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Diy method to clean rads

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Hi guys

Anyone have tested a diy method for rad internal flush/cleaning ?

I am looking for an alternative solution because special cleaners for watercooling products like mayhems blitz are not available here.

I have two second hand rads..one of them has some dry dye & some calcareous deposits inside of it  ..i can see it from the fitting g 1/4 hole..... no major clog & just a little oxidation

 i want to clean them before to get them in a new loop with other new components.

I've heard about toilet stripper efficiency to clean  chalky sediments... it contains  hydrocloric acid ..seems  kind of  highly corrosive ..i ve tested it on a piece of copper & it turned dark brown immediately...I am hesitating to put this in my rads....

Tested also car radiator cleaner with hot distilled water : no improvement...the blue dye still there.

I am a bit confused ...vinegar...lemon juice....car cleaners...toilet cleaners...soda...i cannot test all of them so I am asking for a feedback from your personal experience... I count on you guys. 😊



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:D Toilet cleaner is a one second cleaner for copper. Any longer than that turns it dark. I use it to sterilize the system. Yes it's crude and heavy-handed, but I haven't had to flush one of my rigs for eight years now. 

You may be stuck with it. Dye is really tenacious stuff. All of the cleaning solutions you mentioned are acid-related. I'd look into stain removing soaps or even chemical solvents like alcohol.

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Thank you God,  My friend Cheapskate is always here to help 😊

So ...as I understand...& please correct me if I'm getting it wrong :

- Toilet cleaner is the most effective..it is safe for a very short time use ...the copper discoloration is not a big deal & is just a tiny layer of copper self oxidation from reaction to chemicals . Cannot affect the fluid or the cooling performance in the future ?

- satin removing soaps..: any links or product names please ? I wanna dig more about their composition . I don't know if i'm right since all hosehold products here have french names..did you mean Chlorine based chemicals like "Bleach"

- alcohol...first time i hear about it for this kind of use,  if you did try it ..please tell me more.


thanks again 💜




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I think something was lost in translation. I'm NOT an expert. :D 

Lysol toilet cleaner works for sterilizing, and it is very rough on copper. If you have a bacteria problem, it's great. The mix might be a little different there, since our stuff will turn copper RED if left on to long. 

I wasn't naming any particular useful item for your problem. I merely wanted to get you thinking about a different approach to the problem. Strong acids didn't work, so maybe try a soap or detergent. 

-Anyway, The stuff inside the radiator shouldn't be too big of a problem. The dye might tint your coolant again, but that's all. 

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Thanks for the explanations my friend

& sorry for the misunderstood  ...

I'll follow your advice ...I'll try another approach testing different products from the less harmful to the most harsh ones. 😉



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