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Final Photos

Hello again! :D/> Yeah, it's me. E.E.L. And I have another case mod project coming along here. What's that...? Oh, yeah. My other build. *sighs* Yeah, it'll get done. I have a small problem though. I can't sit idle for long or I go insane. Well, more insane than I am currently, that is. But I came across a kick-ass deal on a chassis that I couldn't pass up. And to be honest, I love a good deal. Who doesn't, right? Anyways, I've had this idea floating in my head for quite a while in varying forms, I just never got around to it. Now, I have.

The 'excuse' for the mod even happening is that I've been thinking of retiring the SuperMicroFly. I need something bigger for work. No, I'm not trashing Micro, I'm just retiring it; meaning I'll be transferring all the stuff over to this new mod and possibly selling the old girl. We'll see how this goes and see where I ultimately end up.

Initially, this mod was going to be based around a Lian Li PC-V300, because I had landed one for about 40.00 on FleaBay, but the guy screwed me. Typical, right? Oh well. He's been taken care of. But anyways... Decided to go another route. I decided a while ago to mod something other than a desktop chassis. I figured I'd go for broke and mod a server chassis. No, not a server tower. A 4U server rack unit! So I started my search for a suitable 4U unit I can cut up to my black heart's desire, and found one. First off, I wanted aluminum. I'll let ya in on a little secret: I hate steel. HATE it. I hate cutting on it. I hate looking at it. It's an ugly metal IMHO. Not to mention weight. I love aluminum in contrast. It's just...a little more kind to work with, you know? ;)/> So that narrowed down my search a bit. A 4u unit that's aluminum. Now, that's where the price skyrockets. I found a cheap unit from Ark, specifically the CF439. It states it's aluminum, so I figured okay then. Around $180 shipped to the door. I held off for a little bit, and I happened to come across the same exact unit from someone somewhat locally being sold as a company closeout. I guess they were getting rid of old hardware they never used, because it was still in the box. Great and all, but the price is was killed me; $70 shipped. Great deal. So, I found my case.

And here's where the fun begins.


"Express elevator to hell.....going down!"

Now, the idea around this mod is....yup, you guessed it....yet another ALIENS-related build. Specifically, the Colonial Marines of the film. After my "Building Better Worlds" mod seemed to scare many with my fearfully strange sense of humor, I figured I'd go realistic this time. Besides, I have a soft spot in my heart for the Colonial Marines. And I'm hoping to try to do them justice with this build.

I wanted to build something that looks like it would be apart of their arsenal or equipment that they'd use on a daily basis or perhaps when out in the field. Something that would perhaps dock inside the APC or perhaps with the dropship or something. You know, something general issued or perhaps MOS-specific. So that's where the server idea comes into play.

Here's a quick quick mockup I did, that looks like ass but I don't really care. I spend more time clipping my nails than coming up with a mockup for case mods. And it probably will be completely different from this when it's all done too, but who knows.


I'm going to 'weather' it, or beat it the hell up to make it well-used or well-loved. However that could be taken. There will be a total 'military' paintjob and SFX on top of that. I've been designing ideas for stenciling to go on the beast, as well as other more permanent mods. I've also decided, assuming I can swing it, I'm going water with it. I've dived into my 'spare parts box', and have discovered I have a lot of sh*t! How the hell did I wind up with all this?! Regardless of my mental instability, I'm going to try to get rid of some of this stuff by using it.

Alright, onto the case proper. Let the journey begin!

Here's the stock case removed from the box. The brushed aluminum reminds me of Cooler Master's aluminum.


She's really light, considering the size. I'd say maybe 18 lbs or so?

And the security door down.


The top panel is held on with 4 screws at the four corners and it lifts off. Here's the inside. Wait-- What's this? Steel? Steel!? :duh: So much for 'full aluminum'. Thanks, Ark. :(/> Oh well. I can work with it. It's fine.


