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Win with the Mod Zoo and Mayhems

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Win with the Mod Zoo & Mayhems & Specialtech

Updated 07 Nov 2012

Prizes have been donated to us from www.mayhems.co.uk and http://www.specialtech.co.uk/


Lets keep this as simple as possible. Say hello and introduce yourself below in this post and if you already have a rig with any of Mayhems products in, post a Picture for a extra chance of winning.


  • This Comp is open world wide.
  • Mayhems or the Mod Zoo are "NOT" responsible for any import duty incurred.
  • Any one can enter that includes Mod Zoo Staff.
  • None of Mayhems Staff can enter.
  • Mayhems is sole responsible for this comp.
  • Mayhems will Pay for postage of the items however we will choose if you get concentrate or Full premix based on were in the world you live.
  • Mayhems will contact you via PM through The Mod Zoo forum if you are the winner. You will need to supply your details. These details will not be passed onto any 3rd parties and are only used to send you your prizes.
  • No money will be offered in place of goods.
  • The comp will close on the 30 Nov 2012
  • Winners will be announced soon after

How to Enter

  • Simply say hello and introduce yourself below
  • If you have a Mayhems Product in you PC all ready post a Picture of it and we will enter you 2 times.
  • For a bonus chance post a link on facebook or twitter to this Post and all so link in you facebook or twitter username so we can check in the same post.


1st Place Prize = £50 worth of Mayhems Coolant products from our store + XSPC AMD / Intel Raystrom Block + Koolance PMP-450 High flow Pump + Lamptron 12" UV CCFL Kit and Lamptron 4 x CCFL Power inverter with Alu Housing. (if i find any more stuff ill add it on)

2nd Place = £40 worth of Mayhems Coolant products from our store

3rd Place = Random Gift set of products from Mayhems.​

Have fun and enjoy you stay. If you have any questions not related to this comp please make a separate thread and ask away.

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Hello :D/> My name is Dan from Stoke-On-Trent in the UK and i would like to win some thing from Mayhem's as i cant get enough of there products. It has also come to the time of the year where i need to refill my Computer with fluid :)/>

Here is a picture of my PC with Mayhem's Pastel Orange :)/>


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Hey there ! My name is Youri Vandevelde and I'm from Belgium.

I've been into hardware since March this year and not long after that I discovered watercooling...and also Mayhems. On facebook you will find me back in the group "Monster Pc". Don't have the time to be very active in all the groups I'm in sadly :(/>

I've setup only one rig with Mayhems but from the echos I received it was "the best" or at least "one of the best". So here's my 2nd rig: (don't mind the sloppy cable management job please...It isn't staying in that case for very long) 2012-09-21223837.jpg

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Hey there! I'm Shane and I've been using Mayhems for about a year now.

Random Folding machine (Using Red Dye)


My WHS Server called "Project: Honeycomb" (Using Gigabyte Orange Pastel)


My old gaming rig called "Project: Rage" (Using Light Red Pastel)


And my current WIP called "Project: Steampunk'd TJ11" (Using Mayhems Biocide)


I plan to use more in future rigs. Next year I'll be doing a new mod for my wife using Pink Pastel.

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Hey all. I have a few PCs running mayhems so here they are:

Mountain mods U2 UFO:



Lian Li V2100:



Lian Li v2000:



Amongst others I've done in the past: https://picasaweb.google.com/105871678012517722334

To put it simply, mayhems ftw :D/>

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Hi everyone.Haroon is the name. I am a beginner at modding. Found the invite in FB and found my way here.

Not ventured into water cooling yet, well atleast the custom kit part. Have an Antec 920 sitting in my cupboard ready to be installed.

Custom cooling parts are not easy to import to India without big money which kinda impedes most users here.

I have shared this thread on FB on my profile - Haroon Z Kunjappu is how you find me on FB.


Here is a picture of my last work


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My name is Rick Prins I am a 17 year old PC-Modder from Holland called ROGRichard.

At the moment I am working on a Red and Black Customized Water-Cooled PC and I need some cooling fluid to fill my two loops.

The customer does not want any pictures to be shown untill it's completely ready so no Build-Log available yet. (sorry)

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Hi, i'm Joost, nice to see some new initiatives in the modding world again!

I left Holland for the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten about a year ago, so I built this rig to fit into the carry-on luggage size restraints. On the picture it's not running any Aurora yet (no liquids on the plane), but on arrival it was filled with the Aurora Galaxy purple B)/>

It's been almost a year, so the PC and the fluid is up for a much needed update. Time to get back in touch with my old hobby :wub:/>


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I am ASPHIAX and I am also from the Netherlands.

Been watercooling for 2 years now and I am totally hooked on it!

I am building a new rig inspired by the Star Trek BORG.

It aint finished yet but I am planning on using Mayhems green with emerald green dye to match the colours!

Here are some quick pics.




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