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Carbide 100R 5.25 Bay

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Hello all. So I know the 5.25 drive bay in the 100R is riveted on. I wish to remove it to place my AIO in the front. My question is, has anyone does this on the 100R before and can post some pics of the process just so I don't mess my case up 😄 I'm confident in the DIY sense just playing it safe.

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Usually we drill through the rivets to remove them , I think you have no other option , I use a  4mm metal drill bit for that, I don't know what is the equivalent size in inches.
you can use  masking tape on the surfaces you want to protect from scratches.

from these pictures I can tell you have to remove 8 rivets at the front &  2 at the modherboard tray , may be more:

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1/8" for the inch size, but yes, in general you have to drill all the way through, or at least far enough to get through the two panels that are riveted together.


I don't know offhand of anyone who's done it, but removing a 5.25" bay is not generally too difficult, just a matter of finding all the rivets and get to drilling :)  
Be sure to take pictures, and share them here, in case anyone else is looking 😄 

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