Man, there's a lot of room in here, isn't there? I'm sure some of you administrative types are used to seeing this, but this humble modder usually cuts on normal stuff so it's new to me. Nice, regardless. This'll be fun!

Front 120mm intake fan bracket. Looks industrial and sparse. I like it. Dunno if I'm going to keep it, but still.


Let's take a look at these handles... Aw, man! :duh: Plastic. Bloody plastic. Oh well. I'll switch those out too, I suppose.


Under the plastic handle reveals the 8 screws that hold on the front panel! I like this style of manufacturing. It makes sense to me. It's not all convoluted and annoying. Well, mostly anyways. ...Steel.... :grr:


And the front plate comes right off. Nice and easy.


The unit has a lead from the front of the case for a PS2 keyboard or whatever to be plugged in. I won't be needing this, so she's gone.


That hole looks awfully close to 22mm or so. Perfect spot for a bulgin switch! :)/> I enlarged the hole just a smidge, and also drilled out the chassis with a holesaw where the PS2 thing was located.


Everything fits great now using my test bulgin. I'll probably use a standard plain bulgin switch that I previously bought from Bill Owen's case mod store that I have laying around. It'll have that industrial look.

Speaking of Mr. Owen, I'm also using some of his kick-ass billet machined black PC case feet that was given to me for Lumière Noire







They're also available in Silver aluminum Billet finish here, https://mnpctech.com/pc-computer-stereo-desktop-case-feet/grooved-pc-case-feet-black.html




Again, these case feet aren't hollow junk. They are heavy, solid, and American made quality pieces of kit. You will not be disappointed in these or anything you get from MNPCTech. Get some. NOW!


These feet will go perfect with this build. They fit right in. The case will sit right on top of them like so.


Looking inside the chassis, they made everything so easy to use and modular. Everything basically comes out with minimal effort; 4 thumbscrews remove it. Here's the HDD rack that sits behind the front 120mm fan intake removed.


Even the IDE rack comes out with 4 screws too.


..And the 3.5" bay too!


Oh, I also removed the front security door too. It'll require modding and other stuff. ;)/>


Alright, Marines. Let's start cuttin' on this bitch, shall we?! Hell-Yeah!

I can think of steel being good for one thing when cutting on it. A light-show! Here's me dremeling out the rear fan ports.








After you're done with the initial cuts, it should look like this. Now to sand down those barbs and make it flush.





There. All cleaned up and ready for final sanding for the coating going on the whole chassis. I'll be using simple old school wire fan guards colored the same as the chassis to give it that 'subdued' understated military look but also to make sure there's enough airflow through this thing. I'd have preferred one 120mm fan to two 80's, but eh. Can't complain. It'll rock. Hopefully.

Alright, here's some of the sh*t I found in my 'spare parts box' that everyone has, I'm sure. I'm going to try to use all this stuff, assuming I can get water running in this thing. I'm sure I can.

I have a Black ice Pro II dual 120mm rad laying around, as well as a Swiftech Apogee water block that's seen better days but will be fine after a ketchup scrubbin'! And the previously-unused AM2 plate which will be used this time. I also had 4 unopened Arctic Cooling PWM 80mm fans. These things are quiet and move plenty of air. I'm going to use 'em here. Or try to anyways. Also had some clear hose coils. I'll need that because the hose will be tightly run in here. I also have a spare DDC pump laying around in here somewhere, that I'll probably use with 3/8" barbs on everything. Plenty of capability for this system. Now, the fans going on the rad? I'll get to that in a second.


I also came across something else I didn't know I had.


