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This build started out as a replacement for my SR-2 build that I parted out last year. During the part out I traded some of the parts for a Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra. The Blackhawk Ultra shares the basic chassis design with the Xigmatek Elysium, and the Enermax Fulmo GT. First off this case is HUGE. Room for 4 5.25" devices, and 10 yes 10 3.5" hard drives. It also has support for up to a 360mm or 420mm radiator in the top out of the box. Which is really nice IMO. Well lets get to it.


Current hardware list (subject to change):

Motherboard: EVGA P67 FTW

CPU: Intel 2600K

GPU's: Undecided (originally was going to go with 660TI's)

Memory: Undecided

PSU: EVGA NEX 1000W platinum or not yet released 1300W

GPU blocks: Alphacool

CPU Block: Alphacool NexXxoS XP3

Radiators: Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 420mm, and Monsta 280mm

Reservoir: Alphacool RePack quad DDC dual 5.25" bay res

Pumps: Koolance PMP 400

Fans: Rosewill Hyperborea 140mm (highest static pressure 140mm fan I could find)

Cable Extensions: Made by a good friend {uZa}DOA in black widow para-chord


I'll start with the original pics and then move into the current state.


Stock boring case:




All in all not a horrible case. Just too boring for me. For size reference, this is my 1 1/2 year old and 5 year old modeling the case:




A shot of the inside holding the E-ATX P67 FTW motherboard.




I honestly think that my kids could curl up inside this thing. But I don't think that the inside is "open" enough. So I set out to removed some excess metal. The hardrive bays are ugly and a little overkill for me. I'm not going to be running a server in this chassis so out they come:




It was about 16 rivets in total and a couple were a pain to get out because of where they put them. But the final result is a wide open space:




Now I know my kids could fit in there. I then set out to figure out what options I had for radiators. Once it's all done There will be enough hardware in here to heat a small house. I already knew that a 420 was the max in the top due to the top panel and the way it fits together. And in stock form a single 140mm could fit on the bottom and the back. And I also knew that there was no way I was running any radiators outside the case. So I did a just for fun test fit and found if I really wanted I could have fit a 560mm rad in the bottom as long as the bottom tank was short:




The down side to that was the PSU would go on the top and that would knock me down to a max 140mm rad up there. So a 420mm was going in the top. Then because I removed the front drive cages that opened my up to two 140mm fans. Knowing that I wanted maximum cooling but I was trying to stay close to the depth of the 5.25" drive bays I decided to stack two of the Alphacool XT45 280mm rads. And yes I know that it isn't the most efficient setup, but it let me fit the most rad surface area in the space that I wanted. Here is the pic of the setup:




Here is the setup with a 140mm fan on it:




And here it is installed in the case:








Plenty of room top and bottom. There was going to be a couple of drain ports drilled into the bottom but since I did this Alphacool released the Monsta radiators. Now I'm pretty sure I'll sell these and switch it over to a single Monsta 280mm radiator to cut down on one set of fans and also cut down on a little bit of plumbing. I also got the top 420mm radiator and decided I was going to do a push pull configuration with the fans. But since I went with the 60mm thick UT60 radiator space between the radiator and the fans inside the case was at a premium. See here:




So whats a guy to do? well lets put the pull fans on the outside of the case:




Problem solved... Or is it?




Well that won't work. There are a set of supports for the top panel right where the fans go. So out come my trusty cutters and bam:




We have fan clearance:






And there is still plenty of room in the 5.25" bays for a fan controller of another small bay device. But not so much on the back of the case.








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Well now I just need to install hardware right? Well originally that was the plan. Do a couple of quick and simple "Mods" if you will and be done with it. Then I found a nice little website called The Mod Zoo. Thanks mostly in part to a guy that some of you may have heard of. His name is "Overkill" Bill Owen. The awesome mad genius from MNPCTECH. While I still haven't found a way to incorporate any of his products into this build I'm looking constantly for an oppourtunity to do so. I started following Bill on the Frozen CPU build, and Andrews Cosmos II build. After chatting a couple times I checked out The Mod Zoo and also bought some awesome MNPCTECH parts for my ITX build that I did a little while back. So thanks Bill, your the best.


