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new water cooling build

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hello boys is 1 year that i miss in the forum and now is the moment for a new hint for a new water cooling buld the component that i have is Aorus z390 xtreme, Corsair vengeance rgb pro 16gb cl16, Antec hcg 1000x xtreme, Cooler master  H500M, i9 9900K, now i need only a hint for a water cooling build for me that is the first time in the water cooling is better a kit or buy piece for piece?

I know that the kit are the entri level for the water cooling right?

And what is the best component at the moment rad, fittings, pomp and what?

I hope in a response and happy new year!!!!

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Somehow this one got past me for a while... 

Kits are a great place to start.  They're often not the greatest parts, but they will include enough parts to do what you need to, and you'll know they're all compatible.  It's a good introduction into watercooling.  

The Mod Zoo and MNPCTech did a series on intro to DIY watercooling, starting with a kit to get started, and adding to it over time


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