:hehe: It's a bloody Koolance PC2 control board and display! WTH? LOL. After some quick research on Koolance' site about the fans used originally with these control units state, "they must operate in the full range of 4.5-12VDC @0.2-1A. (NOTE: Many 12V fans do not operate below 5V!)". LOL. And the 80's used with it have a current of .23A. So I did a little more digging. I wanted to use 38mm thick fans for more static pressure. But I'm only cooling a stock AM2 CPU that runs @ 65W, so I'll be fine I think with 25mm units. After some digging, I've found that Scythe S-Flex 1600rpm fans supposedly have a startup voltage around 4v! Perfect! And they even have a current of .20A so they won't toast the headers on this unit. This is gonna rule. If I can get this to work fine. I don't have any of the S-Flex fans though, so a quick order with Hank @ Performance-PC's will fix the problem. I'm betting they'll work fine. It'll give me plenty of airflow when/if I need it, but they undervolt quite well too.

Now, let's plug this piece of shhhhurely fine piece of equipment-- to Winona. Hm? Who's Winona? Is she hot? Well, not really. Winona's my POS 150w PSU I rewired to start when I plug her in the wall. Sorry for the misleading statement.


Yes! :hehe: Works fine. And it even jumps up the speed on the fans with a simple push-button selection or automatically when the thermal probe gets heated up past a certain threshold. And as a bonus, it looks kind of cheapy militaryesque too, right? I'll mod this into a custom plate I'm going to make to go on the front of the chassis behind the door to make everything flush and clean and sparse. I have some other plans for this too, but they'll unfold in due-time.

Whew! What a first post eh? Now, I just need to not post an update for like 2 months and it'll be like Lumière Noire is! Oh, wait...that's not funny! :eyebrow: This build's probably going to be fast. I'm brimming with ideas.

Until the next update, I got nuthin'. :thumb:

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Midnight mini-update!

Okay. Now that I'm officially on vacation for a week or so, I can relax a bit. But wait-- I can't! I have too many mods running at the same time! AHHHHHhhhhhh!!! :eeek:

Okay, freakout completed.

I have a small update. Not much of one, but it is one. First off, I revised the mockup a bit. I changed a few things and streamlined some others. Who knows? I may even change it again. ;)/> Here's the mockup. Again, it's ass. I just don't care about 3D OOOOHHH! pics or anything; my time is spent cutting on cases not hours spent on a drawing. Well, scratch that. I spend hours on drawings, just not mockups. :hehe: Anyways, here's the mockup...


I have a new formula powder I've been meaning to try that's for this mod. I decided why not just take a shot in the dark and try a piece to see how it looks. So I did the front bezel. :)/> Here it is untouched; well...mostly. I mean, I have to actually handle it in order to mod it, right? :lol:/>


I needed to sand off the gloss paint and anodizing they shot these things with. Nice paint, but eh...stock. :yawn:


...And shot. The color's odd; it plays havok with my camera. It's olive drab, in case on your display it comes out fuscia or lavender or some odd tint. :eyebrow: oh, and don't worry about the glossiness of the coating. I have something else in store for that soon too.




Vandal PC Power & Reset Switch, http://mnpctech.com/case-mods-gaming-pc-liquid-modding-custom-computer-mnpctech-overclock-cooling-fan-grills/switches-toggle-pc-computer-power-reset/vandal-resistant-pc-power-switch-en.html



The mockup revisions I made are reflected here a bit. I'm making a totally new plate for behind the 'security' door, because it's the only way to give me a 'blank slate' to work with versus trying to work with the stock holes and bays. I'm moving the fan up and centered instead of cantered down in the corner like it is stock. I'm using probably one or two HDD's in this, so they'll sit up high and right in the path of the airflow from the fan. I'm going to use a previously-unused Scythe 120mm fan I had laying around which has plenty of airflow and is quiet too. I've used the same fan on rads before and they work awesome. Speaking of which-- I need to order my S-Flex's from PPC's soon. *Just a mental note for myself. Sorry.


I may be out and about for the next couple days or so. We Americans have a small celebration of our breaking away like colonial meanies from Britain (sorry, guys! It wasn't my idea!). Actually, some don't seem to care, or dare I say, even know what Independence Day is...at least down here in the south where tobacky is spit in gallons and trucks are larger than houses. :hehe: They just use it as an excuse to blow up firecrackers inside of anything they can get a hold of, including toads.