So back to the build and where I'm at now. I decided that the side panel was a little boring. All it was, was a plain panel with a mesh grille capable of supporting 9 120mm fans. I'm not sure who in the world would actually use 9 fans on the side panel but what ever. Maybe someone like the sound of a jet engine, IDK. So the stock panel which looked like this:





Became this:




Now I have to give props to Performance-PC's here. I will admit that I was too chicken to do the side window. I didn't want to mess it up and then be out of a case because the side panel was destroyed. And I will also let you know that I decided to put the logos of a couple of manufactures and PPC's on it because they have all done right by me. PPC's has always had excellent communications and customer service for me be it a question on a part or a problem with an order. The same goes with EVGA and Alphacool.  So if the person who did the side panel ever visits this forum and see this picture and says "hey that looks familiar". I owe you a great big thank you, and a sorry if I was a PITA.


Well again I thought I was done. But after doing my ITX build and seeing some of the awesome Mod Zoo builds I thought well heck, this case is a bit boring being all black. Maybe we should add some color. And yes before anyone says it I realize I was too chicken to do the side window and now I'm talking about paint, lol. Since the board is the standard EVGA black and red I decided that a red and black case would be the ticket. So I broke down the entire case. I didn't take any pics but after drilling that many rivets and pretting surfaces for paint I wasn't really up to it. But here are the pics.


Here's the top 420mm rad a little after painting:




And yes the Jeep is off camber for those that asked the other day. The radiator covers the 1 1/2 foot drop from a pile of gravel. The red ended up being a dull semi-gloss red. I didn't want a high gloss clear. I was really shooting for a very matte finish but I actually ended with the semi-gloss and I really like it. Here's the fan controller all done:




And the top and front panels:




After snapping those back together really quick I set out to the fun task of reassembling and riveting the case. I have to say thanks to Mr. Bill Owen again here. I couldn't find any countersunk rivets for the corner reinforcements. I asked at a couple places and the people looked at me like I was a crazy person. So when bill say in the Zoo chat that I couldn't find any we messaged back and forth a couple times I ended up getting some from him. So thanks again Bill. You really are one of the best people I've met on the internet.


And here is the big reveal of the case. Some of the colors look a little off due to the lighting. We had bad lighting conditions yesterday with partly cloudy off and on bright/low sunlight changing literally constantly. But so far I love it.










(Not sure why they thought someone needed 7 water cooling cutouts)


And my favorite view after the paint job:




And a quick inside shot:




When I get the front radiator situation figured out I'll get it painted to match as well. The it'll be black tubing and black fittings. Also working on some LED motherboard back lighting, and some LED side panel lighting that will go around the window  on the side panel to illuminate the internals. I think I'm done for the most part with the case modding/building. I know it's not as insane as some of the builds here. But it's something that I'm proud of and really like. Hopefully I can afford the rest of the parts I need to finish it off soon. But with the way things work for me we'll be looking at Nvidia 800 series before I get that far lol.


Thanks for looking and please feel free to leave comments or suggestions on what you see.

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Don't say SR2 in front of Sam,he starts drooling ! Push pull pull or is it push push pull ? What ever it is it really looks cool. Quit making me want stuff! Look away mike, It has no power over you! Very cool Bro

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Don't say SR2 in front of Sam,he starts drooling ! Push pull pull or is it push push pull ? What ever it is it really looks cool. Quit making me want stuff! Look away mike, It has no power over you! Very cool Bro


Awesome board and so fun to play with. Also one of the most maddening overclocking experiences ever. Your got to get 2 CPU's stable not just one, lol. Fan setup on the front if I keep it is push-push-pull from the front of the case. And the hottest coolant would enter the rad towards the back of the case then enter the rad at the front so that the air was warmed as little as possible when passing through.

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Nice looking paint job, I like the red with the gloss black frame pieces.  Can't wait to see the loop.


Thanks, I can't wait to get all the parts for the loop.


Great job on the paint job Jon!


I forgot what a BEAST this case is, Wow!


Thanks Bill, I really appreciate it. The case is definitely a beast. After I got it all back together my wife said "Don't tell anyone. ButI think it looks pretty cool." Maybe now I can talk her into letting me get more parts. :)

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Looks good.:D I still don't get how people can spray paint outdoors and not get a dozen bugs and fuzz in the paint. Hell, I get that painting in a garage.

We were inside. We were shuffling things around and waiting on it to dry and I had to step outside to holler at the kids. Then I figured I'd sanp a quick pic. If you look closely at the jeep in the backround you'll notice it's actually the same red as my wifes Jeep.

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Got a small amount done tonight. The wife and kids are gone to family reunion (someone has to stay and make money). So I took advantage of my evening. I went ahead and made my LED back lighting strip for the motherboard. These are just red SMD 3528 2 pin LED lights with adhesive backing. I went with them because of their low overall height to ensure no contact with the motherboard.


