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[Scratch] Project: Crimson Server Desk Module (Update: 14-04-14)

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Cheers Toddk, in deed, I hated the fact that the original server was constantly on the floor and hated the look of it as well, so something had to be done! :)

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Hello Everyone,

Small update today, it´s been my birthday weekend and well, you shouldn´t use powertools when... not sober so no work this weekend. So, got a couple of hours in of work today, not much though, measuring hole placements and so on. I wasn´t going to show anything until they where all done but I really felt like seeing how it looks.

Before that however, got the card reader in place, so that´s done.


So, after I did the holes I started getting everything togueter for a mock shot, because of this have in mind the holes exposed wood needs to be painted, nothing is held down by screws so parts might look somewhat out of placement and so on, this is purely so you get an idea of how the cables could look once done, at least on the right side of the module (just one set of hdds and the m-atx mobo).

As I started, I was so glad I got the idea for the trap door, sooo many cables, and this is only a part of the whole lot!


And here are a few closeups of the lot, enjoy :)






And that´s it! Will try to get some work done tomorrow though no promises, a lot of "real-life" work to catch up to from 3 days off.

And as always...

...thanks for reading!

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