Definition is as follows... (for any of my southern brethren who may be reading this log, assuming they can read...regardless of why they'd be on a computer mod enthusiast site...and is curious what all this "fowarth a' Julah" stuff is during one of those isolated moments of clarity in between beer-bong hits and tossing a cherry-bomb at his/her brother and/or son)

Independence Day - On July 4, 1776, we claimed our independence from Britain and Democracy was born.
Interesting how things have changed under our current administration... :worried: :lol:/>

Until the next update, I got nuthin'.

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Yeah, I have virtually nothing for this. I've been spending most of my free time (which has become virtually non-existent) working on Noire so I can get her done. I just wanted to up a quick little quip that I had ordered the potential fans for the rad, a new res and some fittings from Performance-PC's.

a familiar Res...


Fans & Fittings...


The fans are Scythe S-Flex SFF21F units with the Sony Fluid Dynamic Bearings in them. I dunno what SFF in the model # means, but it must mean any of the following:

1). So Far (from) Free *$16.95 a piece!* :(/>

2). Small Ferengi Fallopian-Tubes :confused:

3). Sony's Friends (are) Few :clap:

But I'd personally go with:

4). Sexy F**king Fan! :D/>

I tested them out by hooking everything up to Winona, my POS test PSU hardwired to start on plugin, and connecting them to the Koolance control unit and starting it at the "1" speed setting. Yes, these fans do in fact operate well below 4.5 volts start-up consistently! Awesome, and they are quiet as hell on full bore too. They are going to be very reliable and quiet for a long time with this rig. Or until I want to build something else. ;)/> Which will probably be in a couple months. :hehe: These fans are worth the money, IMHO. And they're heavy!

Anyways, got the loop quickly put together so I can leak-test.


I normally skip leak-testing; not because I'm 733t or confident in my skills and equipment or just that hardcore, but because I'm lazy. :D/> In all seriousness, I wanted to check to see if this rad's okay. It had been sitting there in a box with stuff on it for a while, and some of the fins were bent and stuff. I just didn't trust it. But so far everything seems just fine!

I'm hoping to finish Noire soon, as I've been working diligently on her. But I keep coming up with new ideas, lol. Hopefully she'll be done real soon so I can concentrate on this build directly and get it done too. I may have another customer project soon, which is going to be pretty bad-ass with what he wants to do, and I also have yet another personal project coming up on the near horizon that will have a very deep meaning for me, due to the theme it'll be centered around. And it's never been done before. All in due time. ;)/>


Until the next update, I got nuthin'. :thumb:

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It's me again. I didn't have a lot of time today to mod, but I did finish something I kept meaning to get to, and finally did. I wanted to test a new method for 'weathering' the paint on the case. As you know, I shot the outside bezel for the front of the case to test the powder to see how 'military' it was going to wind up looking. It was, in fact, olive drab, but it's almost glossy in finish. This obviously doesn't work for military stuff. Subdued, or take a hike, right? So I went about destroying the nice new finish on the piece, and 'weathering' it a bit, until I was happy with the results. I was. But-- I still wanted to try shooting the piece with a new matte clear-coat I have to see how things would come out. I was surprised. And elated.

This stuff is hard to photograph, so I keep in mind that I tried my best. It still doesn't recreate the color very accurately, so it looks much better IRL. I'm happy with the experiment, so I'm moving along with the paint.


Close-up a bit of the detail...


EDIT: I forgot an integral part of this; the stenciled lettering! :duh: So I went ahead and cut out some stuff I previously designed for the case on the plotter and masked things off and shot it on the piece. Then baked for a while, then cleared over that to seal it permanently. Looks great! of course, camera doesn't like the color, because it looks different on each snap. But that's fine.



And the button area...


I also marked out and started cutting on the front door.