Close up of the Corner, I know it's not the prettiest but it'll work. Also I know there is no shrink tubing on there right now. I forgot to bring some home. I'll get that done tomorrow night.




Here's a shot of the overall strip. I goofed on the bottom strip. When I was fitting everything I had them on the inside of the leading edge of the standoffs. I forgot that the EVGA P67 FTW was and EATX board that hangs over the edge of the standoffs. I may just leave it alone, but I'm not sure. It's an easy fix if I do mess with it.




All lit up with no board installed




Side shot with the board installed




And a shot of the board sitting in the case with the lights out




I may mess with the bottom row to make them stand out a little more. And I know this isn't super bright. That wasn't the point. My point was to give a little bit of light in the case during the night hours so that you aren't blinded by the white LED's that I'm putting on the inside of the side window. I may add some more of the red lighting into some of the corners of the case before I'm done because I still have around 7 feet of LED's left.


As always thanks for looking and let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions.

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I'm guessing the lighting effect turns out better in person than it does in the photos. I'd say I would probably mess with the bottom one to get it to balance, but overall I like the effect. I had a similar idea for a future project as well. Good to see that the idea at least works lol

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It does look better in person. The pics were taken with my cell phone and it doesn't like low light conditions. I will mess with the bottom I just didn't have the time last night. If you wanted more light than using regular round LED's and creating a strand yourself would be a lot brighter, but considerably more work.

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They also sell LED strips that are twice as dense as well (half the space between LEDs), which would be another option as well.  Though, naturally, those are also more expensive lol

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I may have to look into those. The thing I really like about these is how low profile they are. I'm almost done with the white for the side panel illumination into the case. I'll have to see how bright they are. I think at full power they will be just fine.

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Well I decided to look into my options and decided to change to these for my red back light. They should be a LOT  brighter that the others. And on the plus side they are located on the other side of the state from me. So hopefully I'll have them when I get home Saturday.

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That looks like a great link on the LED's thanks. The back lighting will look great.  I want that computer, ha ha  That's how I tell if something is good, If I want it, you get 5 stars! B)

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That looks like a great link on the LED's thanks. The back lighting will look great.  I want that computer, ha ha  That's how I tell if something is good, If I want it, you get 5 stars! B)


Thanks I appreciate it. I just hope it turns out a quarter as awesome as your 900D will be. Still has a long way to go though.


Just got tracking info on the new LED's and they will indeed be here on Saturday. But I will be at family reunion until early evening. So hopefully I can get a couple inutes on Sunday afternoon to get them cut and soldered and installed to make sure they will work. Then I need to figure out how I want to hook them up. I was thinking a 3 way switch on the back of the case. That was O can toggle between white, or red and off. Or maybe white, red, or both. IDK yet. We'll just have to see how things go.

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Got the side panel lighting. I really like how it turned out. Now I'm really excited to get my new red LED's for the motherboard backlight. Anyway here are the pics.


LED's installed on the panel:




Turned on:




Installed with the lights in the room on:




And lights off:



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Like the effect that those LEDs on the side panel have.  Nice work


Thanks you sir. These are the same type of LED that I used under the motherboard tray. But they aren't trying to reflect off of two black surfaces, and there are twice as many. I think they are perfect for this application.  But I'll have to see how things change once I get some hardware installed in there.

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Well I got my new SMD 5050 red LED strips last weekend. I got them wired up just gotta shrink wrap the corners and ends so they don't short against the board. The 5050's are basically 3 to 4 times brighter than the 3528's and I'll show you the difference.


SMD 3528- Has a single LED per bulb




SMD 5050- Has 3 LED's per bulb




Even at 9v the 5050's are pretty blinding




Here's the before and after of the backlight behind the board:

Before with 3528's




After with the 5050's:




A little side view of the board:




And all lit up with the side panel and board back lighting on:





All in all I didn't mind the 3528's red's behind the board. But I'm a bit happier with the 5050's. Also the lighting on the side panel is still 3528 white. I think that the 5050's in white would have been overpowering in the end. I love the overall effect now. At some point here in the near future I'm going to wire in a 3 way switch in the bottom corner of the case by the PSU to control the lights. I'm going to do it Red-Both-White so that I can do whatever effect I want. But that will have to wait until I can pick up a switch and a couple diodes. Until next time, thanks for looking and let me know what you think.



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Looking good Zophar.  I really like the 5050's under the mobo, gives you a more noticeable effect and looks like it can stand up to the whites on the side panel.  Good idea on the 3-way switch too.

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