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Mini-Update time!

I've been diligently working on things... I just can't...well... let's just say I can't. Yet.

So here's some table-scraps. Enjoy. Like gnawing on leftover pizza-crusts you found in between the couch cushions, or even better, the last couple of pickles left floating in that jar you found toward the back of the refrigerator that don't look quite right; they're a little small and deformed a bit, but they still kind of taste okay once you get over the initial fear. :hehe:

Continued final assembly of all the puzzle pieces on the project. Finishing up installation of the outer plate to hold things in place...


And I finally worked out the issues with the fillport situation. Whew. LOL. I had to dig into the "fittings I don't really need or perhaps abandoned because of going in some other direction instead" bag, I was able to finally get things hooked up correctly. And man was it close. It's an amalgamation of d-plugs and extensions.


:hehe: Yeah. It doesn't look all that hot, but it works. Here's a shot through the 5.25 bay's holes so you can see the clearance... :hehe:


That's why I hate "shooting from the hip" when it comes to designing stuff when I don't have all the information needed in order to make sure there won't be any of the "dynamic variables" as I've called it before. I don't like surprises! :lol:/> But it will work out just fine, so all's good.

I finished up on the LED wiring and getting the rad-assembly taken care of. I didn't care too much about wire-management on the rad since you really won't see it other than the glow, but I did sleeve stuff a bit.

I was more worried about making sure all the LEDs were soldered correctly and everything's electrically-sound, but a quick test and it's perfect.


Time to slap this thing in the case so I can start plumbing things. I just spoke with my best friend at his folks house for a 4th of July celebration thingy earlier today and I'll be getting the h/w that's going to be housed in here soon so I can finally stop doing these little dances around things and stuff. It's getting annoying, and I'm whiter than snow, so I definitely cannot dance. :hehe:


I was going to use some typical solid old-school LiLi PCI slot covers, but I dug around a bit and found these...

I think they look pretty cool! I don't recall where they came from but that doesn't matter. Looks like one of them is slightly different from the others too. But they should work fine. And they will lend a little more to the look I believe. Let's get them in line with the rest of things.


Quick sanding, sprayjob and weathering followed by some clear and we have this...


I finished up on assembling the left panel's intake vent...


Man, that rust looks really gnarly in there. :hehe:

I also slapped the window panel on there too, but I can really only show this. I'm sorry. :hehe:


Alright, hopefully that will suffice for now. I'll be back soon with some more shtuff and things to show. Thanks for tuning in and see you soon!


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Mini-update for that light-on-caloric modding fix. :hehe:

Alright, let's dive into it.

More of the kindly-provided supplies from Performance-PCs, I grabbed some of the new Mod/Smart CCFL bulbs.


Now, on a personal level, Tyler (Mod/Smart, Primochill) and I don't mix well. We keep our distance from each other and for good reason. I won't go into specifics, but let's just say...we don't mesh well and leave it at that. But with that said, these CCFLs really are quite nice.

Also grabbed a G-Vans inverter box; hopefully I won't have a fire. :hehe:


Seriously, I generally stay away from G-Vans stuff myself as well as the brand they used to make stuff for, Lamptron. I don't like it when companies steal other people's work, you know? Just seems...a little unprofessional and stuff.

I also crimped and made a quick little power lead for the inverter box, as I didn't need a rocker-switch relay since it's going to be hooked up to the master lighting switch. Plus I hate really short power leads for stuff. It sucks for cable-management.


A quick little poopy shot of the 4" unit snuggling up to the fillport line up top...


Moving on to the front grill. I needed to get most of it done, although I ran out of the screws for it. Go figure. :hehe:


I have like a million screws out here and I don't have the size I need! That's always the way things work, you know? It's like losing the remote for the TV. I have no idea what the hell I meant by that. Nevermind. :hehe:


Now, to make things look a little more "finished" on the inside of the front door, I went ahead and doubled up the acrylic frame inside as well so it would cover up the otherwise-bare modder's mesh right there. Looks a little more clean this way.


Moving on, I needed to finish up on the front optical drive's work.


Some quick weathering and sanding to make it "fit in"...


Some "tape of the gods"...


I made a little eject button out of some scrap acrylic and some sand-paper. Works perfectly. I also sprayed a layer of acrylic with a couple coats of the orange I've been using to make it contrast against the acrylic...


I'll be back soon and with some more stuff! Thank you for tuning in!


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Micro-update! Just letting you guys know things are OK, so don't think I've disappeared or anything. :worried:

Finally had the hardware that's going in this thing turned over to me. Asus Sabertooth P67 mobo (which has caused some unforeseen issues in regards to top exhaust fans because of the bloody shroud...), AMD 6950 Toxic GPU, etc. I know, "OMG! It's not cutting-edge hardware! That doesn't count as a mod!" :rolleyes:/> If you really believe that, you're an idiot; time to grow up. :lol:/>

Got the blocks mounted where they go... Don't worry; that backplate doesn't look like that anymore; merely a test-fitment there. :)/>


I've also spent some time finishing up on the other side panel's mesh/grill weathering...


And some boring, tedious crap like making and sleeving extension cables for the PSU since it was requested I don't do it to the PSU's stock cables. :rolleyes:/> I really should've made new cables entirely for it but oh well. I'm going to "mess" these up a bit more before things are done though...

God, I hate unisleeving. I know I'm in the minority, but it's a waste of materials!