I have a lot of filing ahead of me... :(/>



Until the next update, I got nuthin'. :thumb:

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Well, I've been busier than a prostitute in Norfolk when the Navy's in port! Unfortunately, not with mods. :(/> At least, not that much. School's about to get back in, so I'm swamped at work. But I have done a few things here and there. I got the top panel marked off and cut for the rad to drop in, but I don't have a pic. Sorry. LOL. I did finish 'hard' modding the chassis and began sanding and coating it though. I'm already well into weathering already. I keep stopping and going to something else though, lol. namely, Noire. So hopefully I can get both of these rigs done soon. I have something else I want to tackle. But that's for another log entirely.

Anyways, on to the pics.

First, here's the rack-ears and the handles I decided on going with. I had some that are the same as ones used on top of "Building Better Worlds", but after talking with my best friend and asking him for his opinion on them, he chose the more basic ones, and I tend to agree. The rack-ears will get coated and weathered, and the handles will get a textured matte-black coating and weathering as well.


PC Case Handles, https://mnpctech.com/pc-case-lan-party-gaming-carry-top-server-tower-handles/pc-bar-handles.html




Bar Handles used on Mid tower or Full tower PC Case





And next up is the chassis already coated and beginning to be weathered. Before coating, I finished drilling misc. holes for stuff like the case feet, etc.


I went ahead and coated the mountplate for the waterblock in OD green as well. I don't know why, because I'm not really going to worry about dressing up the inside of the rig at all. Doesn't matter! I didn't even coat the inside much anyways, lol. Like I said; doesn't matter to me. Outside does though.

I also coated the fangrills for the rear exhaust 80's. I'm grunging them up bad.


And I've begun work on the stenciling for the chassis as well. I'm more or less experimenting as I go and coming up with cool things along the way. I'll probably mess up some stuff, but the nice thing is I can just rub it off with mineral spirits and re-do it. No biggie! But once it's cleared-over, it's permanent!


Not much of anything else. Told ya it's a small update!

Until the next update, I got nuthin'. :thumb:

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Hey, guys. Well, I'm waste-deep in school jobs, and it blows. But I've gotten some stuff done on this mod. I'll jump right into it.

First, I finished the sanding down of the stock 'mesh' front door. Man, what a chore. This metal's gotta be 4mm thick!


And I went to work on it afterwards. Powdered it, and weathered it, and named it George. No--wait, I mean, I stenciled the rest of it and finally cleared it. It looks quite cool to me.


Finished weathering the fangrills for the 80mm's in the back, as well as drilled, sanded down, and powdered the rack-ears. I also weathered those as well, and cleared them. So they're all ready to go.


Top panel was sanded down, cut and coated too. I also began weathering it as well. Hopefully, I can get it done by the end of the week.


And the top radgrill for the, well, rad, has also been completed. It's coming together!


I also finished weathering the chassis and cleared it over too. I'm currently working on the stenciling for it, as well as the top too. Stay tuned!


Until the next update, I got nuthin'. :thumb:

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Well, here we are again with another update. That's like two in a row, right? :hehe: I'm sure that'll change. Anyways, this is a special update because I did something for the first time. I modded during a bloody hurricane! :rock: Talk about dedication. :hehe: Seriously, Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay hit here earlier today and we had a tornado touch down and head right for me here. I was fine though. Building's solidly built, so nothing bad happened. But it did get interesting for a bit during the day when it came near, but it just sounded loud; no damage (that I know of). I started modding around 2:30 today since we were let out of work; more like, "We're all gonna drown! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! AHHHHHHHhhhhh...!" But eh. I'm fine with it. Rainstorm. That's all it was. Meh! :P/>

So this extra free time gave me some time to get a little farther with the CMC mod. So, without further delay, I give you today's update.


*whacks camera* Wait...sorry......hold on a sec......come on, you piece of sh....*WHACK* ...there. :D/>

First up today, I went ahead and finished working on the stencil work for the mod.


