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Please visit Our webstore for PC & Case Mod Supplies from Mnpctech!



We modified the PC-7 plus aluminum mid tower from Lian Li for our good friend Ric Mirto!


Case accessories made for this build, included machined 120mm Dragon fan grill, fan control knobs, and Mnpctech Gaming PC aluminum handles, black anodized


Mnpctech Gaming PC aluminum handles


Here are some resources recommends for helping you create your custom PC Case Mods and parts.

Laser Cutting Service, Inc.

803 41st Street North

Birmingham, Alabama 35212

205-595-7070 FAX 205-595-7021


Emachineshop gives you the ability to make parts using injection molding, milling, turning, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, bending. You can download free, easy-to-use software which they can use to design objects ranging from personal computer chassis and car parts to door knobs in metal, plastic or other materials.

The grill was laser cut from 14 gauge steel. I picked it up yesterday afternoon. I'm playing around with some different ideas I have for mounting it. Elevated looks cool, because it creates a shadow





It's 14 gauge steel, we'll be painting it

Mnpctech milled two different versions of a 120mm Dragon grill. So you'll see some slight differences between the two designs around the Dragon's mouth, the concern is support with being attached to the outter ring. One will be used for the rear exhaust. The other as the intake grill. These were cnc milled from 3/16" thick 6061 aluminum. The multi-hole fan grill version we're used as a bottom layer in these pics is "Brain Drain"




"Brain Drain" 120mm Machined Fan Grill


"Brain Drain" 120mm Machined Fan Grill


Anodized Black Hardcoat Finish


1x 120mm RED led fan from Mnpctech, http://www.mnpctech....mputer_Fan.html


2x Lamptron Vandal switches, here Black with Orange Ring & Dot illuminated


Installing the 120mm floor intake fan, first I installed U-channel and fan grommets



1/2" grommet I found in my parts bin, may have come from one of my old cars :D



ACRyan "BlackFire" 120mm fan with aluminum mesh filter I painted. You should always filter your intake fans to prevent dust & dirt build up in your PC


Black Hardcoat Anodized 120mm machined fan grill, sold here at performance-pcs (Made by Mnpctech)


Ric sent along these Rocker switches and wanted them mounted in the floor, keep in mind the chassis will be elevated with platform shoes... what?!... you'll see


Dressed up the rocker switches with 1/8" thick carbon fiber plate


Elevate our chassis for the floor intake fan, I used Beefy Case Feet with Anodized Black Machined "Diamond Knurl" Aluminum Feet


The Diamond Knurl feet have Thick Rubber PC Desktop Case Feet attached on bottom, to elevate the chassis for better airflow





Somewhere we're going to incorporate the logo for Bruce Lee's martial art, Jeet Kune Do. Most likely on the right side panel


photos from yesterday

Marking off 6/32 screw fan mounting locations in the grill before drilling,


HoK Yellow Pearl on top panel


Front 120mm intake grill, masked off the center Dragion design


Close up of HoK Yellow pearl paint



An heres up to the minute Update straight from Brad!!! He airbrushed the laser cut fan grill to look like sculpted Granite!


Before shot


Custom Airbrushing for the huge fan grill!







The shell design is inspired by Bruce Lee's track suit from that scene in "Game of Death" Instead of painting a black stripe, we're gonna step things up a bit and "shred" Black cloth over the case. Imagine Black satin cloth being shredded to reveal a yellow case. On the right panel under the shredded cloth will be Bruce's Jeet Kune Do logo.


You can just make out the Jeet Kune Do logo under the shreds



After masking off the shreds, Brad airbrushed drop shadows beneath them, when the shawdowing is finished, another coat of clear is applied.. After that has cure, the top coat is sanded and buffed out to a glossy mirror finish





Drop shadows are airbrushed on, beneath the shreds of Black satin cloth





Black Satin cloth shreds


The panels are finished, so our case is ready for assembly today!


Top 5.25, fan controller will go here


Bruce Lee's "Jeet Kune Do logo" embossing effect with airbrush



Front 120mm intake fan, painted to match the exterior

I received the custom HD LED activity meter (DragonMeter) from Vern Gibson, aka Twizted

They install whatever colors LEDS you want, I oredred 5x UV, and 5x Orange 5mm LEDs



I didn't have much time yesterday to get the entire case assembled, but I got the 250mm dragon fan grill mounted on the side panel. I'll post more updates as soon as I can




some pics from the bench this evening, dragon meter is installed, but not finished.



To add a nice finished touch to the "Dragon Meter" custom HD activity meter, I used this machined aluminum 3.5" bay cover made by Mnpctech. I first measured the distance between the center of the leds, then drilled the holes on a drill press using 3/16" drill bit.

3.5" machined aluminum bay cover dresses up 3.5" bays





Heres some shots I took of the cpu grill and exhaust....


Ric's kenpo patch recreated as fan grill on top,




Ric Mirto configures his desktop after loading OS


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I love this! I had to giggle when I looked at what you did with the feet. Like how you use your products in combination to get new effects. This is a scam to get us to buy more stuff? Ohh no it's working, Must buy MNPCTECH products. It's to late for me! save yourself.

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*yelling* "MORTAL KOMBAAAAAT"....and then the theme song drops! This case looks amazing! Love the yellow and the painting on the grill cover.

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Love that side grill & the stone effect, quality air brushing adds a nice bit more depth to a project, so nice & the classic game of death colours or  known like a finger pointing to the Kill Bill colours for any who missed all that heavenly glory, hehe. :D

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