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The Venom Project by RandomDesign

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Althoug, I got multiple projects ongoing here,
lets start with a new one 😄

This project is already finished, but I had to work under an NDA,
so I was not able to share some of the progress before.
So if you dont want to get spoiled of the final outcome, just dont
check it out on my facebook. Or go ahead if you cant wait ;)

For this mod, I worked together with MSI, Corsair, Alphacool and Mod my Mods.

The theme of the project is like the name, the new movie "Venom".
So, I thought what could be better than take a Venom bust and build a PC inside.
Nothing right?

So here we go.

Cause of the very tide deadline (I had only two weeks after all parts were 3D printed)
I decided to not model the bust myself. Instead I found an incredible Venom bust
made by Nikita Burula on thingivers.com

I made all the adjustments needed to fit the hardware inside and also made some
changes on the outer apperance. Like I made the veins a bit thicker and added more.
I also changed the sufrace of the eye part.

So here are some of the 3D renderings, showing my idea.
I also splitted the mod in 26 parts in total, that fit my print bed.
For an easier processing, all parts were printed in ABS. This stuff sands so much better then





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After the 3D model was done, I started to print the pieces.
To save some time in the post-processing phase, everything was printed in ABS.

First part was the tounge.


To get rid of the typical printing structure I sanded all pieces first with
120 grid sand paper.


After all areas were smooth, I assembled the tounge using just simple super glue.



In the mean time, I also printed all pieces for the next part, the head.




For the head, I also seperated the model into the lower and upper jaw.
Before printing, all teeth were removed, to print them seperatly later.
After processing, the pieces for the lower jaw were also glued together.




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After the lower jaw was done. I started gluing together all the parts for the upper jaw.
Finally, both sections were joined together also.




After the head and tounge are done, I started working on the body.
The printer really printed day and night to create all the parts.


For a better stability, I included short metal pins in the model.
Those pins also help to attach all the parts perfectly.


All the parts were assembled in layers. So I attached the first two, to see if
everything was joining together nicely.





First gaps and small holes were already filled.


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That is one ambitious build.  It's looking great can't wait to see the finished product.

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It's pretty simple compared to some of his other setups. With more time and a good base model, He probably would have done a full body life size wall mount-thing you could mount in a ceiling corner classic Spider-Man style.

-Cables hanging out of it's butt would have been odd, though. :lol:

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And then the last row of the body was glued on.
At this point I already realized one major advantage of 3D printing
the entire case, the weight. Its only about 5kg for the entire construction.



I already made a quick test, if the head will also fit the body. When the hardware will be
installed, the center of gravity will be in the back so that the mod stand right up without the
danger of tilting over.



Next up, more sanding. This time wet sanding with 400 grid.


Then I applied multipel layers of Filler/Primer


All small gaps were filled with spot putty befor attaching the head.
The seam line was also filled with body filler to hide it.



Again everything was covered with a layer of Filler/Primer befor wet sanding it again.



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