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It's the start of a new year, and since it's MY section I figure I can chop the massive GG thread up into more manageable bits. (and I haven't had a chance to sort through the 1000 + pics and stuff.)


-When we last left our hero, he was fighting Ming's atomic robots- Wait...

No, I was mounting a shroud on the side of the recently RMA'd power supply. Here I've removed the label so I'd have a nice indented spot for... wait for it... velcro. A great way to remove tape residue is with some naphtha on toilet paper - if you don't smoke.


-POW! Real quick, and the paint is intact. :D/>


-Currently, I'm making little holes so I can sneak wires into the motherboard cover.


-Before I can cover the motherboard, I need to make a little room for one... Time to tame the octopus.


-Some idiot didn't rotate his pictures. Here I've cut unwanted wires, and have marked the wires I want with what I want them for.


-First, I sure didn't need a foot of cable for each drive. A little black paint takes care of any exposed red or yellow.


-Now to cannibalize the low speed cables that came with the Noctua fans. To get those pesky male pins out, jam a paperclip in the hook side of the connector well. Don't so this with a live connector, of course, you have to lick those first.


I had a Maalox moment for a bit when I noticed the PCI connectors were wire coded like there were 2 rails. Two cords had silver/yellow, two were normal. It hasn't burst into flames yet, so I guess all is well.


I used the extra PCI wires to save space. I didn't need any 5 volt wires, after all.


-I saved a few of the tach wires. -No real speed control, though.. just a, "why, yes. You do have a fan."


-Looks fine to me. This was, what... a week after RMA? That'll bite me in the ass later. The PSU in Bloo tanked already too.


-Ooh Yeah, a slim,sexy, two-wire molex connector for the pump. Guess where that came from.


While buying shrink wrap, I made an impulse buy to check out something Brother Mach taught us...


Yep. 1/4" lamp fittings ARE compatible with G1/4 fittings. :D/> If you can get them in solid brass it means that everything you need to make a badass metal reservoir can be found at the hardware store.

I'd like to thank my sponsors here for all their support. :D/>




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allrighty then Cheeps.. I've missed a few updates at bt. I'll have to play a bit of catchup.. as usual. +reps for "Brother Mach" mention ;)/>

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Time For your yearly update. :lol:
-Gah! Stupid birds! I just washed that!
It looked like this for most of the year while I've been wetsanding. The sneezing blood is over for a while.
-Much better. Let's see you hose a steel case off in the shower.
-There was a month of hand and machine buffing. Essentially I got very touchy-feely with the case, only with Novus polish on felt, and without the police questioning afterward.
-This is the setup I used for a lot of the external surfaces. I had a problem at first. I couldn't get the wheel spinning fast enough to heat the polishing wax without it also exploding in a angry lint shower. The hair dryer that only comes out when guests visit got some use heating the wax.
BTW, that's the only pic of the polishing process... I can find.
-Oh, I finally got these muthers glued. -An afterthought pick for an afterthought job.
-With 99% of the frame polished, it was time to decide what to do with the motherboard tray. I decided to remove a little of the extra material.
-I marked the cuts well in case it took me a year to come back to it.
-I resorted to drawer-vice one last time. Don't mock the condition of my cabinets. You see how I treat them...
-I filed a bevel on the open edges, and sanded them round and smooth.
-I needed something to make the top seam nice and snug, so once again I whipped out my big nuts and slapped them on top of the bulkhead.
I never get tired of that joke. :D
-At this point I decided to put all the loose bits together and see if there were any problems.
-I mean, besides the fact that I haven't finished polishing, cleaning, dusting...

-MMMM! Water spots!
-That rough polishing pass on the side panel is pretty funky too.
-Yep. It's still missing a radiator and some fans here. I was kind of USING them. :lol:
I'm going to have a lot of fun with the 4 fans blowing out, one fan blowing in -thing.
-I'm glad I went with the squiggly vent pattern now. The reflections play with your perception 'n stuff.
-Tryin' to get some of the natural color here. I'm already getting autofocus stealth issues with the case. There's lots of flash glare too.

Something's still missing... Oh, right the reservoir. Bill was sent the core to get it cut. There's some genuine fear about putting it in a 10,000 RPM CNC lathe. Bill has already dubbed it, "the exploder rod."
-And yeah, I've already went though all the jokes you can think about there. :lol:
On my side, I have a million tiny spacers to get polished for the res fins. :(

Thanks for tuning in to "SplÖderrÖd" and thanks to our sponsors:

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Looks awesome. I would love to do an acrylic build one day. But thats a long way off since I have little kids and I would be constantly cleaning it because of them.

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cheaps, just wondering, where do you get inspiration for your builds/what you add to builds? A lot of it seems like it can be traced to something, I'm just not sure. This one looks pretty awesome, and I like the way the different angled acrylic does stuff with the lights.

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My inspiration list is too massive to recall. I've soaked up a lot of design. GG came more from what I wanted: Outside frame, glass louvers, covered hardware, big panel bolts... I also wanted the res outside so if it failed, it wouldn't leak on the hardware.:lol:


I'll say I've had a massive amount of inspiration just watching other builders over the years. The SU design contests were really good in that aspect.

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Thanks, everyone.:D

@Natron - I've always felt the res should be a part of the case, not a component.

@OneVoice - Apparently bad short term memory fixes any cranial pressure.

@Bill - Was it his giant glass ball powerswitch, or the really long spans of time with no update that you base that on?

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I was told the Xploder Rod was mounted in the Lathe last night.....  and I requested photos, with the results...I'm also supposed to get these new anodized vandal switches if you're interested in one, sometime next spring, will keep you updated

They will be stocked here







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In anticipation of the last part coming, There's been a flurry of activity here. I even made more parts to upgrade a some of the stuff I made a couple of years ago.:lol: -You'll see...


-Here's where we left off last time, just with a bit more dust.


-It took me a while to work out the order on the res cover fins. Thank God for the color coding and matching Sketchup model.


-I picked out a set and started gluing spacers. The holes were designed so I could add 6-32 screws to align for gluing.


-About half way through the gluing process, I developed the strangest modding injury ever. I had trimmed my thumbnails a little too short prior to this. Using my nails to pick the screws out, I separated my nails from my thumbs.


-I also mis-counted the point to add the bottom screw mount spacer. -Hey, I only need three anyway.:D


-The random thickness of the spacers forced me to weight some areas down when gluing.


One down. Thanks, PUTObucket, for randomizing numbered pic uploads. You suck!


-All done, with some extra parts. I decided to make more "bead" spacers instead of torturing myself polishing the oblong ones.


-Test fit time. At this point I was visualizing a few changes.


-OK, I needed to get the top fin pairs mounted to the case, so I taped a card to the back and punched out the screw holes.


-Then I moved it over to the case and used it for a drill template. It was around this time I noticed I used the 8-32 tap on those tiny spacers. :lol: Was I high or something? I could have used something much smaller.


I drilled through the faceplate using a lot of water to cool the cut. I then bored the holes out with larger bits until I could fit an 8-32 screw.


-There's the basic mounting. Add 8-32 x .375 to my shopping list.

I have about 2 more updates this size coming. Blame PUTObucket for not getting it in one big wad.

...and blame Friday for not getting anymore tonight.


Thanks again to my sponsors:





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