I have some going on the top of the unit, the side, and a little on the back. They all came out great, as far as I'm concerned, although I may have weathered them a bit too much. But I'm happy with them. I went ahead and cleared the top panel after completing the weathering for it. After that I went ahead and applied the stencils where their final homes will be and masked the rest of the panel off. Then I went ahead and sprayed them black. While I waited for that to cure, I also masked off the chassis itself with the next wave of stencils on it too and sprayed it. I had a completely unrelated mod I was working on during the wait-time, because I had a bunch of measurements to take on it and complete what I was doing with it. After a little bit, I went ahead and removed the masking and the stencils themselves off the top panel, leaving behind lovely paint. After some additional weathering, I baked the piece for about 20 mins. or so to finish curing of the paint, then I cleared them over to seal it in. I'm quite happy with the results. After the top panel was cooled down I sat back to admire the work. Then I installed the rad-grill panel on the top to see how everything looks.

I won't bore you much more now, so I'll drop in the pics I took of everything after partial assembly, including case feet.

Side of chassis..."Pathway to the Stars" logo...what's left of it... ;)/>



Other side of chassis...


Along with MNPCTech's case feet so kindly given to me, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to show who manufactured the unit. ;)/>


Top panel...




Back panel with fans installed...


Yes, that used to say "do not obstruct". :hehe:


Close up of the rack-ears complete with weathered and coated handles...


Basically, at this point all I need to finish is the front control panel acrylic and install the system. I'm hoping I can get that done soon, so I can get this crap off my bench for the next one! :D/>


Until the next update, I got nuthin'. :thumb:

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Update time! Yes, it's that time again. I've finally gotten some time to work on this. I've been so....busy, lately. Anything you can think of has probably happened lately. Car issues, work issues, life issues. All kinds of issues!

Anyways, on to the update.

So I finally was able to get some more stuff done for this, so I can move right along. But it's not without its snags. I'll explain later.

Here's a pile of goodies...


And with the protective paper removed, the front panel has been revealed.


Here's a closer detailed shot...


I didn't snap a pic of it, but I inlayed a piece of transparent green over the hole where the Koolance display is on the piece. it's flush and looks quite nice. I also got the Koolance unit installed on the piece as well. All the measurements were awesome. Looks great!

Now, here's where I ran into some snags. Needless to say, I thought I could sorta wedge the whole panel into the case with minimal issue, but of course it doesn't work out that way. I had to drill out the rivets holding the front inner frame to the case, to loosen it up a bit so I can shoehorn the panel into place. It worked, but oooooh was I mad :miffed:. E.E.L.'s been know to cuss like a sailor; this is a given. But you should've heard the colorful creative filth spewing from my mouth! The last time I heard anything like that was with a woma-- ooh, bad timing. Nevermind. ;)/>

Anyways, an hour or so later, I finally got it into place. Unfortunately, it was just sitting there. I had t mark out and drill some holes through the backside of the acrylic towards the front through holes I had pre-drilled. I needed to use one of my trusty acrylic bits to make sure I don't shatter it. After doing so I ran a screw through it and tightened it down with a nut on the backside.

Also, I needed to enlarge the holes for the fan's mount screws, because again I didn't compensate for the slightly larger screws I'm using. No biggie.

But another issue I had was getting the front connectors lined up. I'm using an old Lian Li front panel connector bus from another case that was torn out and never used. So it was nice and brand-new. I designed the acrylic's ports to match it. Looks like it lined up perfectly, but the main issue I was having was an edge of some metal on the chassis that was preventing me from putting it in the right place. I finally was able to get it situated, and everything looks spot-on now. The mobo I'm going to use has plenty of USB and firewire leads, so this will work out great.


I also installed the two fan rheostats to control the rear fans.

Here's how it looks now...


Now, after I got everything in, I needed to cover up the bottom, so I had measured and cut a piece of black acrylic to sit flush against the panel. It looks great! Held in place simply with double-sided tape.