Special thanks to Mayhems Dyes for getting the care-package to me! :clap: Thanks to Customs on this side of the pond, I've had a bear of a time actually getting my hands on the stuff because of seizure of packages. Thanks, U.S. Government for keeping me safe from non-toxic vegetable-based dyes! :miffed:


When I asked about an orange, Mayhems just sent me everything so I can make whatever I wanted.


So I decided I wanted something more opaque so I opted to mix the regular dyes into some pastel white concentrate. Let's make some orangesicle fluid! Mixed with distilled water and ready to rock.


Regarding Mayhems dyes... There's a lot of info and misinfo on the product out there. My advice is do your own research and form your own opinion on the stuff; an informed opinion. Nothing irritates me more than folks who fall for hearsay. Remember Feser's Xchanger being "better" than Thermochill's PA rad? Yeah, same thing. There's a difference between hype and actual hard data. "But, what about the gunk in the form of a giant worm that has miraculously formed in my loop within 36 hours after I filled the loop?!" :hehe: Come on, if you follow what Mayhems suggests, you won't have any issues.

I can't show a whole lot of other stuff, but I will drop this here.


Alright, I'll try to get this thing wrapped up soon for you guys. I have something planned for this too... Plus I have a lot of other things creeping up on me that I'll need to tackle. Toodles!


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Quick mini-update letting you know things have been wrapped up. I don't have any studio photos just yet because, well, I don't have a studio. :hehe: Still need to build a new photo-booth, but I'll figure something out. For the time being, I'll just drop this in here to tide ya over...

Enjoy! I'll be back soon. Thank you for your continued patience as I work out the issues.


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Project has been wrapped up!

I plan on dropping off the rig shortly with my best friend; I can't wait to see his reaction when he sees it. Aside from the actual "chase"; or the modding experience itself, those are the moments I enjoy. Seeing the look of amazement (or alternatively, disappointment) when someone sees a new rig.

Special thanks to my sponsors:





Without them, this project wouldn't have been possible.


The final photos have finally been completed. Whew. Enjoy!

Now for some digital legacy...

“All art is but dirtying the paper delicately.”

― John Ruskin

Project BIO-A10

Final Photos

Thumbs are clickable for large photos

bio_a10_final1_thumb_zps11e5f47d.jpgbio_a10_final2_thumb_zpsd1255e14.jpg bio_a10_final3_thumb_zps10f97438.jpg

bio_a10_final4_thumb_zps6db1ce7f.jpgbio_a10_final5_thumb_zps743f0a87.jpg bio_a10_final6_thumb_zps7cbc1169.jpg



bio_a10_final11_thumb_zps30193ed5.jpg bio_a10_final12_thumb_zps1c8ee733.jpg

bio_a10_final13_thumb_zpsb21290db.jpg bio_a10_final14_thumb_zpsbab7000d.jpg bio_a10_final15_thumb_zps68dda70d.jpg

bio_a10_final15b_thumb_zpsd5756aba.jpg bio_a10_final16_thumb_zps900ee93e.jpg bio_a10_final17_thumb_zps2a2eb494.jpg bio_a10_final18_thumb_zpsc1b5e9e8.jpg bio_a10_final19_thumb_zpsdcfb6514.jpg

bio_a10_final20_thumb_zpsb20c9710.jpg bio_a10_final21_thumb_zpsc2bb27ec.jpg bio_a10_final22_thumb_zps5e341a42.jpg

bio_a10_final23_thumb_zps7365402f.jpgbio_a10_final24_thumb_zps0b30e8eb.jpg bio_a10_final25_thumb_zps206cd896.jpg bio_a10_final26_thumb_zps20d5688f.jpg bio_a10_final27_thumb_zps43dd12ba.jpg bio_a10_final28_thumb_zpsf4b45f75.jpg bio_a10_final29_thumb_zps34709d37.jpg bio_a10_final30_thumb_zps8b2963f0.jpg

bio_a10_final31_thumb_zpse5fe9535.jpg bio_a10_final32_thumb_zps9e9ca92a.jpg

bio_a10_final33_thumb_zpsffd81941.jpg bio_a10_final34_thumb_zps7bda479a.jpg

bio_a10_final35_thumb_zpse49e4aca.jpg bio_a10_final36_thumb_zps6e9527dd.jpg bio_a10_final37_thumb_zps5057ff1a.jpg

Deepest thanks to all readers, supporters, & hecklers. I appreciate it all! A round of applause to Bit-Tech! :clap:

I'll see you on the next log(s), which may or may not be really soon...


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I really love this build.  I have a couple of noob questions.  

1) Did you use rattle cans to paint the whole case?  

2)  What material did you use for the top IO panel, the fan grills, and the grill on the front door?  

3)  Followup to question 2:  Did you use a CNC to cut them?  If so, what type was it?

4) Could you explain the stencil making process a little more?  Those really set off the whole build.

Thanks again (even if you don't have time to answer the questions)!  It is a beautiful build.


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Hi, would just like to say that this is an awesome mod, and I have one question. I have just (literally yesterday) bought an A10 2nd hand and am wondering how you routed the 8 pin cpu power connector?, because you don't seem to have any holes or slots cut to run it through, thanks

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Hi, would just like to say that this is an awesome mod, and I have one question. I have just (literally yesterday) bought an A10 2nd hand and am wondering how you routed the 8 pin cpu power connector?, because you don't seem to have any holes or slots cut to run it through, thanks




It's been a little while so I don't recall.  I think I did end up cutting a small square out on the mobo tray to allow easy pass-through -- I just don't remember. 


Funny thing is, I have one more of these chassis and I plan on doing something with it sometime, probably soon.

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