I continued with a soft sanding to the copper channels  & the outer surfaces of the fins :




All the other pieces are ready :



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Painting :

I never liked paint spray cans, cannot find a good quality  here, I prefer the paintguns, they need some skills, extra work in cleaning after use , but the outcome is far better , here is my team, cheapy stuff, I managed to get the best out of them :
Suction feed paintGun -  1.8mm nozzle for primer
Gravity feed Hvlp 1.4mm nozzle for base coat & clear
precision gun : 0.5mm for small pieces & tight areas



the paint I’m using is not a high quality but it is good enough for this project , I’m not looking for a professional car paint finish afterall :
- Nitrocellulose Primer
- Acrylic 1K Basecoats  ( metallic grey + satin Black )
- Acrylic 2K Clear Coat
- Thinners & hardeners

Primer Coat :


Note : to avoid radiator’s fins clogging with primer  I covered them , however, I am planning to paint them nextly with a light base & clear Coats, I did this before on an AIO cooler without getting any cooling performance decrease.


After the primer , all the pieces are wetsanded to 800 grits ,  ( for perfect finish professionnals go further to 2000 grits or even more , I still too lazy for all that extra work :S )  :



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2 hours ago, Cheapskate said:

Surfacing the chassis may be overkill. No... it is overkill. :laugh:

@Cheapskate   Yes indeed, I hate sanding, but i have no other choice, I want the whole thing to be painted metallic grey, a good preparation before & after the primer coat is a must to avoid acrylic basecoat issues, like peeling off & crackling ... GRR I hate that ...I hate that...I hate that :terror:

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First Basecoat Today , Glossy glossy  :tongue::

As I am not yet familiar with this brand of paint,  I thought it is  better to start with the small 0.5mm gun & the small pieces, consequently,  if anything goes wrong I don’t waste too much paint.

few pieces are painted black ; most of the others are metallic grey :




Some of my brass fittings were painted too:


even my DIY RGB splitter was sprayed,  going to need some effort cleaning those tiny connectors with a needle after I finish the paintjob  :


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Today the assembly Stage Started, I feel more motivated to complete this project,☺️
I started assembling the top of the corsair case with 3mm rivets :

My hand riveter was jumping off my hands from excessive force & did scratch the panels, thank God, two days ago I followed my sixth sense & did spare some thinned basecoat paint , I knew it will be useful to repair my stupid mistakes :blush:
I don’t want to loose more time filling my paintgun, easy trick :  very softly apply paint layers with a Q-tip , better than brushes known to leave ugly hair marks :


just to know how the structure will look,  I didn’t attach the two cases together yet  :

Adding some accessories :


Assembling the right panel grill :


the rivets were cut down & grinded as soft as possible to avoid cutting an electric cable :


Farbwerk led controller custom window attached :




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