Another angle of it...


Now, I can finally install the intake fan. Looking at the inside area where the HDD caddy goes, I may need to do something else. Looks like the stock HDD caddy won't fit after the fan. :(/> Oh well. I'll probably get a HDD rack from Lian Li or something and simply drill holes and drop it in. Problem solved. I may need to cut the rest of the frame where the stuff went though, so I can have some adequate room for it. It's cool.


And here's a quick preview with the front panel put back on....


Hopefully, I'll get this thing done soon. I really wanna mess with this new mobo and Black Ed. CPU. ;)/>


Until the next update, I got nuthin'. :thumb:

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A bit of an update here. :)/> I'll get right to it.

I'm tired and I want something cold to drink. This week has been awful. Car's engine threw a rod last week. Needless to say my car will cost me $5000+ to repair it. E.E.L.'s rather POed right now. 'Nuff of that stuff.

Okay! Updates! Updates? Ah, yes....updates!

I was able to begin assembling the insides of the case and round 3rd base on this build. And I'm glad. I'm getting burned out, honestly.

Jhanlon303's gracious donation of some HDD racks went to good use. Thanks, John!! :thumb: Well, only one of them anyways. It's all I could fit! But I needed some modifications to get it to go anyways. I'll explain.

The HDD's size would only allow it to go like this, and I had to modify the mobo tray a bit to shoehorn it in there. Which is fine. I didn't plan on running an EATX board in this build anyways.

Marking out the cuts...



No pics of it cut, as I had to concentrate. Sorry. I actually went into a trance of sorts and ended up building everything with minimal pics. I know, I'm a meanie. ;)/>

How about some hardware, huh?




Should be quite fun...

And CPU...


Should be even more fun!

And the PSU. Of course...


After some sanding and lapping of the CPU block, and installing the BE CPU, I got it mounted on the mobo.


Here's the system while building it up inside the chassis. I mounted the pump inside the HDD housing. It's not where I originally intended it to go, but this works out better. The pump can now be actively cooled by the intake fan, so that's good. The HDD in there is one I nailed off of Hoopstick's first 'stick'. It cost me $1.25 for a Hoopstick sticker plus $5 for shipping, but the 500gb HDD was a 'bonus', lol. It's about a year old, used. Gently. And it's a WD enterprise drive. I've already formatted and scanned it. Nothing wrong with it! :)/> So in it goes.


I dropped my EVGA 8800gts 640mb GPU in here, after replacing the stock cooler with an Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 8800 cooler. It's quiet, and it drops the temps quite a lot too. :)/>

I've started running hosing inside, and started filling the system.


I have so additional stuff to take care of, and I can close this sucker up and call it a day. Here's a shot of the BIOS screen after running it a while.


The CPU's sitting around 28 degrees, while the Koolance unit displays it at 30 degrees. The temp sensor for the Koolance unit works pretty good, considering I stuffed the probe against the bottom of the waterblock on the copper. Not bad at all. I'm happy. Of course, those temps will climb once I get an OS installed and especially when I start pushing this CPU too. But that's expected. ;)/>


Until the next update, I got nuthin'. :thumb:

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Alright, a small update.

I'll get right to it. I don't have much in the sense of progress pics or anything, but I did finish her up. I had drilled and installed a couple of green LEDs in the side of the front lip to give the panel some lighting. Yeah, she's purring right along quietly here on the bench. She's basically 99% finished at this point. I did some cable-management, and cleaned up a few things and dusted her out. I also polished up all the acrylic on her. All I need to do is re-cut the little piece of acrylic that flushmounts and covers the LED screen for the Koolance unit. The original was cut out of transparent green, and the display is red. To those not color-inclined, what happens when you mix the two? They cancel each other out. I thought of this when I was in the concept phase, but didn't think it'd be that bad. Well, it's bad enough for me to not be okay with it, lol. The only way to see the display is in total dark. And being the fact that this will probably end up in a store, we don't plan on going for the 'mood-lighting' theme in it. ;)/> I figured I'll just cut a scrap of red or orange or something to put in there instead. I cut green originally because it's all I had laying around from another build and wanted to use up all the scrap, hahah. Oh well. Nothing wrong with being frugal, right? ;)/>

It's been a relatively-painless build, amazingly enough. I enjoyed doing the special-fx makeup job on her. It was different from my usual MO. It was fun!

