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Here is a mod guide to help cool your PC with a massive 250mm cooling fan in your side panel, similar to Cooler Master's HAF series and Thermaltake Element series cases. You can install the fan as Intake or Exhaust, depending upon your individual needs. The case we're using for this guide is a Lian Li PC-7plus B midtower. You can install a 250mm size fan in any case that has 12" x 12" of free space in the side panel.

Supplies & Tools Needed:

Thermaltake 250mm Silent Case Fan Products Model: TT250FAN, but you can find other brand 250mm fans HERE
Fan Dimension 250 x 250 x 30 mm
Rated Voltage DC 12V
Fan Speed 600RPM ±10%
Airflow 67.69CFM
Noise 15 dBA
4 Pin Molex connector

List of Supplies Needed

Ordered 1' x 1' sheets of Mnpctech Modder's Mesh


Ordered #10 x 5/8 self tapping PC cooling fan screws


Ordered FOUR PC cooling fan silencing grommets


Ordered PC Window U-channel computer window molding (cut down to 27")

Tools Needed:
Power drill
1/4" drill bit
Jigsaw with 18 TPI cutting blade

Dremel or Rotary Tool with 1.5" Dremel cutting wheel


Measuring Square or Ruler
Pencil or Pen
3M brand Green Painter's Masking Tape 233+

or equivalent, it doesn't leave residue on panel.

Center Punch
Phillips Screwdriver
Rounded Hand File
Medium grit sandpaper
"SEM brand Self Etching" Primer
"Plastikote brand Black Enamel paint

Note, Mnpctech will be offering this "CIRCUIT" design and many other 200 & 230mm custom pc fan grills very soon!



Finding placement of the 250mm cooling fan in left side panel. We've positioned the fan 4" from the rear edge and 7" from the bottom edge of the panel.

The best tape is 3M Scotch 233+ Green tape

3M Scotch Green 233+ masking tape is used by Automotive Paint Professionals. It's highly conformable to curved surfaces on both metal and plastic. It has good adhesion in a large range of weather conditions. It will peel off without leaving any sticky residue. Most Auto Body Supply Stores should be stocking this tape. It's also readily available online. 3M Scotch  233+ tape has a premium price compared to other tapes, but it performs the best 




Trace the outline fan with pencil onto the panel after applying 3M brand Green masking tape. The masking tape also prevents scratches while cutting the fan hole.


Here is traced outline of Thermaltake 250mm cooling fan. Mark fan mounting holes!


Using center punch to mark 1/4" drill holes for the PC cooling fan silencing grommets


Using 1/4" size drill bit to drill holes for PC cooling fan silencing grommets.


Before we can using Jigsaw to cut the 250mm fan hole, we first make an incision for the Jigsaw blade with Rotary tool using 1.5" cutting wheel for Dremel brand or any Rotary Tool.


We're using this styrofoam cushion to prop the panel so we have clearance below for using the Jigsaw.


Cutting 250mm fan hole with Jigsaw (use 18 TPI cutting blade)

That is one big hole!


A 12" x 12" sheet of Honeycomb Modders Mesh will provide excellent ventilation


Cut down to 10" x 10" panel to serve as a grill for 250mm fan.


Let's paint the Modders Mesh Black to match our color scheme. Scuff the surface of the mesh with medium grit sandpaper to promote adhesion for the "self etching" primer base coat


After applying SEM brand "self etching" primer, we apply 3 coast of Plasti-kote Black enamel paint.


4x PC Cooling fan silencing grommets are ready for installation.


fyi: You can use a micro flat head screw driver to help gently pry the grommet into 1/4" hole


Finishing the edge of the 250mm fan hole with this PC Window U-channel rubber trim (cut to 27.5" length)


Our 250mm fan hole is finished and ready for installation of the fan!


The best screws for mounting cool fans are #10 x 5/8 self tapping fan screwswhich are available in Black anodize or Stainless Steel. You can mount your 250mm fan as your system "Exhaust" or "Intake" cooling fan for your video card(s), depending on individual hardware cooling needs.


First lay down the Modders Mesh sheet (after the Black enamel paint has cured!)


Remove a small portion of the mesh around the mounting holes accommodate #10 x 5/8 self tapping fan screws


Mount the 250mm fan as an Exhaust, to pull warm air out from inside your computer case or Intake fan, depending upon your own case and system.


Very nice, could almost be factory made?!


Stand back and admire your work. Now you'll have a cooler running system with less fan noise!

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