Now let's kick her to the curb so I can start on something new (of course, that's after I finish up Noire...). :hehe:

Anyways, I've got some snaps of the case. For some reason, the OD green wreaks havoc with my camera, especially outside. I attempted to adjust the color-levels to natural compared to real-life, but it's still off a bit. I won't get OCD about it, because I know she looks like real OD green IRL. Hell, my best friend is ex-military, and he says it looks like a piece of equipment they'd use. My work here is finished. :hehe:

I'd like to say a sincere thank you to all who posted in this thread, and provided constructive criticism or just kind comments. It really keeps me going. Sincere thank you to my friend, John H. aka jhanlon303, for the HDD cages. I'd be stuck without it, man! I'd also like to give a sincere thank you to my friend and Mawd Gawd Mr. "Overkill Bill" Owen for graciously offering the set of awesome black anodized machined aluminum case-feet that went on this build. They are top-notch compared to the plasticy junk that's generally available. I'm not just blowing smoke up his ass about them either. They really are friggin' awesome. Anyone who hasn't already, hop over to his kick-ass Case Mod Store MNPCTech.com and get some stuff from him. I'll hate you if you don't. :lol:/>

Enjoy the quick pics.









No more updates, so I definitely got nuthin'. :thumb:

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I've been busy during my free time (read: severely limited lately) cleaning and preparing this mod to leave my hands forever for her new and final home. I really enjoyed this mod, and like all my creations, I feel a slight loss in seeing her go. But like any good parent, sometimes you have to let your children go when it's time.

I've finally gotten around to shooting this old project one more time before I say goodbye.

Now for some digital legacy...

CMC Field Server

Final Photos

Thumbs are clickable for large photos


Semper friggin' Fi!


No more updates, so I got nuthin' else. :thumb:

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this build has been a fav of mine to date. but write now its a great connection to my own build spot on bro B)/>

Thanks, man! Hey, anything to make the C70 better... :lol:/> I confess I'm not a big fan of the case but I also have an open mind. I'm a big fan of making a generally poopy kind of case into something awesome!

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Thanks, man! Hey, anything to make the C70 better... :lol:/> I confess I'm not a big fan of the case but I also have an open mind. I'm a big fan of making a generally poopy kind of case into something awesome!

hey its green its a bit military that's enough for me to start as a base evan the colour means i dont need a respray for the base lol B)/>

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Thanks, Daz! Was simply built as an experiment more than anything else at the time. It was fun too.

Had a buyer lined up but it ended up falling through due to exhorbitant shipping fees out of country (Ireland). The irony of it all is I couldn't get thing sold off at all; I ended up giving it to a friend since he needed a rig (had really old mobo/hardware in it) and he's a military-type fan. I needed the room at the house -- I still have like 15-16 chassis out in the workshop at home right now; it never ends! :P/>

I had this rig sitting in my workshop at work for a little while when it was getting overhauled with new fans before handing it over to my friend and Nathanael from Aquatuning Germany visited that day and he was flabergasted by it. He didn't believe that it was w/c, lol.

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Yeh, I know... You have blast making system and when it is done, you do not know what to do with it.

My orange build didn't run a day before I break it apart.

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Absolutely amazing . . . I keep expecting Hicks or Hudson to show up standing next to the unit. Love the Aliens franchise and the case is awesome. The weathering effect is perfect and this looks like it has been knocked around on the battlefield a few times (wish I had your talent for weathering).



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